Aerofit Steel Spin Bike Review

The Aerofit offers you top quality workout equipments, thus, introducing the Aerofit Steel Spin BIke. This bike comes with a Stepless adjustable resistance with chain transmission. This indoor bike’s adjustable resistance is designed for different types of users, from those beginners, intermediate and expert cyclists because you can adjust the levels of challenge according to what you like.

It has also an added feature that has an LCD display which is a multi-feedback that reads the display instantly to let you know the progress of your workout session.This fitness machine also comes with an ergonomically designed seat and pedals for that extra comfort. These features ensure that every user enjoys every workout session.

Display Feedback

The Aerofit Steel Spin Bike has a single-window computerized sole LCD display which is a multi-feedback display. It displays the time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, odometer, and scan. This is very convenient because the user can easily track and monitor every improvement in the workout.

Durable and High Quality

This fitness machine is made with high-quality steel which makes it durable and ensures to have a longer life. The high-quality metal used in this product is able to support a 90kg-user.

Commendable design

This bike also comes with an ergonomic design. It has flywheels which increases the momentum of your speed-reducing the impact on your kneed. It has dimensions of 107cm X 63cm X 145 cm and has handrails to support you while you are doing your exercise.

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What Do We like

Simple Design

This bike has a simple design – really fit for its purpose. Since it is not big and bulky, it is very ideal if you have a smaller place where you can store it because it will not take too much of the space in your house or in your office. It is also light; therefore, you can easily move and transfer it from one place to another.

It keeps you motivated

Since it has a very simple design, it has no seat, you can be motivated because you will not rely on sitting and relaxing because a seat is provided for you.  You will be motivated to finish the whole routine or the exercise until you’re done because until then, you can take your break.

What We Don’t Like

No Seat

An added seat which could be adjusted could have been a plus. Standing for a period of time could be tiring and you need to relax and have short breaks from time to time. This is a downside for this bike because unlike other bikes, it does not have a seat.


Aerofit Steel Spin Bike is one of the indoor bikes introduced by Aerofit to ensure that you are getting the quality of exercise that you deserve. This indoor bike is suitable for those who want to have a convenient exercise or workout session without having to go out on roads to go cycling which is more dangerous compared to those who do it in the comfort of their homes.The important thing is that you are able to have that one goal – to have a healthy lifestyle!

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