What to Buy Before Adopting a Dog

We provide a comprehensive guide to the important dog essentials, every new parent should buy before adopting a dog.

Adopting a dog is the best feeling in the world for any animal lover. However, it is also a big step as there is a lot of responsibilities involved with it, because dogs cannot take care of themselves. When you adopt a dog, you become a parent who has to take care of all the requirements while providing him the love.

You must prepare yourself before going forward with the adoption. There are several dog essentials which you should consider buying before the adoption. However, as a soon-to-be parent of a pet dog, you might have a difficult time in knowing and choosing the essential dog essentials.

This article is for every new dog parent covered as we have put together a list of items that you need to buy before adopting a dog. Read on to know more.

Dog Essentials to Buy Before Adopting A Dog

Pet Carrier:

Jainsons Travel Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

A pet carrier provides your dog with a well-protected and comfortable space of his or her own during travel. There are different types of carriers based on the size, design, and material of construction.

It is essential to ensure that the pet carrier you consider buying is well ventilated for air circulation so that your pet can breathe comfortably.


A dog leash is something which will be needed to take your dog out for a walk. These are designed in a way that will restrict your dog from running away while ensuring comfort and safety from unwanted accidents. The leash should be made using soft nylon, cotton or stainless steel material that is resistant against rust and corrosion.

The material should be comfortable to the skin for both you and your loyal companion. Also, ensure that the type of leash you consider buying provides a comfortable and secure grip to your hand.

Dog Litter Essentials:

Dog litter essentials include dog diapers and many housekeeping products like odor and stain removers, pooper scooper, bags, and training pads. It is not always feasible to put on a diaper on your puppy who lacks potty training or your dog with urinary incontinence. Hence, purchasing these products will help in keeping your home clean as well as odor and germ-free.

These essentials have significant importance in the life of every dog parent as they help in keeping your home hygienic for the safety of your family.

Dog Bed:

So, you bring home your bundle of joy, but where will he or she sleep? You wouldn’t want your dog to sleep on the cold hard ground. You will need to get your dog a bed so that your loyal friend has a comfortable resting place of its own.

Ensure that you consider the critical points like size, type, material, and price of the bed before you make a purchase. A well-cushioned bed will provide your dog with a cozy and soft personal spot to snuggle into.

Feeding Bowls:

Pets Empire Stainless Steel Double Diner Dog and Cat Food Bowls with Anti Slip Mat

Your dog will depend on you for his food, and hence it will be your responsibility to serve him food and water. Feeding bowls are required for holding the food and water for your dog to feed on. Ensure that you choose a feeding bowl that has a large capacity and is made using durable, non-toxic material for your the safety of your canine friend.

A bowl designed with a raised rim and an anti-skid base will prevent your dog from creating a mess and will also prevent ants from crawling into the food. You can also go for other pet feeding products like automatic dispensers and portable feeders that are designed for the convenience of working parents.

Dog Food:

dog food

This is probably the most important type of dog essentials. Dog food is available in the form of dry kibbles or the form of chunks of meat in a flavorful gravy. Dry kibbles prevent a mess while the wet food is more delicious, and the aroma will attract the fussiest dog. The dog food should be easy to digest and should be having a well balanced nutritional content for maintaining your dog’s health.

Also, buy dog treats as they are the perfect way to reward and show love to your dog, especially during training. Consider the factors like size, flavor, ingredients, nutritional contents, and purpose of giving the dog a treat before making a purchase.


dog toys

Toys keep your dog active, and they also keep them distracted for long periods so that they can be left alone. There is a wide range of toys available in the market today like rope toys, ball toys, chew bones, etc.

The toy you buy should be chew-able to enhance the oral and dental care of your dog. Also, ensure that the toys are brightly colored, safe, and fun to play with.

Dog Boots:

Goofy Tails Waterproof Pawz Dog Boots with Key Chain

Dog boots can be an ideal fashion accessory to gift your dog. It offers protection to the paws from hot pavements, snow, rains, etc. so that you can take your dog out for a walk irrespective of the weather condition.

The size of the boot is an essential factor to consider while purchasing as it should provide your dog with a comfortable and secure fit.

Dog Cones:

Dog cones are designed to speed up the recovery of an injury by preventing your dog from licking the wound. There are three types of dog cones, namely, rigid cones, inflatable cones, and flexible cones.

You must know the essential points to consider before making a purchase, including type, material, size, etc.

Winter Jackets and Raincoats:

You need to get your adopted dog a winter jacket and raincoat to protect him or her from the harsh cold weather and rain. However, you must know if your dog requires a winter jacket depending on age, breed, and fur.

The apparel you purchase should fit the dog perfectly well. Hence, it must come with features like velcro straps, zippers, and a leash hole.

Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

If you adopt a pet dog, get ready for having dog’s hair all around the house, be it on the floor, carpet, furniture or even on your clothes. Hence, you will need a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home to maintain hygiene. You can go for any type of vacuum cleaner as per your requirement and convenience.

Dog Grooming Products:

dog hair trimmer

A dog too requires grooming to maintain his or her overall appearance and hygiene. Hence, you will also need to buy all the essential grooming products like hair trimmer, nail grinder, giving him or her a bath, etc.

Some of the essential products which you should buy are hair trimmers, shampoo and conditioners, soaps and dental care products.


We now come to the end of this article which covers all the necessary requirements of a new dog owner. We hope this article helps you prepare for the upcoming big and essential responsibility of adopting a dog and taking caring of him or her.

Anaida Sutherland

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