6 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Pets are a very important part of our lives; I think everyone can agree on that statement. They give us joy with their cuteness or cheerfulness, lift our spirits when its down and some even protect us when required. Due to all this, we love them to the core and we take care of them to the best of our abilities.

One of the main things that need to be kept in check from time to time is their body fur after being shaved. Shaving pet hair is one thing and cleaning the mess is one thing.

Anyone who has a pet knows the fear of wearing of all-black outfit as the pet will come running towards you and all their fur gets stuck on the clothing. We use vacuums to clean our floors and our carpets, so why not use a vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Yes, you heard it right! many companies have come up with pet vacuum cleaners, that vacuums the tiniest fur hair in your house.

Pet hair vacuums are different from your regular ones has its function is to suction the tiniest fur in the house. Now if you are wondering what about the car? you often take your pet in the car for a ride and by the end of it, the fur is everywhere.

To solve that issue you can use vacuums for car that way you can clean your car interiors as well as pet hair.

In this article, you will get information like why vacuums are needed? it’s working, types, What features are most important in pet hair vacuum cleaner? accessories and a comprehensive buyers guide. Lastly, we have also mentioned FAQ’s and our top 6 recommended products to help you out.

6 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Convertible Vacuum Cleaner
Biggest Cord-Length
Highest Suction Force
Most Premium Vacuum Cleaner

Why Are Pet Hair Vacuums Needed?

Pet hair can act as a deterrent to people that are visiting your home. Most people find pet hair to be unhygienic and if it is laying around the house in bunches, it will leave a bad impression on you, your pet and your home. Pet hair vacuums provide an easy way to tackle this problem

Pet hair can cause unwanted allergies to you, your family or those visiting your home. Many people are allergic to the microbes in pet hair and this can lead to serious issues in your short-term as well as long-term health

When there is lot of pet hair, they will come together due to external forces and form pet dander. These are balls of pet hair that can host and becomeba breeding ground for other harmful microbes and parasites. They can also be the cause for serious diseases

The above facts just prove why pet hair needs to be groomed, but how should one go about doing it? The answer is pet hair vacuums. Hair trimmers to complete are a thing of the past due to the mess they leave behind.

Vacuums can be safe and hygienic and won’t cause your pet any discomfort. It is what the professionals are using these days, so why shouldn’t you?

How do Pet Hair Vacuums work?

The working procedure of a pet hair vacuum cleaner is no different compared to the conventional vacuum cleaner that you use to clean your home or your car.

It uses a suction principle which is used in basic everyday life, like sucking the juice out of a cup to complex mechanisms like flying an airplane. The principle says that matter likes to move from an area of low fluid pressure to one with high fluid pressure.

However, the execution of this principle in a vacuum cleaner is a bit more complex, which we will see in the next few paragraphs.

There are many components that together make up a vacuum cleaner, but the main six ones that do the majority of the work are:

  • The Housing– This is the biggest component as it holds all the other major components inside it and in the right place
  • The Intake Port– This is responsible for collecting all the matter that needs to be removed
  • The Exhaust Port– This component helps in pushing the removed material into the waste bag after processing
  • The Motor– The electric motor converts all the electrical energy into the energy required to run the fan
  • The Fan– The fan has blades which rotate at high speed and provide the suction force required to cause the vacuum
  • The Bag– The Bag collects all the removed material in one place from the exhaust port so that it can be disposed of easily

Most vacuum cleaners are operated by connecting a plug to the electric circuit or by using a battery. These two sources of power provide the juice to run the motor which in turn runs all the components inside the pet hair vacuum.

The motor helps in rotating the small fan with angular blades. The air is sucked out and passes through the angular blades creating a vacuum effect in that small area. The inlet port ensures that new air doesn’t enter the vacuum region.

The pressure behind the fan will be immense, and as we already know, matter likes to move towards a high fluid pressure area. The air moves towards the exhaust port and along with it, carries all the matter that was present in the vacuumed area.

