Best 8 Pet Leashes

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that pets are like your babies and they need love and care as your babies do. The pets like dogs and cats love to stroll on the streets and roam in the park alongside you. However, the fear of their safety may hold you back.

A pet leash overcomes your fear for their safety and enables your pets to enjoy moments of leisure in open surroundings outside your home. A pet leash helps you to train your pets and enables you to take them for outings and enjoy their company in gardens.

With a leash, the movements of your pets are restricted nearby you without discomforting them much. 

Top 8 Pet Leashes in India

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highly durable
The Softest Leash
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Need For a Dog Leash as a Pet Essential

Adopting a pet involves a lot of planning since you also have to ensure that you can take proper care of your pet dog or cat.

One of the most important factors is to provide your furry friend with the necessary pet supplies, including food, treats, toys, supplements and accessories.

A leash is an important pet essential which should be in possession of every dog owner. Dogs are playful creatures that tend to run away to different places if not trained well leaving the owner frantically looking out for him/her.

A leash allows you to control and train your dog well without causing him/her any type of discomfort.

You can take your dog out for walks in an outdoor park while ensuring complete safety from accidents and other dangers. Moreover, it trains your dog to obey you so that you don’t have to worry about his/her behaviour towards strangers.

Types of Pet Leashes

Standard Leash

Standard leash

This is the most common leash made of nylon or leather. It is perfect for basic training and everyday walking.

They are lightweight and a good option for adult dogs to measure anywhere between 4-8 feet. However, it is not as durable and might tear or wear out quickly.

Chain Leashes

Chain Leash

This is the best choice if your dog loves to chew on their leashes. The chain leash is made using a metal like a chain ta hat is available in different lengths, weight and thickness.

It is far more durable than any other leash; however, you have to keep an eye on your dog so that they don’t chew it to the point of causing damage to their teeth.


Skora Soft Padded Nylon Body Set-Leash & Harness

A harness is not a traditional style leash, but it ensures control over a dog that requires training and guidance. They are much more comfortable for your dog and allow them to adjust to it easily.

The harness is of two types- back clip harness suitable for well-trained dogs and front clip harness designed especially for playful and aggressive dogs.

Multiple Leash

multiple leash

It is a leash designed to allow you to walk multiple dogs with a single leash at the same time. The leash comes with a handle that allows you to control and walk your dogs comfortably.
However, this leash works well for well-trained dogs as they don’t jump or pull around.

Martingale Leash

This leash is a combination of a standard and a martingale collar used to train your dog. It prevents your dog from pulling by tightening the collar when it tries to do so.

It does not choke your dog but makes it uncomfortable for him/her. Thus, your pet is discouraged from continuing with their behaviour.

Retractable Leash

The best feature about dog leash retractable is that the length can be adjusted from 4 feet to anywhere near 30 feet.

It comes with a handle that consists of a locking mechanism to lock the length of your requirement. This ensures a firm and comfortable grip for the owner while providing enough space for the dog to roam freely.

Seat Belt Safety Leash

seat belt safety leash

This leash is a requirement if you do not have a travel crate. It is a short leash with a clip attached to your dog’s collar and another clip on the other end designed to secure your dog in the seat of your car.
This ensures that your dog is secured and well protected while also preventing him/her from distracting you when driving.

Hands-Free Leash

This leash can also be referred to as a tie-out leash. It consists of two clips on either end, one of which is attached to the dog’s collar while the other is attached to a stationary object like a tree.

The hands-free leash is designed especially for outdoors like picnics, campsite, etc. where you and your dog can enjoy each others company.

The leash allows the dog to move freely while ensuring that he/she is protected and near you at all times.

Hands-free leash

You can also use it to attach it to the belt on your own waist and go for walks or a jog with your dog. However, this leash is suitable for a well-trained dog.

Drag Line Leash

Drag Line leash

A dragline leash is a light-weight leash designed to have no loops as handles. It is a training leash meant to teach your dog to obey and behave. The leash is meant to drag so that you can quickly grab the line to correct your dog and control him/her.

Buyer’s Guide For Pet Leashes

Standard or retractable

There are different types of dog leashes available in the market. The two most popular dog leashes are standard and retractable dog leash.

Both of these leashes are considered a good option for training or everyday walking. However, unlike the retractable leash, the length of a standard leash is not adjustable.

Moreover, the retractable leash is more durable. It also comes with an ergonomic handle that ensures a secure and comfortable grip. The adjustable length will provide your dog with ample space to move around freely.

