Cockatoo CPH Polypropylene Cycling Helmet Review

Cockatoo makes bicycle and motorcycle gears such as helmets, gloves, etc. It is a new company which has spread quickly because of its excellent quality products. Starting from a low price range to high, they provide everything with decent quality.

This CPH cycling helmet from Cockatoo is a mid-range helmet. This blue and black combination looks trendy. It is also available in various colors as well. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know more about it in detail.


Polypropylene outer body

This helmet is made of Polypropylene or PP, also called thermoplastic. The longevity of this sturdy material is outstanding, and it does not break but may deform from its original shape. It is most commonly used to manufacture household items and in industrial areas too. The lightweight helmet ensures maximum protection.


This helmet comes with one of the most excellent ventilation systems. It has 21 airflow technology ventilation that will keep you calm by circulating the air over your head. It prevents heat build-up on the inside and keeps you relaxed while riding. The ventilation will ensure that there is no sweat, and you feel comfortable.


This Cockatoo CPH helmets come with a visor but is not detachable. You can slide it up and down according to your needs. This visor will protect you from direct sunlight while riding and provides you shade, so you don’t have to compromise on visibility.

 Also, it will make sure that dust does not irritate your eyes. You can also slide it up if you don’t feel like using it.

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What Do We like


The interior is very comfortable and lightweight. The ventilation keeps the sweat away, and the soft padding prevents irritation after a while. It comes built-in moisture-wicking pads that absorb sweat, and it keeps you dry during the whole ride. This is an ideal helmet if you like to go on rides for a more extended period.


The protection of your head is the primary objective of buying a helmet. This durable EPS made the outer body absorbs impact to save you from head injuries. The thick PVC shell (Polyvinyl chloride), along with the EPS, ensures maximum protection to keep the damage to your head minimized.


The helmet weighs around 280-300 grams and feels almost next to nothing when you wear it. The more ventilation on any helmet means, the more lightweight it is. You can wear it for a long ride without discomfort.

Secured straps

The straps can also be adjusted so that the helmet does not fall off while riding. Always make sure to buckle these straps because if you don’t, then wearing a helmet is pretty much useless.

Fit to head

The size of your head and the size of the helmet should be similar to fit correctly. A good helmet will protect your head as long as it fits properly. The outer body will absorb most of the damage and will be able to protect your head. Measure your head size with tape and buy the right sized helmet for better results.

What We Don’t Like

The material of Shell

The shell of the helmet is made of plastic, which may lose its shape after a while.


This racing cycling professional helmet is one of the finest from Cockatoo. This is a mid-range level helmet that comes with tons of features. The sturdy material will protect your head from injuries, and the ventilation, along with the soft inner padding, will ensure comfort and allow you to go sweat-free. This is a good value for money product that is worth buying.

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Koushik Mondal

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