The porous bag present behind the exhaust collects all the wasted pet hair and stores it until the bag is cleaned. As time has progressed, pet hair vacuum cleaners have got smaller and smaller this has made it easier to access tough parts and isolated parts of the home where pet hair may be trapped.


If you want to take your pet grooming skills to the next level and give your pet the best look possible, accessories are the best way to do it. You can attach a wide range of accessories to your normal vacuum cleaner, and each will have a different purpose. Some of the most popular ones are listed below for your reference.

  • Turbo Eraser: Used to provide more power and suction capacity if your vacuum cleaner lacks it
  • Extension wands: Can be used to increase the reach of the vacuum to inaccessible area
  • Disinfection Tool: Additional Attachment that also sprays disinfectant onto areas where pet hair was removed so that the parasites lingering there can be removed.

Types of Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

As the name indicates, cordless vacuum cleaners don’t have any cord that needs to be attached to an electric circuit to operate them. They are usually operated by using removable batteries or chargeable batteries.

The advantage that cordless pet hair vacuum cleaners present is that they are compact and highly portable. They can be carried anywhere you want and are less of a hassle. If the hair is trapped in tough to reach areas, cordless types are easiest to use in these circumstances.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is the cheapest form of pet hair vacuum cleaners that are available today. It is also the most popular ones in use due to their low prices. However, this doesn’t mean that it is less competitive compared to other types.

It has its own set of advantages. Upright types should be preferred if you are dealing with thick fur coats as they are equipped with motorized brushes.

They are also very simple and don’t need additional accessories to perform at their best. Also, due to the bigger housing, the area that can be vacuumed in a single go is bigger than most other types.

So, people who prefer a large vacuum cleaner which gets the job done fast and don’t want to use it in small areas should go with upright vacuum cleaners.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Along with cordless type, canister type pet hair vacuum cleaners are one of the new ones that are gaining popularity these days. They are also one of the more pricey types available.

They are distinguishable due to the long hose that connects the intake port to the rest of the setup. They sometimes also contain wheels so that they can be dragged along the floor.

The advantage that this type of vacuum cleaner offers is numerous. As the body is not connected to the motor, it can be as big as it wants, meaning the power and suction is also bigger. They are also a lot quieter than other types to ensure your pet doesn’t get afraid

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners are the smallest type of vacuum cleaners. They are becoming popular day-by-day. They are perfect for you if you have lots of small and cornered areas in your living space.

Due to the small size and fewer materials being used in the manufacture, they are cheaper than most pet hair vacuum cleaners. They come in both cord and cordless varieties and can also be used for other purposes like car cleaning, cleaning tight and small areas, etc. Handheld ones are also one of the most portable ones along with the cordless variety.

Buyer’s Guide


The type of vacuum cleaner that you would want to use is the most important question you should ask yourself before buying one for your pet. In the previous section, we have already discussed the different types available and which type is suitable for which kind of user.

If you are on a tight budget, you should go for the upright or handheld type vacuum cleaner. Handheld ones are also one of the most portable ones along with the cordless variety. But you can select as per your needs.

Bag or Bagless

The newest innovation in the vacuum cleaner industry is the introduction of bagless variants. Bag type pet hair vacuum cleaners have a porous bag in which all the fur is accumulated.

 The bag is removable and the dirt is emptied by removing it. In bagless variants, the dirt will be filtered and stored in a cup inside the vacuum cleaner and should be emptied when full.

Changing the bag can be tough, thus, learn how to change a bag in vacuum cleaner.

So, bagless varieties are more compact but can’t store more waste at the same time. If you have a pet that sheds a lot of furs, it is better to buy the bag type as it can store more unwanted dirt.


HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. Pet hair vacuum which is a HEPA type can filter out particles that are even micron-sized in nature.

They are capable of sucking in 99.7% of all particles in the vacuumed area. If you are allergic to pet hair, you wouldn’t want to clean it yourself. This is where HEPA types come in, they suck in almost all particles and parasites, ensuring the allergy-causing ones don’t reach your nose.