Hence, it is better to opt for a retractable dog leash.

Colour and reflective strip

The leash should have a bright and colourful design. The fresh colour will allow your dog to stand out and look fashionable.

Also, ensure that it comes with a reflective strip. This is an important safety feature that improves the visibility of your dog at night. In turn, it prevents accidents and injuries by keeping your furry friend safe.

Type of Leashes

There are different types of leashes available in the market you can read about in the previous section. Buy a leash as per your dog’s and your requirement.

The standard dog leash, martingale leash, and retractable leash are perfect for training or walking your dog while the hands-free and seat belt safety leash is an ideal choice for outdoor travelling.

Type of Clip

The clip or hook attaches the leash to the collar or harness of your dog, and it is a significant part of the leash.

It is necessary to ensure that the clip is made using strong steel or brass that is rust-resistant, ensuring its durability. Moreover, it should function efficiently.


Ensure that the material used for construction is soft cotton or nylon. This makes the leash comfortable for both you and your dog.

The soft cotton loop used as a handle prevents skin burn even at the strongest pull. Moreover, the tough material makes the leash durable.

Comfortable Grip

The dog leash you purchase should have a comfortable grip that ensures easy control and prevents you from getting skin burns during a harsh pull.

Go for a cotton rope leash that is soft on the hand and provides a good grip, or you could go for retractable leashes that have an ergonomic handle with a lock system.

Chewing Behavior

If you have a dog that loves to chew on things, he/she will probably not spare the leash as well. The best solution to this problem is going for a chain leash made of hard metal or going for a leash made of a tough material that does not tear easily.

Durable Design

The build of the leash you buy should be strong and sturdy. Go for a rust-resistant product and withstand any weather condition.

This ensures the leash’s durability also allows you to make perfect use of it both indoor and outdoor.


A leash is available in different sizes. Choose the size based on that of your dog. However, ensure that the length of the leash is long enough for your dog to roam freely.

1. AmazonBasics Leash

AmazonBasics Single Handle Light Reflecting Dog Leash
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This AmazonBasics Light Reflecting Dog Leash is a polyester webbed leash with a soft padded handle and a metal clip on the other end.

The reflecting stitches make it one of the safest leashes as it increases visibility at night and prevents accidents.

Moreover, it ensures comfort and durability as it can withstand rain, snow, high-tension pulls and other weather conditions throughout the year.

Main Features
  • It comes in different sizes- 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, and 6 feet
  • The handle is padded
  • It is made of durable polyester webbing
  •  The leash features reflective stitching, which helps improve visibility at night
  • The other end of the leash features a metal thumb clip for easily attaching the leash to your dog’s collar or harness
  • It is available in four colours- red, blue, green and black.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The polyester webbing ensures strength and durability that allows it to withstand rain, snow, high-tension pulls and other weather conditions throughout the year
  • The reflective stitching is an important safety factor as it allows drivers to see you when you’re crossing the street or walking down the road
  • The soft padded loop handle provides a secure grip while ensuring comfort
  • The clip works swiftly so that your dog does not have to wait long to get out the door
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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2. Flexi Tape 

Flexi New classic is a retractable lead that features a durable design and provides utmost comfort for your pets or cats. It is a tape leash that can be controlled by a button for releasing, retracting, and locking the length of the leash.

Main Features
  • It is a retractable dog leash that stretches and retracts smoothly
  • It is designed for dogs weighing up to 15 kgs
  • This retractable leash is easily extendable up to a comfortable distance of 5 meters
  • It features a durable and sturdy lock along with an efficient retraction system
  • It is suitable for small-sized dogs
  • It has a chrome snap hook
PROS (What we liked)
  • It features an efficient and ergonomic design that comfortably fits the collar or harness of your dogs
  • It has a sturdy anti-slip handle that provides a comfortable grip for easy handling to the owner
  • This leash enables your dogs to stroll freely in the streets or parks while ensuring optimal safety against any danger
  • It is safe for your hands as your hands don’t burn while pulling in the tape
  • It provides effortless and convenient control with a single button
  • With a single press of a button, you can release the leash, retract it, and even lock the length of the leash as per your comfort levels
  • Easy to control with a single button that allows you to release the lead, retract it and also lock the length of the leash as per your preference
  • This leash does not get tangled around dogs’ feet and keeps them comfortable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Dogs can easily chew through the tape

3. Skora Leash

Skora Soft Padded Nylon Body Set-Leash & Harness
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The Skora soft padded body set leash and harness is the best harness to provide your dog. It allows you to take your dog out for a walk, providing all the integrated short leash collars’ benefits.

