The Best Dog Nail Grinders Review 

Nail grinders are one of the most important dog grooming essentials which help in the effective trimming of your dog’s nails. Here we have reviewed the best dog nail grinders.

Nail grinders can be an indispensable tool when it comes to pet grooming due to the bright and superior advantages they possess over traditional methods. They simplify the whole nail trimming process remarkably by being safer and utterly comfortable for pets and owners alike. 

However, these devices exist in different forms and models, which complicates the whole buying process for most first-time buyers. This guide will seek to furnish everything you need to know about nail grinders. You will find how the nail grinders work, what are the benefits, buyers guide for choosing the best nail grinder, answers to frequently asked questions and what the market has in store in terms of models. Let’s get started.

6 Best Dog Nail Grinders in india

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Solid Construction

Dog Nail Grinders and How They Work?

Dog nail grinders are nail trimming tools that utilize a portable electric oscillatory device equipped with a belt of sandpaper. Similarly designed larger tools are commonly used for grinding, sanding, and cutting by handymen, especially in workshops.

Dog nail grinders incorporate plastic shells around the grinder which accommodate the pet’s nail in a stable position for the rotating sandpaper tool to work on. Grinders are considered fairly superior to other tools used to trim dog nails with nail clippers as a good example.

Let’s compare the two and see if there is one that best appeals to your needs.

Nail Grinders vs. Nail Clippers

Both of these tools provide efficient ways of trimming your pet’s nails. However, both of them come with associated advantages and disadvantages. Nail clippers come in two types, namely, Guillotine and Scissor.

Guillotine clippers are great for small and medium-sized nails, and they need a degree of maintenance to remain sharp enough for regular usage. They typically feature a hole where you can fix the dog’s nail before squeezing on the handle which pushes a blade across the hole to cut the nail.

Scissor Clippers are great for dogs with large nails. The clipper is equipped with a series of indentations, which allow a significant amount of pressure on the nail to inflict the cut.   

Grinders can be used as a sole trimming method or together with the Clippers, as a way of smoothing out the nail after the cut. However, it’s mostly used as a sole method, as it is less involving and offers a few more advantages as we will discuss below.

To be clear on what each tool brings on the table, and how they compare with each other, let’s take a look at some of the key advantages and disadvantages related to each method.

Nail Clippers


  • The process is quick and quiet.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Usually doesn’t need a source of electric power to function. They tend to come in as manual devices.


  • You will need to be extra careful
  • May sometimes lead to nail breakage.

Nail Grinders


  • It allows for smooth-edged and round nails.
  • Offers a great alternative for pets with severe clipper anxiety. 
  • It’s a much safer method as it better safeguards the quick during the process.– Offers a great measure for thick nails. 


  • They can be noisy.
  • They can produce a weird sensation which might prove uncomfortable for other dogs.

So What’s the Best Option?

In general terms, the best nail trimmer for your dog will ultimately depend on your dog’s preference in terms of comfort and other factors such as nail thickness. However, nail grinders generally provide a more gentle way of trimming both thin and thick nails, though they may cost a little more when compared to clippers.

When to Go for a Grinder

First and foremost, it’s best to start trimming the nails while the dog is young. You can start by getting your dog used to have its paws touched and manipulated by massaging his/her paws and ensuring positive feedback afterward.

The general observation is that if you start early, it’s easier for the dog to get used to the grinder. Early trims help with eliminating any fears and get the dog accustomed to the feeling that comes with the grinder. 

Knowing the Structure of the Dog’s Nail

Understanding how grinders work involves wrapping your head around the anatomy/structure of the dog’s nail.

The center of each toenail holds what’s known as a KWIK, which is a region that accommodates the nail’s blood vessel and nerve. If the nerve and blood vessels are severed or damaged, there will be bleeding and a lot of pain.

The kwik is especially visible in light-colored nails as a pink area in the middle. On the other hand, dark-colored nails don’t offer as much a clear view. Thus they can be difficult to trim while entirely avoiding the kwik. The best approach in trimming dark-colored nails is grinding them gradually and incrementally to reduce the likelihood of tampering with the quick. 

