Best Pet Toys In India – Product reviews and Types

Do you have pets in your home? Are you planning to adopt a pet? Do you think your pet needs some toys? The answer would be a definite yes! Toys not only avoid boredom but also stimulate your pets. Toys develop good quality skills in your pets. Moreover, they form a good bond between the owner and the pet. Along with toys come pet leashes, you don’t want your pet to run away and get lost. Slowly gradually your pet gets used to the locality until then a lease is a must.

Not everyone has the same pet, some might have puppies, kittens or birds and not all animals love the same toy. Make sure to go through the article so you know what kind of toy to get for your pet. Here, we have the solution we have discussed various types of toys, Buying Guide, benefits of providing your pet with a toy, few safety tips, and finally, the best 10 pet toys picks.

Also, we have simplified the things to make you more convenient while choosing a toy. We have included a few FAQ’s in the article to make the pet owners more comfortable in buying a toy.

Top 10 Pet Toys In India

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Excellent bouncer
Our pick
Corn grain squeaky
Best Chew Toy for Puppy
Ideal cat toy
Workout toy
Two-in-one handheld pointer
Training toy

How toys help your pets?

Your pet may feel lonely when your away from home in such situations. Toys come to their rescue by providing great companionship to them. We have seen various types of toys available in the market; every type of toy has its feature.

  • Chewable toys aids in improving your pet’s oral health by strengthening teeth and gums. Also, it builds up good jaws.
  • Puzzle toys help to develop the intelligence of your pets.
  • Training toys help in improving patience, thinking capability, etc.
  • Toys also help in relaxing stress and anxiety. While playing outdoor, your pet improves their muscular strength.
  • Apart from providing good exercise toys also help in providing fun and entertainment.

Benefits of providing a toy to your pet

  • By providing a toy to your pet, it helps them to stay active by eliminating boredom
  • Also, toys provide them with good physical and mental exercise
  • It creates good bonding between the owner and the pet
  • Some of the toys make your pet’s teeth stronger making it a part of their dental care.
  • Toys also improve the confidence of your pet
  • It helps them to improve thinking ability

Safety tips for pet toys

  • Always opt for a toy that is nontoxic
  • If you provide your pet, a rope toy then keep an eye on them ensuring that they do not swallow or tear the toy
  • Never provide destructible toys
  • Toys with bells and squeak are easy to swallow. So, never leave them unattended with such kind of toys
  • A stuffed toy can cause more harm if it is torn apart. Avoid toys that are stuffed with beads
  • Always provide your pet with a toy as per their age
  • Toys must be made from durable material

Types of pet toys


Any toy that keeps your pet occupied with comes under this category. A simple ball is also an active toy. Your pet must use his or her energy to play with the toy. Chewable ropes are also considered as active toys. Active toys help in avoiding boredom and making your pet occupied by using physical energy.


Distraction toys are used to distract your pet from chewing your furniture, shoes, curtains etc. They make them occupied both mentally and physically. Toys like treat toys, squeaky toys helps greatly in distracting your pets from chewing or destroying things. Also, they help to keep your pet busy from not disturbing you. Moreover, distraction toys can also keep your pets occupied even when they are alone.


Generally, a toy with plush stuffing or a toy made with fabric is considered as comfort toys. They do not cause any harm to your pet. These kinds of toys are soft and provide great comfort to them while playing. Moreover, these toys also used as nap-toys, some pets also feel sleepy with such toys. Comfort toys may also act as a small pillow for your pet.


Interactive toys aids in mental stimulation by preventing boredom. They help your pet to know their skills and thinking capacity. Interactive toys also help to establish an excellent bond between the owner and the pet. A tug-of-war rope toy is a great interactive toy. Also, few puzzle toys come under this category.


Toys that are made from harmless materials, durable yet chewable, fall under the chewable toy category. These kinds of toys aids in reducing the pain when your pet lose their baby teeth and get permanent teeth. Also, a chewable toy provides great gum exercise and teeth exercise.

