5 Best Dog Boots

The endearing smiles and unconditional love from your pet dogs won’t tell you the hard times they endure while walking or running with you.

Your canine buddies hardly ever complain when they need to brave the rough terrains, waterlogged roads, snow-covered paths, or sweltering summer roads.

It’s your responsibility to take care of those tireless and agile feet. Gifting your dogs a pair of sturdy and stylish dog boots provides them a world of comfort.

The dog boots not only provide protection against harsh weather elements but also make your dogs look charming and adorable than ever before.

This article deals with the Need for Dog Boots.

We explain the features of dog boots and also provide a comprehensive buyer’s guide explaining all the essential factors which you need to take into consideration before making a purchase.

The buyer’s guide is followed by a detailed review of the Top 5 Dog Boots along with their links to purchase them on Amazon.

In order to know more about these paw protectors, you can go through our FAQ section that is provided towards the end of this article.

This article will help you find the ideal set of dog boots for your canine friend.

Top 5 Dog Boots in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Choice
Bio-Degradable and Re-Usable Dog Boots
The Comfortable Set of Paw Protectors
Best Designed Dog Boots
Easy To Wear Dog Boots

Need For Dog Boots

Dog boots are not only a fashionable and cute accessory that enhances the overall look of your canine friend, but also serve the purpose of providing protection to your pet.

They are usually designed with tough, flexible yet soft and comfortable waterproof fabric that protects your dog’s paws from the hot pavement, cold snow, rain, sharp objects, etc.

The dog boots keep out bacteria so that the paws are not susceptible to infections. They are a savior during snowy cold winters as they manage to keep your dog warm and comfortable.

Dog boots also can be used indoors so that they prevent the claws from scratching and ruining your flooring at home. These accessories also come with reflective stripes to increase your dog’s visibility at night to prevent unwanted accidents.

Thus, they are useful for taking your dog out for walks, runs, skiing, hiking, etc. as it keeps them well-protected at all times.

Features of Dog Boots

Construction: The dog boots are usually made using touch, flexible fabric with a fleece or soft cotton lining.

The fabric is also waterproof so that it keeps your dog protected against rain, snow, hot pavements, etc.

The soft lining ensures comfort for your dog while walking.

Adjustable Velcro Straps: The boots feature adjustable long Velcro straps so that the size can be changed according to your dog’s needs.

This ensures a comfortable fit and prevents the shoes from slipping off while walking.

Soles: The shoe soles are made using rubber to provide stability and traction. This prevents the dog from slipping on wet or smooth surfaces.

Reflective Stripes: The boots come with reflective stripes that shine in the dark to increase your dog’s visibility.

Hence, your dog remains safe at night as it prevents unwanted accidents.

Design: Dog boots are designed to include cute embroidery with a fashionable, cool or casual look.

However, they have to be durable so that they can last longer and be used frequently.

Buyer’s Guide for Dog Boots

Material Used For Construction

The shoes you purchase for your pet dog should be made using polyester or tough fabric that is lined with soft fleece or cotton.

They should be padded well with cotton to ensure comfort to your dog while he or she walks.

The cloth or fabric used to make the covering of the shoe should be waterproof so that it can withstand rain and snow to prevent the growth of bacteria and the feeling of wetness.

This keeps your dog protected and safe from infections.

You can also go for boots made using bio-degradable natural rubber as it offers protection and it is also reusable.

The soles, on the other hand, should be made of tough molded rubber.


Dog boots are available in different sizes and it is important that you choose a size that is compatible with your dog.

A size too small would be too tight while a size too big would keep slipping off from your dog’s paw.

Hence, making it very uncomfortable for him or her to move around in.

Thus, you need to measure your dog’s paw size and follow the chart provided so that you choose an accurate size.

For this, have your dog stand on a blank piece of paper and draw a circle around the paw.

This is followed by the measurement of the maximum width and length so that you get a correct size assumption.

Fit and Comfort

The boots should come with adjustable Velcro straps or should be designed with a proper closure so that you can adjust the size accordingly to ensure a secure fit.

This keeps the boots from slipping off so that your dog can move around in complete comfort when you take him or her out for walks.

Anti-Slip Soles

The soles of the boots should be made using rugged rubber so that he or she obtain traction and stability while walking.

This ensures non-slip protection as it ensures a firm grip on the ground your dog walks or runs on.

It prevents unwanted injuries on slippery or rocky terrains making it a suitable choice for hiking trips with your canine loyal best friend.

Easy to Put On and Takeoff

The set of boots should be flexible and not stiff. Choose boots that are flexible enough to allow you to put on the shoes conveniently.

Moreover, it also allows you to take it off with ease and enables your dog to move around freely with comfort.


The boots should offer all-round protection to your dog’s paw from the hot road surface or the snowy ground.

The waterproof fabric should also be able to protect them from the rain to prevent the entry of bacteria.

The boots should be designed to offer warmth and comfort to your dog during cold winters.

5 best Dog Boots

1. Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots – Our Choice

Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots
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These boots are a comfortable option to consider as it ensures a good fit due to its extra cuff and velcro straps. It also helps in reducing the risks of infection.

The softshell boots help in healing paw injuries and manages to keep your dog protected from the cold during winters.

They are specially designed to include reflective strips to increase visibility.

Main Features
  • Available sizes: XS, Small, Large, XL and Pair (medical boots for small dogs).
  • Made using softshell material with vinyl back and sole.
  • They are padded using soft fleece.
  • Come with extra cuffs.
  • Has Velcro straps for a good fit.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Reduces the risk of infections.
  • The reflective stripes increase visibility in the dark to prevent accidents.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear and comes with a good fit.
  • Provides grip on slippery surfaces.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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2. PAWZ Dog Boots – Bio-Degradable and Re-Usable Dog Boots

PAWZ Dog Boots
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This is a set of 12 boots that are made using natural biodegradable rubber that is waterproof and reusable.