Tips and Tricks for Using a Dog Nail Grinder

  • Define the Amount to Be Ground

It’s always prudent to define how much of the nail is to be trimmed. The general rule is that the nail ought to be even, or at the same level as the paw bed. Anything that diverts upward or downward should be trimmed.

You can mark them and concentrate on a couple of millimeters away. Remember, tampering with the quick will get your dog uncomfortable and most likely jeopardize the whole session.

  • Make Sure You Are Properly Positioned 

The first thing to ensure that you get right is positioning. While some dogs will comfortably take a sit on your lap or any other even surface, others may need a little restraint to keep things stable and easy.

You can take a seat on the floor with the pet, or else secure it on the table by the aid of another person.

  • Try to Introduce the Grinder to the Dog 

It’s always a great idea to pet the dog with the grinder. This creates a positive experience, which makes it even more acceptable once you start with the process. You can even do this several times before the actual procedure, just to ensure that it’s something they can easily relate with.

The Process

Once your dog shows signs that it’s accustomed to the tool, you can turn it on and see if it goes well with his or her temperament. Ideally, the grinding is done below the kwik at a 45-degree angle. When dark nails are involved, make sure you carry out several small grinds instead of a single bold grind. 

Begin from the end of the nail, gradually grinding off tiny pieces as you are approaching the center. Towards the center, you will notice some sort of a black dot. This is the quick area which you must avoid to keep the process comfortable.

Once the nails are adequately trimmed, they should not be in contact with the ground when the dog gets into the four-legged standing posture.

Lastly, it’s always possible to accidentally get into the quick and cause bleeding and pain. For this reason, be sure to have some Silver Nitrate, which you can access at your vet’s office or nearby pet store.

Corn starch is also a great way of stopping the bleeding. After the initial application, apply a light bandage to compress the area. In the case where the bleeding continues, contact your Vet.

What to Look for : Corded or Cordless

This proves a key place to start with for the sole reason that there are two main types of grinders based on the power supply mechanism.

Cordless grinders incorporate an on-board power supply which can be in the form of rechargeable or disposable Lithium-ion battery.

On the other hand, corded models have to be connected to an AC supply. Cordless grinders prove to be the most popular as they afford a higher level of flexibility and practicality.

Safety Features 

As it is with most electronics, safety should always come out as a priority. Some grinders incorporate guards to keep your pet protected from any probable harm and ensuring that you avoid trimming too much of the nail down. To figure out if there is provision for this, be sure to go through the specifications of each product presented to you.

Noise and Vibrations

These two parameters affect both the pet and the owner. Too much noise and vibrations caused by the motor may irritate the dog and cause unnecessary distress. Some models incorporate special features aimed at eliminating as much noise as possible.

However, do not take the manufacturer’s word for truth. It’s always a great step forward to check on the user reviews to verify any claims of quiet operation.


Grinders tend to operate at different speeds, which can be appropriate for different pets. For instance, slower motors tend to be great for first-timers, sensitive pets, or those with intricate nails that need extra attention. On the other hand, higher speeds can be great for those with thicker nails and those which are generally comfortable with grinding and trimming.

Grip and Other Ergonomic Features

A good grinder should have the right shape, weight, and grip to keep you comfortable throughout the whole process. Make sure that whatever you are getting fits into your grip nicely, and keeps your wrist as relaxed as possible. Poorly designed or inappropriate grinders can cause wrist fatigue and an uncomfortable feel, which might lead to reduced efficiency.

Grit Coarseness

As discussed in the first section, grinders use grit to erode the nail in contact. The grit’s texture is directly proportional to its efficiency. The coarser the grit, the greater the amount of toenail taken off.  


As you would expect, prices differ based on the features and accessories associated with the product. The greater the range of features and accessories afforded by the product, the greater the price. 

The nail grinder shouldn’t be expensive, and if you buy a costly model, make sure you are getting the value your investment deserves.  Compare several models before you commit to any decision. Otherwise, you might end up spending more on a set of features you can get for less if a little patience was exercised. 