Few chewable toys also remove plaque and tartar by killing bacteria inside the mouth. Moreover, chewable toys are strong and they also sometimes provide good dental care. However, they must be often cleaned.


Training toys aids in improving skills, improves patience, thinking capability, and stables emotion control. They are used only for training your pets or for new pets — toys like discs, ball, tunnel toy and much more.

Training toy helps in knowing what to chew and what not to chew. Moreover, training toys also help in developing interaction between a pet and owner and help in establishing a great bond.


Stimulating toys are also considered self-amusement toys. They are made from highly durable quality. Stimulating toys can also be used even when the toy is alone. Your pet gets easily attracted to these kinds of toys. Your cat easily gets attracted to a toy with catnip on it, for example, a catnip scratch post.


Wand toys must be used only for pets that do not get irritated while wanding. Generally, a wand toy is helpful for cats. It improves the hunting skills and allows the cat to jump from one end to the end by making muscular strong. Wand toys usually consist of a wand, a string attached to feather or feathers. They also help in developing a good bond between the owner and a pet.


Puzzle toys are used to develop the intelligence of your pet. There are different levels of puzzle toys. Consider choosing as per your pet’s intelligence.

Usually, they improve great thinking capacity. Puzzle toys are also known as treat dispersion toys or enrichment toys. Your pet will find a treat while playing with this puzzle toy. Puzzle toy also brings great excitement to your pet, and they look forward to finding out the treat.


As the name suggests, these are made at your home at your convenience. A homemade toy can be made from any material like cotton cloth, cardboard, or simply a container with the lid.

The only point to be noted is they must be safe, non-tearable. Their main purpose is to provide your pet with fun and entertainment.

Buying Guide For Pet Toys In India

One will look after several things while buying a pet toy. Here, we have given a few important points to be considered before buying a pet toy. However, toys that are harmless and safe to use must be chosen for your pet.

Ease of Cleaning

You wouldn’t want dirty toys to lie around your home. Hence, the pet toys you purchase should be easy to clean. They should be washed by rinsing with water and soap for your convenience. This maintains the hygiene of your home and ensures the health of your family.


Ensure that the toy you buy for your pet is suitable for him or her to play with. A puppy or a small breed dog will find it inconvenient to play with a huge toy. Hence, when purchasing a toy, it is essential to check its size.


It must be given the top priority while buying the toy. Always consider lab-certified pet toys as they are harmless and safe to use. Toys that have stuffings of small metal balls are not considered as a safe toy to offer a pet. Toys that are considered not so safe or have harmful chemicals in the preparation must be avoided strictly.

Size and shape

It is an important point to be considered while buying the toys for your pets. Size and shape of the toy must not harm your pet. Also, the size must not be small such that it fits in the mouth easily and cause harm. While coming to the shape, it should be convenient for your pets to hold it properly, and it should not contain hard spikes.


Your pet toys must be made from high-quality material such that it lasts for a long period. Chewable toys are designed to withstand aggressive chewers. Toys that are made from cotton must be of high-quality material used to ensure that they are not torn apart easily.


Now, many toys are available in the market that provides squeak sound. Ensure that sound of the toy does not irritate your toy and stop them from playing with it. Also, the echo-sounder must not be located in a place where your pet can find it easily and swallow them accidentally. Moreover, few pets became arrogant with such squeak sounds. Stop to provide that kind of toy to your pet if they are allergic.

Material used

It is not sure that all pet toys are made from safe and chemical-free materials. Cross check for a toy that has no harming materials used in the preparation of the toy. Toys made from materials like harmless plastic, high-quality plastic, healthy fiber, are safe to use. Also, ensure the toys if an aggressive pet chews it hard or tries to destroy them then it should not get damaged easily.


Providing your pet with a toy that is used only for playing purpose is not only the criteria you are looking for. You need a toy that improves skills in your pets while providing fun and entertainment.

Hence, any creative toy that improves the skills of your pet is a good sign for both pet and owner. Choosing creative toys like puzzle toys, treat toys, tunnel toys will develop your pet thinking capacity and skills.