You can control your dog easily while ensuring his/her comfort at all times because of the well-padded design.

Main Features
  • It is available in small, medium and large sizes
  • The chest sizes are 44-64 cm (small), 54-74 cm (medium), 64-84 cm (large)
  • The colour options are- red-black, black-blue, black-red
  • The material used for construction is high-quality nylon
  • It comes with imported chrome-plated steel hooks and locks
PROS (What we liked)
  • The size can be adjusted according to the size of your dog
  • The leash and harness set is well padded for extra comfort
  • The high-quality nylon, comfortable handle, and double stitching ensure durability
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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4. AmazonBasics Leash 

AmazonBasics Tie-Out Cable/Leash
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AmazonBasics is a brand introduced by the leading e-commerce website Amazon. It has provided us with several innovative products.

The AmazonBasics Tie-out cable/leash is one such product designed to help you enjoy a beautiful day in a park, campsite or yard in the company of your canine friend hands-free.

The leash is a tie-out cable which comes with two clips on each end. You can easily attach one of the clips to a tree and the other clip to your dog’s collar.

This gives your dog the freedom to roam while keeping him/her close-by. It is a great product that comes at a reasonable price, making it our number one choice!

Main Features
  • It is a tie-out cable/leash
  • It is available in three variations for dogs weighing 27 kg, 41 kg, and 57 kg
  • The cable is available in size measuring 25 feet and 30 feet
  •  The cables or leash weighs 0.3 kg, 0.4 kg and 0.6 kg
  • It is made of rugged steel and PVC
  • It comes with two durable metal clip one on each side
PROS (What we liked)


  • It is suitable for medium to large dogs like  Labrador Retrievers and Ridgebacks to Setters or Coonhounds, offering them freedom while also ensuring they are close-by
  • It has portable versatility allowing you to set it up easily at any outdoor location and enjoy the company of your friend hands-free
  • The clip ensures easy on/off connections, and it can be easily clipped together for compact storage when not in use
  • The leash is available in colours like blue, red and white allowing you to locate it on the ground or grass easily
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The clips started to rust after being exposed to a few showers of rain
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5. W9 Leash 

This is a standard dog leash made using nylon. It comes with a cast iron hook that connects it to the collar of your dog. The colourful and fashionable design of this leash will look fabulous on small or medium size dogs.

It allows you to control your canine friend during walks. The soft and durable leash ensures comfort for your pet at all times. Also, this dog leash is an affordable option that is worth buying.

Main Features
  • Made using soft nylon material
  • The cast iron hook comes with zinc plating
  • Length of the leash: 57.5 inches and width: 2.5 inches
  • It is suitable for small and medium-size dogs
  • Colour: red and black
PROS (What we liked)
  • Allows you to control your dog conveniently
  • Ensures a soft and comfortable feel for your dog
  • It is highly durable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not a good option for aggressive chewers
  • Quality could be better

6. PetSutra Leash

PetSutra Durable Rope Training Leash
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Petsutra is a leading online store in India that deals with selling a large variety of pet essentials like food, accessories, toys, etc. The Petsutra Rope Dog Leash is a great product for you to buy for walking or training your dog.

It is suitable for all breed dogs, be it small, medium, or large. The cotton and jute rope leash is not only durable but also has a stylish look.

However, the best part of this leash is that it is the softest leash you will ever feel. It never causes any skin burn even at the strongest pull, and it ensures a firm grip. This is a great buy for training a playful or aggressive dog.

Main Features
  • The leash is designed with a natural cotton and jute rope that is ideal for training purposes
  • It is available in three sizes -15 mm, 18 mm and 22 mm
  • It comes in different colour options like red, maroon, purple and blue
  • The leash has a loop on one end to use as a handle and a 360 º revolving strong brass hook on the other end
  • Ideal for small, medium & large sized dogs
PROS (What we liked)
  • The cotton rope leash is suitable for all weather conditions along with indoor and outdoor use
  • They are not susceptible to UV damage
  • The dog leash is extremely soft to feel and does not cause skin burns even with a strong force
  • The leash provides a firm grip to the owner
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The brass hook is loose and may come off
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7. Pawzone Leash

Pawzone Nylon Red Leash With Collar Set
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The PawZone Red Leash is a standard nylon leash that comes with a collar set that can be adjusted as per the size of your pet dog. It has a light-weight and comfortable design.