Power of a vacuum cleaner is nothing but how fast it can vacuum an area and how quickly it can absorb the surrounding particles. The power is largely dependent on the motor and how fast it can make the fan rotate. As the fan speed increases, so will its absorbing capacity.

In theory, it is always advisable to buy the vacuum cleaner with the highest power. However, those vacuums will also be quite expensive and if you can take your time to clean your pet’s hair, buy the one which is priced lower and has only the adequate power that you need.

Pet Breed

Shedding of fur is very subjective and can vary a lot from breed to breed. Sometimes, it can vary from one animal to another within the same breed. This makes it all the more difficult to buy a vacuum. As a general rule of thumb, labradors, golden retrievers, German shepherds, pugs, Persian cats, and Himalayan cats shed a lot of hair and hence need to be trimmed frequently.

Other breeds like greyhounds, terriers, dachshunds, Bombay and Siamese cats don’t shed that much fur. You should also look at the amount of fur they have on their body and decide which variant you should buy.

Noise Level

Noise level is very important when it comes to pet hair vacuums. Animals have very sensitive ears compared to humans and that’s why they are afraid of loud sounds.

Your pet won’t like it if a buzzing machine is constantly being used in your home, so always buy one which produces the least sound. Pet hair vacuums are specially designed for this.


The capacity of each model of pet hair vacuum varies. It also depends on a whole lot on whether it is a bag or bagless type. As we already know, bag types have more capacity.

The capacity will always be mentioned in the specifications of the vacuums, and you should also note that down. You should also consider how much fur your pet will shed and how often you would like to groom it before deciding on the capacity.


Although you can get away with any type to clean cars and furniture, you can’t say the same for floors. For tile floors, you would need vacuums with high suction and power, Vacuum cleaners for carpeted floors, you would need not only good suction but brushes to raise the dust off the carpet.

Flexibility and Weight

Unlike for other types of vacuum cleaners, flexibility is really important for pet hair vacuum cleaners. It will have to reach the nooks and corners of your home. Using the one which can be easily maneuvered is your best bet. Taking this into consideration, canister types and handled types are the most maneuverable types.

Weight might not seem like an important category, but it is directly related to the flexibility that your vacuum cleaner will have. Even in terms of weight, the canister types will be best as you just have to hold on to the nozzle and the entire setup will be on the ground.

Even handheld ones are quite low in weight. The ones which you should avoid taking weight into consideration are upright vacuum cleaners.


As with any big purchase you make in your life, durability is one factor you cannot ignore. It dictates how long you can use the product for.

Generally, products from big brands like Shark, Bissell, and Dyson are known for their durability. Vacuums from these brands also tend to cost more than others. So, if you want to have durability, you will have to pay a premium to get it.

What features are most important in pet hair vacuum cleaner?

There are a lot of features that must be considered while buying a pet hair vacuum cleaner. Let us have a look at them.


As we all know that pet hair are some of the most challenging things which could be cleaned manually, so you need a good vacuum cleaner to clean it. Pets are a breeding ground for allergen and bacterias. A proper filtration vacuum cleaner must be used for this purpose.

HEPA filters keep the allergens such as Danders inside the vacuum instead of expelling them back into the house.

Dust Cup

While cleaning, it becomes easy if it has a removable cup attached with it which makes cleaning easy. If the dust cup can be cleaned easily, it makes vacuuming efficient. Buy a product which has easy assembling and disassembling of the dust cup.

Cord Length

If the cord length is big enough, you can clean the whole house in one go without removing and switching again and again. Entangled wires make it very difficult for you to carry out the cleaning process.


Vacuum cleaners with wheels attached to it can make the cleaning process much more comfortable and efficient. If it is lightweight, you can easily carry it through your house.

Powerful Suction

Some of the vacuum cleaners are not good enough to suck the large particles. They just push them away and do not such it. A product with better suction power could serve the purpose better.