They offer complete protection to your dog’s paw while also ensuring a secure fit without the need for straps or zippers.

It may be a bit expensive but it will last for a very long time.

Main Features
  • They are made using natural rubber.
  • Come in a set of 12 waterproof and reusable dog boots.
  • Size: small.
  • Designed without straps and zippers.
PROS (What we liked)
  • These boots are 100% bio-degradable.
  • Has a fashionable yet durable design.
  • Easy to put on and ensures a secure fit.
  • Offers your dog protection against snow, chemicals, liquids, sand or soil.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is quite expensive.
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3. The DDS Store Dog Shoes 

The DDS store dog shoes are high-quality pet dog boots that come in various sizes to suit the paw sizes of varying lengths and widths.

These dog shoes have visually appealing colors that effortlessly enhance the beauty of your canines. 

Before you order these shoes, it is recommended to measure the front paw of your dog. To do so, take a piece of paper and place your dog’s front paw on it and press down for mimicking the spreading of the paw in a walking state. 

Follow this by marking the left and right sides on the paper. Now take a measuring tape for measuring the distance between the marks and compare these measurements to the boot sizes for ensuring the perfect fitting of shoes.

Main Features
  • It is a size 4# dog shoes that measure 2.1” in inner length and 1.7” in inner width.
  • These shoes come with adjustable straps for keeping these shoes snugly fit and secure while running, hiking, walking, or skiing.
  • This pair of dog shoes is equipped with a deluxe anti-slip rubber sole that ensures perfect grip even on rough or slippery terrains.
  • It is prepared from a mesh material that provides perfect ventilation.
  • These are ideal shoes for your dog for wearing in summer as these shoes provide ample protection for feet for withstanding sweltering summer conditions.
  • These shoes are best suited for protecting your pet feet against burning when strolling on a hot beach, deck, or pavements.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Looks trendy and stylish on your dogs’ feet.
  • Excellent shoes that provide superior grip on slippery floors.
  • Provides good protection against injuries from sharp objects.
  • Feels comfortable to wear for your dogs.
  • Can be used indoor as well as outdoor.
  • Provides secure fitting and these can be worn conveniently by dogs.
  • These shoes are available in various sizes including #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.

4. ROSENICE Waterproof Non-slip Soft Sole Dog Boots – Best Designed Dog Boots

ROSENICE Waterproof Non-slip Soft Sole Dog Boots
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Rosenice has come forward with a set of four waterproof dog boots constructed using cloth and rubber.

These boots have the best design that not only makes it attractive but also ensures complete comfort and protection from rain, snow, hot pavements and thorns.

They come with adjustable closure in the back of the ankle that ensures a secure fit. These simple and casual boots are also soft and flexible, making it easy to put on or take off, allowing your dog to move around freely.

Main Features
  • Size: 10 x 7.3 x 7.3 cm.
  • Comes in a set of four waterproof dog boots.
  • Made using cloth and rubber.
  • Designed to include an opening in the back of the ankle.
  • Comes with an adjustable closure design.
  • Has a simple and casual outlook.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Comes with anti-slip tough soles that offer stability and traction.
  • Flexible, soft, easy to put on and take off.
  • Protects the paws from thorns and hot pavements.
  • The adjustable closure ensure a secure fit.
  • Keeps the paws clean and dry when walking outside.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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5. I depotIdepet Dog Boots – Easy To Wear Dog Boots

I depotIdepet Dog Boots
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These boots are cute and fashionable, made using touch flexible material with a wide split seam so that your dog can move around with ease and comfort.

Its waterproof fabric keeps the paws clean, dry and protected against the heat, cold snow, rain and other sharp objects. They have rubber soles that offer stability and traction so that your dog gets a good grip while walking around.

Main Features
  • Comes with a wide split seam opening making it flexible.
  • Sturdy and rubber soles.
  • Made of tough flexible material.
  • Fashionable and cute with embroidery.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The waterproof material keeps your dog’s paw dry and clean.
  • Protects paws from hot road surfaces, snow and rain.
  • Reflective straps make it visible at night for safety.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Easy to put on, take off and move around in.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The fit of the shoes could be better.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do dogs need boots to wear?

Most dogs with furry feet require boots to wear especially in the snowy ground as the ice gets collected between their toes.

They also help in keeping dogs protected against hot pavements and sharp objects that may cause injuries and infections.

However, it is important to ensure that the dog is comfortable in boots.

2. How do I get my dog to wear boots?

The first step involves familiarizing the set of boots to your dog. Make your pet smell the boots and give time to be acclimatized to them.

You should reward your furry friend when he or she is more comfortable with it.

Now start by placing one boot at a time on each paw and fastening it using the Velcro straps.

Adjust the size accordingly for a secure and comfortable fit.


The dog boots are the essential dogs’ accessories that provide robust protection for the feet of your canine friend. These are prepared from tough, comfortable, and flexible fabric that serves to avoid feet injuries due to any sharp objects.  

These dog boots are suitable for wearing in all weather conditions and don’t interfere with your dogs’ running, walking, or hiking. It’s a worthy investment that ensures the proper health of your pet-buddies and promises countless pleasurable moments of fun and play with them.

The Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog Boots is our number one recommendation from our listed products.

We now come to the end of this article with the hope that it helps you find the perfect pair of boots for your furry friend.

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