7 Best Dog diapers

Playing and spending time with your canine friends, promises fun-filled, entertaining, and pleasurable moments. However, you may sometimes experience embarrassing moments when your cute puppy pees on your expensive sofa or flooring. 

If your dogs or puppies are not trained for maintaining hygiene etiquette or dogs, have grown older and suffer from urinary incontinence. You may struggle to prevent leakage and maintain cleanliness around the house.

A dog diaper helps you to do deal with it effectively. 

A dog diaper is ideally suitable for dogs that don’t have control over their urination or that are not trained to urinate outdoors. It is prepared from high-absorbent and breathable material for effectively preventing urinary leakage. 

In this review, you will read about dog diapers’ types and styles, the importance of dog diapers a comprehensive buyer’s guide, the top 7 diapers for dogs and some FAQs.

Top 7 Dog Diapers in India

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Best Diapers For Male Dogs
Best Disposable Diapers
Best Washable Pants
The Most Comfortable Diaper

Importance of Using Dog Diapers

Dog Diapers are designed, keeping in mind the comfort of your dog and your own convenience. This is a very important dog essential which your dog will always require at least at one phase of his or her life. So, why do you need dog diapers?

The primary function of dog diapers is very similar to baby diapers. It is used to absorb your dog’s urine so that your home remains clean and dry. When you bring home a cute puppy that has no training when it comes to urination, they are a must.

Your cute furry little friend might go around wetting all over your home which will prove to be very inconvenient for you. Moreover, it will cause germs, stains making you and your family prone to illness. Thus, diapers play a vital role in these situations.

It is also handy for short term situations like for a dog recuperating from an operation or illness or when you take your dog out for short trips.

Dog diapers also prove to be a lifesaver for older dogs who lack control over urination or dogs that suffer from urine incontinence. They are also essential for dogs that like to mark their territory in your home with their scent.

They are also very useful as dog diapers for females in heat. The function of these diapers is to prevent blood stains all over your home during the menstruation of your dog.

Diapers are also useful when it comes to preventing mating as they act as a protective barrier. However, this is not a very full, proved way of stopping mating.

Types of Dog Diapers

Disposable Diapers

Disposable Diapers

These diapers are basically used and throw product. They are made using a stretchable elastic fabric with a soft woven surface that absorbs moisture. They are much more convenient and easy to dispose of.

However, they are much more expensive than a cloth diaper.

Washable Diapers

These are diapers made using cloth usually made of cotton material. These are much cheaper and can be washed so that it can be reused again. They are more economical than disposable diapers. It is available in different styles and colours for you to choose from.

Washable Dog Diapers

The only drawback is that washing the diaper might be unpleasant and time-consuming; otherwise, they are the most environmentally friendly product.


Dog diapers are available in the three main types of designs: Belly Band diapers, Full Diapers, and Harness Type Diapers.

  • Belly Band Diapers

Belly Band Diaper

These diapers are designed for the use of male dogs. It consists of a band that wraps around your dog’s midsection or belly. These diapers are highly absorbent and used to absorb male dogs’ urine that does not control their urine.

These diapers are also very useful to untrained dogs who like to mark their territory in the house using their own scent.

  • Full Diapers

Full Diaper

These diapers are designed in a way that resembles a baby diaper. It wraps around the bottom of your dog and is fastened at the sides for a more secure fit.

The only difference between a full diaper and a baby diaper is that full diapers come along with a hole for your dog’s tail to pass through.

  • Harness Type Diapers

Harness Type Diapers

Harness type diapers fasten to your dog’s harness using suspenders or attachments. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit for your pet as the diapers remain in place without slipping off.

Buyer’s Guide for Dog diapers


There are different types of diapers for you to choose from. Go for a belly band diaper if you have a male dog. Moreover, if you require a dog diaper for a short time duration goes for a disposable dog diaper.

However, if you require a diaper for a long term goes for a washable cloth diaper.

Male/Female Dog

A male dog would usually need a belly band diaper. On the other hand, there are sanitary diapers and cloth diapers designed especially for female dogs during menstruation.