1. Shark Rocket Pet Vacuum Cleaner – Convertible Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Rocket Pet Vacuum Cleaner
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Shark is definitely among the top names in the vacuum cleaner industry. This is because of the combination of a wide range of products and great service.

They are a subsidiary of SharkNinja, a famous brand in the US that was started in 1998. They manufacture small household appliances and provide cleaning solutions to the average urban dweller.

Pet hair vacuum cleaners are one category that shark is dominating at the moment, across the world. The vacuum we have for you here is the best selling and best-reviewed product in India, and hence it is at the top of the list.

It can be used as an upright or handheld vacuum cleaner, which is unique. Although that is one of its prized features, there are also many others that you would need to know before buying it. Down below is a list of it.

Main Features
  • Can be converted to a handheld vacuum cleaner from an upright one using a push button provided on the body
  • The combined reach of the vacuum cleaner is 10 meters, making it easy to access the isolated corners and crevices of your home
  • Comes with a brush inside the package to clean dusty and dirty patches of your home while simultaneously vacuuming
  • Also has an attached LED light so you can look for small strands of hair in dark spaces and corners
  • Comes with many other attachments too, like upholstery tool, crevice tool, wall-mount, etc
  • The power consumption of the motor is around 500 watts, which is enough to produce the suction force required. The motorized brush has a separate power consumption of 80 watts
  • Comes with swivel cleaning, so that it becomes flexible and can reach isolated areas of your home
  • Weighs just under 4 Kgs, so that it can be easily operated in one hand
PROS (What we liked)
  • Versatile  as easy to convert between handheld and upright vacuum cleaner
  • Has a reach of 10 meters, making it easy to clean hard to reach places and ceilings
  • The company provides a range of attachments along with the vacuum for carrying out various tasks
  • Once it is converted to a handheld device, it becomes highly portable since it is very low in weight
  • Power consumption is very much less than most other small vacuum cleaners
  • It is the go-to device for brand conscious people, as the shark is the leading vacuum cleaner brand in the world
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is quite costly compared to many other pet hair vacuums
  • No Multi-Cyclonic suction available
  • Not HEPA certified
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2. Balzano Aero Vac GW902K Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning is an important part of those having pets at home, and a vacuum cleaner is a must in these situations. Balzano Aero Vac Stick Vacuum Cleaner comes with HEPA filter that can be easily washed and cleaned, making sure that your home is free from dust and allergens. This lightweight product is easy to use and maneuver.
This vacuum cleaner is made in Italy and has powerful suction with a washable HEPA filter and multisurface cleaning.
Main Features
  • This product has a potent suction which proves to be an efficient option on marble, tile, upholstery, carpet & hardwood floors. Picks up all kinds of crumbs, pet hair, dust.
  • The product is very sturdy and easy to handle.
  • The Advanced cyclone HEPA filtration system expertly spins away from the dust from the motor and keeps the suction power constant all the time.
  • You can easily clean with one pass with the help of the 5-meter long cord.
  • The weight of this product is just 4lb which makes it easy to hover over any surface.
  • The Multi-Cyclonic action allows improved suction power.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes along with a one sizeable removable dust cup which could be easily removed after it gets filled.
  • It is effortless to empty, assemble, and disassemble it for cleaning.
  •  Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry it anywhere you want.
  • It helps you to remove dust and allergens — an ideal option for those having pets and children at home.
  • As compared to other stick vacuum cleaners that push the larger particles around, this variant sucks even the larger debris with ease.
  • The wheels attached beneath the product allows easy maneuvering.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product gets heated quickly.

3. AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

AmazonBasics Bagless Vacuum Cleaner comes with powerful suction and operates on a low sound. It has high energy efficiency with 700 watt output and presents a powerful cleaning performance.

It helps in easy cleaning the entire home and comes with reusable dust bags. It is lighter and compact compared to other vacuum cleaners and is ideal for vacuuming all corners of the house with A-class energy efficiency.