Any toxic toy is harmful to your pet. Though many pet toys state that is toxic-free but still may cause directly or indirectly harm to your pet. Nontoxic toys will have certification or any seal mentioning ‘nontoxic toy’. If you are using any pet toy and have no clue whether it is toxic or not in such cases, look if your pet shows any signs of toxicity.

1. Super Dog Spiked Rubber Dog Ball – Excellent bouncer

The Spiked rubber ball is the product of Lal pet products. The company was established in the year 1982. Their products include grooming products, toys, eatables, beds & apparels, accessories and much more.

Super Dog spiked ball is an excellent bouncing back ball with soft and harmless spikes. Also, the ball has a light and glows when it hits a hard surface. Moreover, the spike ball is safe to chew as it is made from the hard rubber.

Main Features
  • The ball is suitable for all kinds of breeds
  • It is made of untearable hard rubber
  • Also, it is a longlasting product
  • Ball surface comes with soft, harmless spikes
  • Also, the spikes help to massage gums, teeth, if ever the dog chews the ball
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality of the ball is good
  • It bounces well
  • Light of the ball is not irritating
  • It is hard to tear for puppies
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Keep this ball away from hard-bitter and aggressive dogs

2. PetSutra Cotton Durable Dog Chew Rope Toy  – Our Choice

PetSutra is an Indian company located at Haryana. Their main aim is to provide high-quality products by satisfying pets and owners. Also, PetSutra has a wide range of categorized products accessories, food, grooming tools and much more. Moreover, all their products have good user ratings.

The Chew rope toy is made from 100% safe cotton. It comes with 2-knots and also the toy is chewable. It provides good exercise for both gums and teeth by providing good stimulation. Also, the toy is soft, safe to use. Moreover, it can be used by all dog breeds.

Main Features
  • The 2-knot rope toy is made of 100% pure cotton
  • It is safe to use and free from harmful chemicals
  • It is designed especially that even if your dog chews the toy, it does no harm
  • Also, the rope is tightly twisted with highly durable cotton yarn
  • The toy provides good exercise and stimulation. It can be used to play tug-of-war
  • The rope knot toy is suitable for all breeds, and even small puppies can chew them which aids in the dental exercise
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality of the rope is thick
  • Rope looks soft, yet it is durable
  • The rope is strong and sturdy
  • The toy has attractive and bright colors and is easily found
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Be cautious that your dog does not tend to chew the open end of the rope and swallow

3. Nina Ottosson Outward Hound Dog Puzzle– Innovative

Nina Ottosson is an age-old toy company. They design the toys in the most innovative way. Also, their toys ensure to provide good physical and mental strength. Moreover, they prevent boredom and provide a fun, entertainment. Their products include puzzle toys, interactive toys, and games of wood.

The level 2 dog puzzle toy is the product of Nina Ottosson. The puzzle toy helps in improving mental stability, developing problem-solving skills. Also, on solving this toy, it helps in finding out the treat. Moreover, the toy is easy to clean and rinse.

Main Features
  • The puzzle toy has seven treat compartments and fourteen moving pieces which help in finding out the treat
  • It is a Level 2 game and ideal for teaching problem-solving skills to your dog
  • Apart from learning, feeding will be interactive and fun-filled
  • Moreover, the puzzle toy is easy to clean, simply rinse with soapy water and clean water
  • Also, your pet gets stimulated mentally
  • This puzzle toy is ideal if your dog enjoys treat-games
PROS (What we liked)
  • Well-designed and sturdy product
  • Ideal for distracting your dogs
  • Durable puzzle toy
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Too easy puzzles to solve for adult dogs

4. Petlicious & More Dog Squeaky Rugby Ball Toy  – Corn grain squeaky

Dog Squeaky Rugby Ball Toy is the product of Petlicious & More. Petlicious & More is an Indian company with pet food & accessories, boarding facility, pet adoption & fostering, Puppy Sale & Purchase categories. Their products are designed in an innovative way to match your pet’s requirements. It includes a rugby ball, dog chew hard interactive bone, leather dog leash and much more.