While purchasing a diaper for your dog, check whether the diaper is compatible with your dog’s gender.


Your main priority should always be to ensure that your pet is never in distress. The diaper you buy should be made using a soft material that does not cause any rash or burns.

Moreover, the fit should be comfortable. For this, go for a diaper with a soft woven surface which makes your dog feel comfortable.


If you are looking for a washable diaper, go for a cloth diaper that is made using soft and natural cotton material.

On the other hand, disposable diapers should have a soft and refreshing woven surface with a stretchable elastic fabric that ensures a good and comfortable fit. The material should be safe to use so that your dog is not prone to rashes and burns.


The diaper should have a secure fit that prevents it from slipping off. So, it is important to ensure that it comes with adjustable belts, straps, and buckles to attach it to your dog to prevent leakages. Also, make sure that it comes with a tail hole.


Diapers are available in different sizes- Extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large. The back of the pack usually comes with a size chart that notifies you of the size compatible with your dog’s waist size.

Thus, always go for size according to the size of your dog’s waist. So, before purchasing the product, you need to measure your dog’s waist.

Leak-proof Protection

The diaper should have a super-absorbent surface that absorbs and locks in the moisture quickly. This keeps the diaper dry and ensures complete comfort to your pet. The diaper you choose should guarantee a 100% leak-proof protection to prevent any leakage.

Fur-Friendly Fasteners

Ensure that the diapers come with fur-friendly and adhesive fasteners that make it easy to attach the diaper. It prevents the diaper from slipping off while also ensuring that it does not hurt your pet’s fur in any way. It makes the diaper safe and easy to use.

1. Dono Disposable Dog Diapers 

Dono dog diapers are disposable diapers that provide superior absorbency and long-lasting protection from urine leakage. These diapers are prepared from soft and super absorbent polymer for providing your pet with a comfortable and secure fitting.

These dog diapers are equipped with a leak-proof design, super-absorbent core, and adjustable fur-friendly fasteners.


Main Features
  • These dog diapers are prepared from lightweight and fur-friendly material that provides enhanced comfort and improved convenience
  • These diapers come with strong fasteners that do not create any additional pressure on the back of dogs and prevent the diapers from slipping off
  • These are male dog diapers that feature super absorbent and leak-proof barriers
  • These diapers come with a wetness indicator that changes the colour to dark green when dogs pee
  • These disposable diapers come in many sizes that are suitable for male dogs with varying waist sizes
  • These diapers serve as an ideal gift item for your puppies and help to improve your mutual relationship with them
  • This set comprises 12 pieces of small dog diapers that are suitable for dogs with waist sizes in the range of 12”-19”
PROS (What we liked)
  • These diapers with their super absorbency hold the water well and effectively lock- in all the moisture for providing convenient movement for the dogs
  • These diapers are best suitable for dogs with excitable urination, urinary incontinence, and male marking issues
  • These diapers are prepared from lightweight microfiber fabric
  • The presence of magic tabs provides for comfortable wearing and easy individual adjustment
  • With these diapers, there are no issues of any spillage when the diaper gets wet
  • It features higher penile retention edges for ensuring that the male organ remains intact within the diaper when dogs move around
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a little bit expensive compared to similar other brands

2. Veterinarian’s Best Vet’s Disposable Male Dog Diapers 

Veterinarian's Best Vet's Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Diapers
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This product offers the best comfortable fit for your dog because of its adjustable velcro belt. The fur-safe fasteners ensure safety along with the security of the fit.

The best feature of this diaper is the wetness indicator which changes the diaper’s colour when it is needed to be changed. This ensures that your pet is never in distress.

The product also guarantees leak-proof protection that contains any kind of moisture and mess. This is also vet recommended making it the best option to go for.

