Cockatoo CXB-03 Table X-Bike Review

Time is gold. If you are workaholic that you don’t have the luxury of time to do some workout. Try Cockatoo CXB-03 Smart Series Table X-Bike – an exercise bike designed for multi-tasking. You can now work, while you exercise with its unique design that will make you realize that finding time to workout is not that difficult, not compromising your deliverables.

The Cockatoo CXB-03 Smart Series Table X-Bike is a foldable workstation bike that will surely give you that level-up experience in a workout. Whether you are an employee trying to finish some of your assigned tasks or a student who wants to review your lessons, this bike is a perfect fit for you.


Digital LCD

This multi-function bike from Cockatoo comes with an LCD monitor display where you can keep track of your workout progress. It shows you all the necessary information in your workout such as your speed, distance, time, and calories burnt. This feature compels you to be motivated for engagement and better results.

Resistance Level

This multi-function bike from Cockatoo comes with 8 level resistance and a control dial on the front. This control dial helps you to personalize the intensity and resistance easily. By twisting this, you can increase or decrease the level of magnetic resistance while you work out, depending on your personal preference. 

Operating Technology

This bike is integrated with a mesh belt transmission mechanism and magnetic resistance system – a type of system produces little to no sound for that smooth and quiet workout session. It would be a good exercise if you will not be interrupted by some noise from the machine.


This exercise bike was designed to accommodate all types of users. It comes with an adjustable seat that is comfortable to support you while doing your workout. It can be adjusted up and down, depending on your preference. It has also a cushioned seat to provide you with added comfort. You can now adjust it according to the user’s height to maximize the leg workout. This bike is made up of high-quality materials that allow it to carry 110 kg weight and height of 160-190cm.

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What Do We like

Large Work Surface

The Cockatoo CXB-03 Smart Series Table X-Bike has a unique design compared to other exercise bikes. It comes with a large work surface with a dimension of 26.5 x 15.5 x 4 inches. It offers you a work desk that keeps your wrist rested in a comfortable position. Through this work desk, you will be able to work while you exercise. It is a great place where you can set your laptop, documents, book, and tablet, either for pure leisure or work.

What We Don’t Like

Limited Workout Focus

Unlike other exercise bikes that can do total workout both for the upper and lower body, this exercise bike mainly focuses on exercising your lower body, specifically your legs.


Exercise while working, because why not? Time is of the essence. Do you want to be that efficient but don’t know how? Try the Cockatoo CXB-03 Smart Series Table X-Bike, a bike that is designed to answer you. It can be used as your workplace or a study table. You can now be confident that you will no longer worry about finishing those tasks or assignments on time because this exercise bike is ready to save the day. Work or Workout? Now you can do both. Get yours now and work while you workout.

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