The dog squeaky rugby ball has the surface with corn grain and an echo-sounder inside the ball. Also, the ball surface has good elasticity and is soft. The rugby ball comes with a pet collar tag. Also, the ball is made from Latex material.

Main Features
  • The product claims that it comes with a collar tag
  • Though the rugby ball looks hard, it is not hard and is made from a soft material which is unbreakable or untearable
  • It is made from a flexible material which has good elasticity
  • Your pet gets attracted to the toy and reduces boredom
  • The ball has inbuilt echo sounder which sends out squeak on pressing the ball or chewing the ball hard
  • Latex material is used in making the ball which has good bite-resistance capability
  • The corn grain design aids in cleaning the teeth perfectly
PROS (What we liked)
  • Your pet stops chewing due to echo-sounder
  • The ball is comfortable to play
  • Quality of the toy is durable
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quality of the whistle can be improved
  • Size of the ball is small than expected

5. Pet Needs Rubber Chew Toys – Best Chew Toy for Puppies

Pet Needs Rubber Chew Toys
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This is a combo of 5 chew toys made using durable, nontoxic rubber. They are suitable for puppies, small and mini breeds. The cute and multi-colored toys enable a fun-filled interactive play. Moreover, they are safe for your little friend to play with and are easy to clean.

Main Features
  • It is a combo of 5 chew toys.
  • The toys are made using nontoxic rubber.
  • Suitable for puppies, mini and small breed dogs.
  • Multi-colored toys keep your puppy engaged.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Cute design easily draws your puppy’s attention.
  • It is safe and durable.
  • Allows interactive play.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Not suitable for dogs with adult teeth.
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6. Cat Scratching Board Pad Toy – Ideal cat toy

Cat scratching board toy is from The DDS store. The curved, wavy board helps your cat to play, relaxing. The board is well-designed and convenient to use.

Cats like the scratching boards or posts, as they usually have the habit of scratching curtains, furniture, toys. This scratching board will save you from the cat’s usual scratching habit.

Main Features
  • The toy satisfies usual cat scratching habit
  • Scratchboard is made of durable corrugated paper
  • The unique wavy design allows the cats to scratch instead of tearing it easily
  • Also, your kittens can stretch and play on it
  • The scratch toy comes with catnip to attract the cats easily
PROS (What we liked)
  • Keeps your cat busy
  • Cat gets attracted easily to the provided catnip
  • Simple and well-designed
  • It is easy to clean and convenient to use
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It will not long last for if your cat is a hard scratcher

7. Foodie Puppies Wooden Dumbbell Training Toy for Dog – Workout toy

Foodie Puppies improve pet lives by them with health and well-being products. They provide quality and excellent products. All their products have good user ratings. They include cotton ropes, chains, steel bowls, puzzles and much more.

The wooden dumbbell is harmless and made from softwood and ideal for training the pets who are recovering. Also, these dumbbells are not glued and can withstand all kinds of tossings. Also, they are harmless if they are chewed.

Main Features
  • The toy is made from solid wood
  • Ideal for keeping your puppies active and energetic
  • This wooden dumbbell is not glued
  • Also, it can withstand tossing
  • Moreover, it is safe, if your puppy chews the dumbbell
PROS (What we liked)
  • The toy is durable and harmless
  • It can be used to train the puppies after recovery from ill-health
  • It is perfectly shaped and sturdy
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The toy is only suitable for puppies not to be used for dogs
  • Also, it is not suitable for aggressive puppies

8. VanGoddy Laser Light Pet Interactive Chaser Training Toy – two-in-one handheld pointer

The Laser light pet toy is the product of VanGoddy.  All their products are innovative and trusted ones. Their products include multipurpose torch laser point, case cover, messenger bag, laptop bags and many more. Their products are designed to meet customer requirements.