Main Features
  • This appliance has 1.5 liters capacity and offers 700 watt high efficiency output
  • The triple action nozzle ensures thorough absorption of coarse and fine dirt
  • Cyclonic technology provides intense suction power for effectively collecting pet hair and other debris
  • It is equipped with washable HEPA-12 filter that helps in cleaner air release
  • The cable length provided has 5 meter length and the adjustable hose is 1.5 meter
  • It includes crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, dust brush, parquet brush and accessory holder
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with an easy to use the sliding button to regulate power suction
  • This vacuum cleaner eliminates the need to buy disposable bags as it comes with reusable cup bags
  • It is lightweight, compact and comes with an integrated handle which makes it easy to carry
  • It makes low
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of accessories could have been better

4. Bissell Cleanview Pet Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum Cleaner with Biggest Cord-length

Bissell Cleanview Pet Vacuum Cleaner
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Bissell is one of the oldest companies in the cleaning industry and has an illustrious 140-year-old history in which they have not only bought in revolutionary products but also changed how this industry works.

They are family-owned to this day and hence know about all the challenges a household faces in keeping itself clean. They are also one of the few brands that ensure their products don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

The vacuum we are about to review here is among the best selling products in India, in this category. It also has many pet-friendly features that set it apart from the usual pet vacuum cleaner. All these will be talked about in detail in the next section

Main Features
  • Comes with a special triple-action brush roll that makes it easier to pick up small hair particles and clean the surface at the same time. This is combined with the scatter-free tech to ensure stray hair doesn’t shatter easily
  • Just like the last product, even this has swivel technology to ensure the cleaning action is not limited only to the accessible areas of your home
  • It is an upright and bagless type vacuum which means it is quite compact in nature without the bag but not as small as handheld vacuums
  • It has a multi-cyclonic suction system which makes sure there is no loss of suction power
  • The actionable area of the vacuum is 13.5 inches, and the cord length is 25 meters
  • The power rating of the vacuum cleaner is eight amps from a corded source
  • The capacity of the dirt-cup is 1.0 liter, and the dirt passes through multistage filtration before being stored
  • It comes with crevice tool, upholstery tool, extension and turbo-booster especially for pet hair
PROS (What we liked)
  • Incredibly big cord length of 25 meters. Easily the biggest cord length of any product being reviewed here
  • Multi-Cyclonic suction is present, which means the suction force will be very high
  • Multistage filtration of the dust can be done by the vacuum cleaner
  • Scatter free technology is seldom found in other vacuum cleaners
  • Special turbo booster tool for pet hair
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No HEPA filtration available
  • The capacity of the dust bag is quite low
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5. Dyson V8 Animal+ Cord-Free Vacuum – Vacuum cleaner with highest Suction Force

Dyson V8 Animal+ Cord-Free Vacuum
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Dyson, along with Shark and Bissell make up the three biggest brands in the vacuum cleaning sector. Dyson was formed quite recently, that is in 1991 in the UK.

It has only been an upward spiral for the company since then as it expanded across the world. It produces almost all the prominent products you would find in the small home appliances category.

Some of these include room heaters, bladeless fans, hand dryers, hair dryers and most importantly, vacuum cleaners. The company also plans to venture into the electric car market shortly.

The Dyson V8+ is one of the most premium pet hair vacuum cleaners available today, and this is also reflected in the price of this product. It is also one of the few cordless types you get here in India. It is also versatile as it can be used for a variety of purposes apart from cleaning your pet. Along with all these, it has some very unique feature that we will discuss in more detail in the next section.