A common nightmare associated with nail grinders is getting a broken nail grinder or it gets wrecked after a few sessions. Make sure you get your device from a trusted manufacturer, andyou are getting something that’s well designed and made of durable material.

Most grinders come with an ABS plastic body and Metallic motor to drive the grit, which is quite standard. Checking the reviews also comes in handy at this point as you might be able to spot some faulty models before you go ahead and spend your money.

Detachable Cover

Detachable covers are essential to keep the grinding head safe by acting as a barrier against foreign objects such as dust, and moisture. Though a seemingly simple accessory, it is a crucial component to ensure maximum protection of the most important component of the device.

Top 6 Dog Nail Grinders

1. Hertzko Nail Grinder – Our Pick

Hertzko Nail Grinder
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The last few moments of this review will be spent on the Hertzko Grinder, which is unarguably one of the best models on the market when it comes to design and functionality. A great response from the user community vindicates its inclusion on the list. Let’s walk through the key features.

Main Features
  • Design – A compact, all-purple, ABS plastic body adds a rare touch of slickness to the standard design. The pointed end houses the head, while the back end holds the USB port.
  • A Silver power button occupies the top surface for an easy switch. The head area features three openings with different sizes for small, medium, and large nails. In terms of weight, the device measures a total of 136 grams.
  • Type – Rechargeable nail grinder.
  • Power features – USB powered.
  • Noise – Less than 60 Decibels.
  • Speed – Non-Variable.
  • Recommended nail or dog size – All sizes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient – It incorporates a high-speed motor, and can be used on a variety of nail sizes without sacrificing comfort.
  • Reliable – It incorporates great built quality and a cohesively built functional unit.
  • User-friendly – It has a great feel, and features a light and small frame for an easy grip.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Relatively high price tag.
  • Invariable speed.
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2. PetVogue Dog Nail Cutter

PetVogue manufactures pet toys, grooming accessories, food feeders, clothing and more. The brand has come up with safe to use tools to ensure the complete grooming of pets. Its nail cutter helps keep the claws trimmed and tidy.

Main Features
  • The nail cutter comes with a safety guard that prevents over-cutting of claws.
  • It also has a safety lock mechanism that helps prevent accidental cuts or use.
  • The trim cuts the claws with precision with its sharp stainless steel blades.
  • It has a non-slip rubber grip that ensures a proper hold of the trimmer even when the pet is non-cooperative.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The trimmer is made with long-lasting stainless steel blades.
  • It can be used for trimming the claws of medium to large-sized dogs and cats.
  • It is sharp, sturdy, and easy to use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons found so far.

3. Branded SLB Works New Pet Dog Nail Grooming Grinder Trimmer – Solidly Built

Branded SLB Works New Pet Dog Nail Grooming Grinder Trimmer
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The SLB nail grinder proves another great recent addition to the industry due to some great performance and physical attributes it promises. Though not exactly famous at the moment, it’s design and functional features should take it a long way to success. Let’s have a quick look.

The nail grinder comes in a slim, compact body which houses the head at one end, and a USB interface on the opposite end. The head area comes with a cap for coverage, while as the top accommodates a power button. The primary construction material is ABS, with the overall size measuring 12.5 x 3.5cm/5.12 x 1.18 inch in terms of width and length.

Main Features
  • Type – Rechargeable nail grinder.
  • Power features – On-board Lithium-ion battery, equipped with USB functionality.
  • Colors – Black, pink, and Blue.
  • Noise – Less than 70 Decibels, which is within a comfortable range for the human ear.
  • Speed – Non-Variable speed.
  • Recommended nail or dog size – All sizes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • User-friendly – It is light, small, and cordless; thus, it is one of the most user-friendly devices on the market.
  • Durable  – It is solidly constructed with high-quality ABS material. 
  • Affordable – It comes with a reasonable price tag.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The speed cannot be varied to adapt to different needs.
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4. SLB Works Dog Nail Grinder – Impeccable Performance

SLB Works Dog Nail Grinder
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The device presents another great model from the SLB brand with a promising feature set in terms of reliability, efficiency, and usability. Let’s have a look.