The laser light toy is ideal for dogs and cats.  Also, it can be used as a torch. Moreover, both the lights are not harsh. The only caution to be taken is never to put the light directly in the eyes of the cat. This laser light can also be used for training cats and dogs.

Main Features
  • The toy is suitable for both cats and dogs
  • Laser light is safe to use; the only caution is it must not be pointed directly into your pet’s eyes
  • The toy serves an indoor purpose only
  • The pointer creates fun and exercise to your pets
  • Also, it is easy to use
  • Two different buttons are provided for two different lights
PROS (What we liked)
  • Quality of the LED light is good
  • The pen comes with three batteries inside and three extra batteries.
  • It can also be used as a torch
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Laser light can be improved

9. Futurekart Black and Blue Feline Cruiser Pet Folding Tunnel – Training toy

Feline Cruiser folding tunnel is the product of Futurekart. They are committed to providing standard customer service. Their category of products includes baby, pet, decoration, etc.

The folding tunnel is ideal for both cats and dogs. It keeps them engaged with the fun-filled activity. The material used is safe to use and is a cloth made. So, easily washable. Moreover, it is portable, so it does not occupy space much.

Main Features
  • The toy is designed for both cat and dog
  • It is used for training your pet
  • The folding tunnel is made from cloth with a black bottom and has a blue edge that highlights the tunnel
  • Also, it is designed in such a way that cleaning the toy is easy
  • All aged cats can use this toy
  • It has three ways and creates a fun space to play
  • Moreover, the tunnel can be collapsed with the support of the existing spring coil when not in use
  • If you have multiple pets at your home, the folding tunnel provides them great excitement. They can hide, play, and also rest sometimes
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy cleaning and washing
  • Your pet will be occupied using the toy
  • The folding tunnel is easy to carry and hence can also be used while traveling
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Adult dogs or larger breed dogs cannot use this toy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is an interactive pet toy worth it?

Interactive toys help in stimulating your pet’s mind while ensuring a fun-filled playtime. These toys develop your pet’s skills. They also aid in the establishment of an excellent bond between you and your pet. Hence, an interactive toy like a rope is worth it.

2. What toys can I leave my dog alone with?

Dogs can be left alone with chew toys, squeaky toys, treat toys, and others. A few examples of these types of toys are:

3. What all the things to be considered before buying a pet toy?

We consider three major points to be considered while buying a pet toy

  • Size and shape of the toy must not harm your pet
  • It is made from harmless material
  • The toy must not break on chewing

4. Does every pet need a toy?

Yes, every pet needs a toy at least the affordable ones. Toys provide them with fun and entertainment, exercise, stimulation, improve problem-solving skills, hunting skills. Also, toys make them both physically and mentally strong.

5. How to choose a toy for your pet?

It will be a difficult task, yet we simplify here by providing a few points. The first and foremost point to be checked is, what type of toy your pet loves? Outdoor games or indoor games, based on it, choose a few toys. If you find your pet intelligent, then choose puzzle toys. If your pet likes to play with sounds, then choose toys like a squeaky ball that provides sound. At the top of all, pets only like toys that entertain them and increase their thinking capacity.

6. Do homemade toys are harmful?

No, all homemade toys are harmful; similarly, all homemade toys are safe to use. The process of making a toy will differ. Homemade toys like a ball made from cloth can be easily torn apart endangering your pet’s life. Since we have a wide range of toys available in the market, it is better to choose the one which is available and harmless.

7. How to clean toys?

Unless and until a toy is infused with catnip, the procedure for cleaning the toys is the same. First of all, take the toy under running water. Then wash them with mild natural detergent or cleaning agent. Finally, wash the toy with lukewarm water.


Now, you have come to the final part of the article. Hope you are clear with the information provided. After a good research, we have opted Nina Ottosson puzzle toy as the best pick. While the folding tunnel toy as the best training toy and spiked rubber ball as the excellent ball. If you want to buy any of the pet toys, follow the link mentioned above.

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