LEEWAY S-104 Spin Bike Review

The Leeway Spin Bike S-104 Spine Fitness Exercise Equipment is a great solution for getting a workout session either at home or at the office. This exercise bike offers you a lot of features that would make your fitness goals be a reality, with comfort, ease, and convenience. This has been used for a lot of physical therapies because of its low impact, safe, and effective cardiovascular exercise.

This air bike aims to tone your arms and legs with dual action. It offers you a smooth and quiet full-body cardiovascular workout.This machine also has the unique feature – the dipping handlebars with adjustable seats. This gym cycle has a seat which is comfortable enough and height is adjustable. Foot pedals are wide enough to fit user’s sizes.

Adjustable Resistance

This indoor bike comes with a dual side brake system which makes the bike safe and stable. It has a 2-piece fender for comprehensive protection of brake and spin wheel. Also, there is a smart release breaking system that provides a safe and dependable performance for the unsupervised rider.

Wheel Spin

This fitness machine offers a high inertia spin wheel.

Digital Meter

This bike also comes with an Electronic Meter Display with a scan mode which records the time, speed, distance and calories which provides the user the ease and comfort in monitoring all the metrics while working out.

Commendable design

This bike is made with ergonomic design from the handles to the seats. The seats are designed to be comfy where the user can easily adjust its height. Foot pedals are self-balanced and has wide paddles with adjustable straps to fit any user’s size. The pop-in seat slider can be vertically or horizontally adjusted to deliver a great fit.

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What Do We like

Easy to Assemble

This spin bike is easy to assemble and install. It does not need special skills for you to install it since it comes 60% preinstalled. The user can assemble it himself with ease without the assistance of professional technicians.

What We Don’t Like


The space between th handlebar and the seat is very little hence, someone with bigger body frame can not enjoy this spin bike and will not be comfortable to ride.



The Leeway Spin Bike S-104 Spine Fitness Exercise Equipment is truly one of the great stationary bikes. It serves its purpose in bringing a high quality workout session to its users in every way possible. This bike offers a lot to its users. From its unique features down to its top-quality designs. This product not only helps you to reach and achieve your fitness goals, but it also lets you experience a unique workout session where you will enjoy every moment of it.

This bike is suitable for different types of persons from all ages, sizes and shapes but with one goal – to stay fit- because staying fit and healthy doesn’t need to be that difficult and burdensome. You can also enjoy while getting that body goals.  Leeway wants you to achieve that goals by letting you experience the Leeway Air Bike. Leeway wants you to Stay Healthy, Stay Fit. Grab yours now and experience a workout on its new level.

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