Healthex Exercise 201 Upright Bike Review

If you are looking for an excercise bike that is perfect for weight loss and good for home use, the Exercise bike 201 from Healthex is what you need. This machine helps you lose weight and burn unwanted fats by combining cycling and rowing action. Since this bike is suitable for home use, you don’t have to worry and be guilty of having no time going to the gym because you can now bring your own gym into your house.

This bike offers you a quality workout in the most comfortable, safe and secure manner that lets you achieve great results without harming your joints and knees. 

Electronic Meter Display

The Electronic Meter Display integrated into this exercise cycle helps you keep track of all your workout progress. Monitoring your workout progress has never been this easy with the display. This feature indicates the distance, time, speed and calories burned during the whole workout session. This feature is perfect for those who want to easily get updates regarding the results of their hard work.

Ergonomically Designed

This body gym exercise bike is portable, non-motorized and is suitable for home use. You can easily adjust the strength according to your preference through an available tension knob. It has ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips which helps you to have a more comfortable ride.

The seat can be easily adjusted to accommodate the user’s various leg lengths and height. This bike has fixed handles. This is specifically designed to give you that more comfortable ride just like a real bike.

Durable and Sturdy

You’ll no longer worry about the durability of an exercise bike because this bike from Healthex is made with high-quality steel frame construction. It’s designed to support a maximum user weight of 100 kg. You will surely get the best quality of product worthy of your money.

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What Do We like

Easier to assemble

This indoor bike comes with easy-to-understand and simple instructions. If you are worried about the installation and assembly process, worry no more. Because this exercise bike has a simpler design, you won’t be needing too much assistance from technicians and paying extra costs. You can just assemble it yourself. Less hassle because it is also easy to maintain. 

What We Don’t Like

Built Quality

The body is made up of plastic which is not of good quality.


If you are very particular with a type of workout that would not have a great impact on your knees, ankles or joints, this bike is a great way to start your routine. This bike offers you a low-impact on your joints without compromising the quality of the workout. The motion it produces to your knees, joints, and ankles helps in making them strong, not stressing or causing them too much pain or discomfort.

This bike is suitable for all, male or female, old or young, beginner or seasoned bikers. This bike is suitable for home use, thus giving you a convenient workout session. It promises to help you achieve weight loss. So, if you want to experience these benefits, get yourself a Healthex Exercise 201 Weight Loss Cycle Bike and be one of the witnesses of the great deals this bike has to offer. 

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