Moreover, it offers a great quality product for a very reasonable price. So, if you are under a budget, this is the ideal leash to get for your furry friend.

Main Features
  • It is available in two sizes medium and large
  • The length of the leash is 150 cm
  • It comes with a collar with the following sizes- 1/2 inch for small dogs, 3/4 inch for medium-sized dogs and 1.5 inches for big dogs.
  • The leash is made using the material nylon
  • It is suitable for dogs like pugs, labradors, german shepard, bulldogs, etc.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The quality of the product is suitable for its price
  • The collar can be adjusted as per the size of your dog
  • The leash is light-weight and comfortable for your dog
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The width of the leash is very thin
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8. Petshop7 Leash 

Petshop7 Stylish Plain Dog Rope Leash
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The Petshop7 Dog leash is designed in the form of a black rope measuring 62 inches, making it suitable for medium and large dogs to roam freely.

This black dog leash is not only stylish but also has a strong and sturdy build that ensures the durability of the product. It also provides comfort for both you and your dog.

Main Features
  • It is a dog leash designed in the form of a rope
  • The leash comes with a loop like a handle on one end and a steel hook on the other end
  • The width of the leash is 15 mm, and the length is 62 inches
  • It is suitable for medium and big size dogs
PROS (What we liked)
  • The dog leash is heavy and has a sturdy build that allows you to control your dog conveniently
  • It is comfortable to hold and offers a good grip
  • The product is durable and long-lasting
  • The length of the rope is long enough to allow your dog to roam freely
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark as the hook may break
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size of the leash is suitable for my dog?

A medium-size leash will be suitable for small to medium size dogs. You will have to opt for a bigger size for large dogs like german shepherd, labradors, etc.

The ideal length for walking dogs is six feet. You can opt for a retractable dog leash as well. It gives you the flexibility of adjusting the length accordingly so that your dog has sufficient space to move freely.

2. What are the tips for walking your dog with a leash on?

Consider the following tips for walking your dog with a leash on:

It is important to walk in front of your dog so that your dog sees you as the leader or make your dog walks beside you so that you can control him or her easily. You should be in front of your dog while going out and entering the house.

The leash should be long enough to ensure a sufficient amount of space for your dog to move around freely. He or she should be given the freedom of sniffing around.

Reward your dog with a good meal or treat after the walk.

3. Can a leash hurt a dog’s neck?

Yes. A leash can hurt your dog’s neck or even cause physical damage to his or her delicate organs within the neck. This may happen when you pull on the leash hard. It causes a sudden jerk or impact. Remember to be careful and don’t pull or tug too hard.

4. How to use a leash?

A leash comes with a clip on one end and a handle on the other. You need to clip on the leash to the collar or harness of your dog. The handle is held by your hand which ensures that you get a firm grip on it.

This is how you can control your dog by pulling and preventing him/her from going in the wrong direction. The leash restricts your dog while also providing him/her enough space to roam freely.

5. When do you start leash training?

You need to start leash training at an early age, especially when your canine friend is still a puppy.

The first step is to introduce him/her with a collar or harness so that your pet is accustomed to it. You can then start taking him/her out for a walk by attaching the leash to the collar.

Your dog might pull and not follow instructions right away. You will have to pull and go the opposite direction if he/she exerts the force.

You both will gradually get accustomed to these walks. You can also reward your dog with treats if he/she obeys your commands, this gesture will make your pet obey you much sooner.

6. Which material is best for a leash?

The best material for a leash is a nylon material as is light-weight and durable at the same time. It also ensures comfort to your dog and owner by preventing skin burns.

If your dog loves to chew a metal chain leash, it is a better option as a regular leash would tear easily. Cotton material is also a good choice.


A pet leash is easily one of the most important pet essentials to have. It is a small rope made of nylon or tough fibre attached to your pet’s harness or collar. The retractable leashes ensure that your pets don’t feel suffocated and move around freely.

Our top picks are AmazonBasics Leash, Skora Leash and Flexi Tape.

 Getting a leash for your pets like dogs is essential as they are habitual of running away anywhere. They may land themselves in trouble with other stray dogs, met up with an accident, or even lost their way.   

A leash opens up a new world of exciting opportunities for your pets as it enables them to move outside, meets new people, gets oxygenated air, and explore the outer surroundings.


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