Main Features
  • These are large disposable male wraps
  • Size: Small( waist- 12-18 inches), Medium- ( 18-23.5 inches) and large- (23.5-31.5 inches)
  • Contains 12 wraps
  • Ideal for your male dog’s urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and marking
  • Comes with an adjustable velcro belt
  • Has a wetness indicator
  • Comes with fur-safe fasteners
PROS (What we liked)
  • The adjustable velcro belt and fur-safe fasteners ensure the best comfortable fit
  • The wetness indicator causes a change in colour when it is time to change the diaper
  • The absorbent core and leak-proof edges contain the mess
  • Designed keeping in mind your dog’s comfort
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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3. Trixie Disposable Diaper 

Trixie Disposable Diaper
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If your dog is old and lacks control over his urination, this disposable diaper from Trixie would be your right choice. It is available in different sizes and is suitable, especially for male dogs.

It comes with an elastic abdominal belt that ensures a proper fit while the adhesive fastener prevents it from slipping off. These diapers absorb moisture quickly and ensure proper hygiene. Thus, it is also a great choice for travelling or even after operations.

Main Features
  • These are disposable diapers
  • Ideal for male dogs
  • Sizes available- Small-Medium (30-46 cm), Medium-Large (40-60 cm) and Large-XL (60-80 cm)
  • The colour of the diapers- white
  • They come with an elastic band and adhesive fasteners
PROS (What we liked)
  • These diapers absorb moisture quickly
  • They provide a good and comfortable fit for your dog
  • Ensures proper hygiene for your dog with incontinence
  • Safe to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is a bit expensive
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4. Simple Solution Disposable Diapers 

Simple Solution Disposable Diapers
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The Simple Solution Disposable Diapers is the ideal choice for different dogs, including those with urinary incontinence, females in heat, and excitable urination.

It has different size options making it suitable for all dogs. It offers a comfortable fit to your dog with complete leak-proof protection that locks the moisture within.

The diaper is safe and easy to attach and remove. Your dog will never have a problem with this product, and the fur-friendly fasteners prevent it from slipping off.

These are also great for training purposes and always ensure a clean home. If you are looking for a great disposable diaper for your dog, this is the ideal choice.

Main Features
  • Available in different sizes- small, x-small, medium, large and x-large
  • These are disposable diapers that offer leak-proof protection
  • Contain 12 diapers per package
  • Ideal for dogs with urinary incontinence, females in heat, and excitable urination
  • Comes with a tail hole
  • Comes with a chart mentioning the sizes of the pack and the waist size they are compatible with
PROS (What we liked)
  • The breathable outer layer offers comfortable leak-proof protection
  • Comes with fur-friendly fasteners that prevent the diaper from slipping off
  • Removing and attaching the diaper is safe and easy
  • It locks in the moisture within
  • It is made using stretchable fabric that fits comfortably around your pooch
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far
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5. Foodie Puppies Disposable Diapers 

Foodie Puppies Disposable Pet Diapers
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The Foodies Puppies disposable diapers are available in packs of 12 diapers in different sizes. The diapers come with a soft and refreshing non-woven surface with a super absorbency layer.

This locks in moisture to prevent odour and leakage. The form-fitting contour shape and fur-friendly fasteners ensure comfort and a secure fit.

Main Features
  • Available sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large, x-extra large
  • It comes with a soft and refreshing non-woven surface
  • Has a form-fitting contour shape
  • Comes with an anti-bacterial ingredient
  • Ideal for the dog with incontinence and female dogs in season
  • Comes with fur-friendly fasteners
  • The package includes 12 diapers
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ensures a good and comfortable fit
  • Prevents odour
  • Locks in moisture keeping it dry
  • It offers 100% leakage protection
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Adhesive quality could be better
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6. Trixie Protective Pants 

Trixie Protective Pants
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These protective pants from Trixie offer the best protection against leak and work well during the mating season. It is perfectly elastic with an adjustable belt and a snap clip that ensures the perfect fit.

They come with three extra pads that prevent staining. These pants are reusable because they are easy to wash.

Main Features
  • These are protective sanitary pants
  • Available in black and beige colour options
  • Comes with a handy snap clip
  • Three changeable pads are included
  • Ideal for both male and female dogs during mating season
PROS (What we liked)
  • These pants are easily washable
  • The adjustable belt and handy snap clip ensure a precise and comfortable fit
  • Offers protection against spilling
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Size could be better for small dogs
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7. Super Dog Diaper 

Super Dog Diaper
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Super dog diaper is your best choice for female dogs during menstruation and even during any sickness. It has a form-fitting contoured shape that ensures a comfortable fit.

