Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Magnetic Upright Bike Review

Nowadays, it has been a challenge of finding an indoor bike or fitness machine that is space-efficient because a lot of the fitness machines in the market are huge and could take up too much of a considerable amount of space. Worry not, because Powermax introduces the Fitness BX-110SX Magnetic Upright Bike – a perfect space-saving cardio machine.

The Powermax BX-110SX Magnetic Upright Bike offers you a complete cardio workout while maintaining those features that similar fitness machines could offer at gyms.

LCD Monitor Display

This fitness machine is integrated with an LCD Display. This monitor keeps track of all your records while working out. It easily and clearly displays your progress such as the distance, time, speed as well as the calories burned throughout the whole workout session. This feature helps you to be motivated and engaged more in your workout sessions.

Resistance Level

This upright bike has a resistance of 8 levels. The 8-level tension knob enables you to individualize your workout and adjust according to your preference. This makes this bike suitable for every user, whether you are still a beginner trying to figure out the best routine or professional training for an advanced exercise.

Drive System

This upright bike comes with a magnetic ribbed belt one-way drive system. This drive system is smooth, light and silent which makes this bike silent to use compared to those bikes with chain belts that may create jerky sounds because of the chains. A magnetic belt produces no sound.

Ergonomic Design

This bike has an ergonomic design that adds comfort to the users. It has an adjustable seat that can be adjusted vertically or horizontally, depending on the user’s preference. Also, it comes with pedals that are the double color which is wide enough to fit different user sizes.

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What Do We like


One of the best things about this fitness bike is that it is foldable. It can be easily stored when you are not using it, therefore, it can save space. This is rare among other bikes which are huge and bulky and takes too much space when storing.

Added Built-in Features

This Fitness Upright Bike has a lot to offer in terms of its added built-in features. The Powermax offers HDR foam grip, adjustable front, and rear stabilizers, hand pulse on the handlebar and fixed handlebar. It also has wheels that allow you to move it easily from one place to another. It has also a heavy gauge steel frame which allows it to carry up to 110 kg.

What We Don’t Like


When you ride the bike fast, it can wobble around which obvioulsy is not a good experience.


The Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Magnetic Upright Bike is one of the highly recommended upright bikes that are out in the market today when you are looking for a bike for a fitness routine or exercise but has limited living space. Since it is foldable, it can be easily stored when not in use.

This upright bike’s space efficiency does not defeat its purpose – to give you that top-quality workout that you truly deserve. Why go to the gym when you can have it in your home. At least you will be able to have your exercise at your most convenient time and in your own comfort.

The Powermax offers you this upright bike which could be that answer to what you are looking for – a machine that is economical yet top-performing. Get yours now and experience the easiest way to achieve that fit and healthy body.

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