Aerofit AF 662 R Recumbent Bike Review

The Aerofit offers you top quality workout, thus, introducing the AF 662 R Recumbent Bike. The Aerofit AF 662 R Recumbent Bike comes which is friction-free. This indoor bike’s free magnetic resistance can be adjusted to eight (8) levels which is convenient for different types of users, from those beginners, intermediate and expert cyclists because you can adjust the levels of challenge according to what you like. It has also an added feature that has an LCD display which is a multi-feedback that reads the display instantly to let you know the progress of your workout session.


Display Feedback

The Aerofit AF 662 R Recumbent Bike has a single-window computerized sole LCD display which is a multi feedback display. It displays the time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, odometer, and scan. This is very convenient because the user can easily track and monitor every improvement in the workout.

Friction Free Magnetic Resistance

This magnetic resistance has eight levels which enable the user to adjust it into 8 levels depending on his desired level of difficulty or challenge. This indoor bike is for those who want to have a more or less challenging workout.

Ergonomically designed

It offers a comfortably designed seat with flex back cushion contoured for lumbar support with horizontal slide adjustments for that added comfort while you do your exercise. It has also the self-balanced extra-wide paddles with adjustable straps that are suited for different size of users which provides the gentle movements.

Handlebars with Sensor

The Aerofit AF 662 R Recumbent Bike also comes with side handlebars with a contract heart rate sensor and a U bar-style front handle.

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What Do We like

Eight- Level Resistance

It allows you to adjust it up to eight levels. So whether you are a beginner trying to discover what exercise routine is suitable for you or you are a professional cyclist training for your passion, or just a user trying to have a healthy lifestyle, you won’t have difficulty in using this indoor bike. This is the right bike for everyone.

Commendable Design

The Aerofit AF 662 R Recumbent Bike is designed so that you can have that comfort in every way possible. The seat is designed to support your back while you do your workout through its comfortable cushion designed especially for the lumbar support. The indoor bike also has pedals that are designed to fit all sizes of different users to provide you that gentle movement.

What We Don’t Like

Not Foldable

The Aerofit AF 662 R Recumbent Bike has dimensions of 53” (L) X 25” (W) X 41 “ (H), and it can not folded hence you need to keep a separate place for it.


Aerofit AF 662 R Recumbent Bike with Friction Free Magnetic Resistance is one of the indoor bikes introduced by Aerofit to ensure that you are getting the quality that you deserve. This indoor bike is suitable for those who want to have a convenient exercise or workout session without having to go out on roads to go cycling which is more dangerous compared to those who do it in the comfort of their homes. The important thing is that you are able to have that one goal – to have a healthy lifestyle!

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