Main Features
  • It has a long removable tube with the motor at the back. The long tube increases its reach to high places and can be removed to make it handheld and cordless
  • The RPM of the motor is 110,000, giving it a superb suction force of 115W
  • It is HEPA certified and removes up to 99.7% of all dust material and allergies in the vacuumed area
  • The battery is a Li-ion type, and it comes in a 6-cell package. It is unique as it is designed with Nickle-Cobalt-Aluminium Chemistry and provides 40-minute battery backup
  • Along with the basic contents, it comes with a soft-brush and combination tool
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very versatile as it can be used for almost all types of vacuum cleaning activities
  • The battery backup for the vacuum cleaner is quite big and sufficient for all activities
  • It won’t cause allergies as it is HEPA certified
  • It is very compact
  • Dyson is a very reputed brand in the vacuum cleaner world
  • The suction power is one of the biggest you will find in pet hair vacuum cleaners
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is quite costly compared to other products
  • It doesn’t come with many attachments
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6. Hoover Power Drive Pet Vacuum Cleaner – Most Premium Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Power Drive Pet Vacuum Cleaner
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Hoover has been awarded as one of the most trustable brands in America multiple times. They have been in business for over 100 years, mainly producing products that clean your home, surroundings, and air.

It is Hoover who is credited with inventing the modern version of the vacuum cleaner back in 1907. They also have many patents related to improving modern vacuum cleaners that give them an advantage over other companies in the same domain.

They also produce almost every type of vacuum cleaner in production today, including our area of interest, Pet hair types.

The one we are discussing here is an upright type with no bag, making it another different type you can choose from. It has a very posh looking design which is quite unique-looking.

Just like the one from Dyson, it is also versatile as it can be used for a variety of operations. The rest of the prominent features have been mentioned in the proceeding section

Main Features
  • It has swivel steering to make controlling it, much easier.
  • It has bush-roll technology to prevent hair-wraps and embedding of dirt
  • It has an extra large internal bag to store all the dirt. Since it is bigger than most, you won’t have to dispense the dust frequently
  • The company provides tools designed especially for pet cleaning, inside the box
  • It even has odor and moisture control options, which is seldom found in these types of vacuum cleaners
  • Even this vacuum cleaner is HEPA certified, which doesn’t let allergens reach your nose
  • The total reach of these vacuum cleaners is a whopping 13 feet
  • The power rating of the product is 1320 watts
  • It is multi-cyclonic
  • The package comes with crevice tool, pet hair tool, and dusting brush
  • It weighs around 7 Kgs
  • It has a quick release cleaning wand that makes it easy to convert it from short-range cleaning too long hair cleaning
PROS (What we liked)
  • Very unique as it has odor and moisture control capabilities
  • It is HEPA certified in nature
  • The capacity of the storage bag is quite good
  • Pet hair cleaning tool is provided inside the box
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is quite bulky
  • Power consumption is on the higher side
  • One of the costliest vacuum cleaners you can find
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best vacuum for pet hair and allergies?

One of the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair and allergies is Osmon OS 1400BL Vacuum cleaner.

2. What is the most important feature to keep in mind before buying a pet hair vacuum

The most important feature that you should keep in mind while buying one is the suction power that it offers. This way too important to ignore as it determines how fast you can get the job done

3. My pet is afraid of loud noises, what to do?

If your pet is afraid of loud noises, it is best to carefully look at the sound levels of all the various vacuum cleaners you have listed down as potential options and select the one which has the lowest sound levels. Companies do take care of the aspect to reduce the sound level of their product as much as possible.

4. How to eliminate the bad odor that vacuum cleaners develop over time?

As the vacuum cleaners get older and the more waste particles that they store, they will start emanating bad odors. Some are not water resistant, and hence you cannot just wash it with soap and water. So, the best way to go about this process is to separate and clean all the parts where dirt is stored or where it passes through. These parts include the bag, the hose, attachments and mainly the filters

5. How to improve the suction speed of my vacuum cleaner?

As vacuum cleaners get older, there is a reduction in the suction force. This might be due to various causes like clogging up of hoses, filters, and bags, air leakages and faulty motors. Consider consulting an expert to clear out the causes and fix it.


We have reached the end of a very detailed article on various aspects of pet hair vacuum cleaner and what decision you take here onwards is entirely based on you now. Just to recap, we have given our general recommendation as follows.

If you need an all-round vacuum cleaner, the Shark Rocket Pet Vacuum Cleaner is the best you can find. If you are a brand conscious person, you should buy Dyson or Hoover products. These two are also the most premium pet hair vacuums you can find.

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