It guarantees 100% leak-proof protection while ensuring that it locks in moisture and remains dry. The soft and refreshing non-woven surface makes it one of the most comfortable diapers for your pet dog or puppy.

Main Features
  • Comes with 12 diapers per package
  • Ideal for female dogs during menstruation and illness
  • Has a form-fitting contoured shape
  • Comes with an anti-bacterial ingredient
  • It has a soft and refreshing non-woven surface
  • Comes with a soft and thickening back sheet
PROS (What we liked)
  • It locks in moisture ensuring that it is dry
  • These are scented making it attractive to a puppy
  • Prevents bad odour
  • It offers a 100% leakage protection
  • Offers a comfortable fit for your dog
  • A good quality product that is ideal for toilet training
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Your puppy can easily remove it
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use baby diapers on your dog?

You can use baby diapers on your dog as they are cheaper than dog diapers. Many users have also said that they work best when you put them on backwards.

However, like dog full diapers they do not come with a hole for your dog’s tail. So you would need to make a hole for ensuring a comfortable fit.

5. How often should I change the diaper?

You need to make frequent diaper changes to avoid discomfort for your dog. If you leave on the diaper for too long, your dog might get rashes and burns, which would cause a lot of distress.

6. Do dog diapers work for stools?

Dogs usually do not pass stools when wearing a diaper. However, if your dog has stool incontinence, the best diaper to go for would be disposable diapers.

These diapers can hold the stool and are also easy to dispose of.

7. Which is the better choice – washable diapers or disposable diapers?

Both have their own set of pros and cons.

Washable diapers are cheaper when it is compared to disposable diapers. Moreover, they are also environment-friendly products. The only drawback is that washing the diaper might be an unpleasant experience for the owner.

This issue is solved with disposable diapers. It can be put on your dog and then can be easily disposed off. However, disposable diapers are expensive and should be used for occasional and short term purposes.

If needed regularly or frequently go for a washable diaper as they save on the cost.

8. How to use a dog diaper?

Most companies provide the information, just follow the instructions provided in the pack before putting on a diaper to your dog. Attach the diaper as per the type and requirement so that it ensures a comfortable, secure fit.

The diaper will require frequent changes as a damp or wet diaper can cause rashes to your dog if kept on for a long time. Ensure to use baby wipes to clean your dog before putting on a new diaper.

9. When to use a dog diaper?

A dog diaper should be used to provide your puppy with proper training that prevents him or her from urinating all over your home. This product is also useful for older dogs or dogs suffering from urinary incontinence.

You can also use a diaper for dogs recovering from an injury or illness and even for those dogs that mark their territory at home with their scent. Dog diapers also help a female dog during menstruation.

10. How to measure the perfect size diaper for your pet dog?

Choosing the right diaper for your dog, meaning the perfect size, is very important for ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. For this, you need to measure the waist of your dog and then choose the size as per the size of your dog’s waist.

The packs have a chart mentioning the sizes available along with the compatible waist size. Make sure you refer to the size chart before you make a purchase.


A dog diaper provides a world of comfort and convenience for you and your canines. It is prepared from leak-proof fabric that comes with fasteners for easy and comfortable wearing by your dogs and canines.

The dog diapers help you maintain optimal cleanliness around your house while enjoying a great time with your puppies and dogs. These diapers are designed to fit snugly over the dog’s waist and be adjusted according to the requirements.

Our top picks are Dono Disposable Dog Diapers, Veterinarian’s Best Vet’s Disposable Male Dog Diapers and Simple Solution Disposable Diapers

Whether you would like to go on an outdoor vacation, shopping mall, parks, or any other place; these diapers give you the freedom and flexibility to accompany your canines wherever you go.

Gift your canines a set of high-quality dog diapers and strengthen your bonding with them.

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