Like its predecessor, it comes in a slim, White, and Orange design with the same basic setup. The head occupies the grinding end which is covered by a cap when not in use, while a prominent power button occupies the top surface.

The grinder has two separable main compartments which are marked by the two colors. The White-colored compartment holds the head, whereas the Orange-colored compartment accommodates the two Aluminum batteries. The grinder measures 17.50*2.30cm in size.

Main Features
  • Type – Battery operated nail grinder.
  • Power features – Replaceable Lithium-ion battery.
  • Noise – Less than 70 Decibels.
  • Speed – Non-Variable.
  • Recommended nail or dog size – All sizes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • User-friendly – Like the previous SLB grinder, it features a highly ergonomic body, which is light,  cordless, and small enough to be used anywhere.  
  • Reliable – It features a solid ABS material and a great system for regular usage.
  • Great price – It is generally within reach of most budgets.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The speed cannot be varied, thus being slightly limited in cases where you need to adjust the speed accordingly depending on varying factors.
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5. Pet Shaver/Armor Grinder – Ergonomic

Pet Shaver/Armor Grinder
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Though not fancily named like most models on the market, this model proves another great example of a multifunctional grinder that harbors all the amenities needed in a high-quality device. Let’s take a quick tour.


The grinder comes in a simple White and Yellow design that adopts the standard setup, but with a little tweak in the main body’s design to add some uniqueness. As expected, the head occupies the pointed end, as the main body houses the power button and the two AA batteries.

The package comes with a shaver head which can be attached to the head for extra functionality. In terms of size and weight, the device measures at 159g and 27 x 10 x 5 cm respectively. 

Main Features
  • Type – Battery operated nail grinder.
  • Power features – 2 Replaceable Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Noise – Less than 70 Decibels.
  • Speed – Non-Variable.
  • Functionality – It also includes a shaver, which can be used as a clipper and hair trimmer.
  • Recommended nail or dog size – All sizes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Multifunctional – It combines grinding, shaving, and trimming functionality in a single device.
  • Ergonomic – Easy to handle and generally comfortable for both the pet and the user.
  • Reliable   – It comes in a solid construction as well as a set of solid trimming heads.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Invariable speed.
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6. Conair Professional Dog Nail Grinder – Solid Construction

Conair Professional Dog Nail Grinder
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The Conair grinder offers another solid option for everyone looking to get a well-crafted, reliable device to keep their pet’s nails neat. Let’s get into the details.


It’s a corded grinder by design, with the back-end providing an attachment point for the power cable, while as the front accommodates the grinding head. 

The body follows the basic, streamlined shape with a power button placed on top and a little more detail for a good fit in a handgrip. The head also features a transparent cover to keep things protected when the device isn’t in use. 

Main Features
  • Type – Corded nail grinder.
  • Power features – It needs an AC power supply.
  • Noise – Less than 70 Decibels.
  • Speed – Non-Variable.
  • Functionality – No extra accessories included.
  • Recommended nail or dog size – All sizes.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Durable – It features rugged construction and a well-designed trimming mechanism.
  • Easy to use  – It is ergonomically designed for a good and versatile grip.
  • Efficient – It affords a quick, smooth trim in limited time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is corded, which implies limited flexibility.
  • Invariable speed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best sanding grit for dog nails?

High coarse grit affords the strongest action against the nail. However, temperance should be exercised as too much grinding can tamper with the sensitive quick. This makes fine sand grit the usual best option. A 120 grade is good enough to keep you safe while trimming the nail at a satisfactory level.

2. How long should the dog’s nails be?

Ideally, the nail should be level with the nail bed. Any excess pieces above or below the nail bed should be removed.

3. How often should I grind the dog’s nails? 

At least once a week is fine. However, it also depends on how quickly the nails grow back as the regrowth may take place at different rates in different dogs.


To sum up, nail grinders provide a superior method of effectively trimming your pet’s nails while preserving the much-needed comfort for both parties.

Making the best choice on the market depends on your awareness of crucial factors involved in the decision making the process, including the different types, durability, comfort, and additional features or accessories.

A clear awareness of the leading products on the market, and how they are based on the guiding factors, as discussed above, also proves another crucial step towards your best model.


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