Fitkit FK800 Orbitrac Bike Review

You can get yourselves this equipment that is sure to give you that cardio experience at your own convenience with this FK800 Orbitrac Exercise Bike from Fitkit. This fitness equipment is a sure way to improve and expand your workout potential. If you are a beginner trying to find something that can be an ideal option, then this must be on top of the list of your equipment wish.

This bike is a dual trainer. You can use it as a regular elliptical or as an exercise bike. This bike from Fitkit allows you to have that gentle and low impact workout yet an effective cardiovascular activity and a total workout for both the upper and lower body.


LCD Monitor and Heart Rate Sensor

This bike has an LCD monitor that indicates the distance you have traveled, the time you have taken to travel it, the calories you have burned and a heart rate sensor that can track your heart rate during your cardio workouts. 

Adjustable Seat Positioning

This bike from Fitkit is designed to have a seat that can be adjusted according to the user’s different body shapes, sizes, and types. The adjustable seat ensures that the body gets the proper position during the duration of the exercises.

Adjustable Resistance

FK800 Orbitrac comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. You can easily adjust the resistance and intensity by using the convenient tension knob. With a simple turn of this knob, you can personalize your workout aimed to help you meet your fitness goals, set difficulty levels and progress further according to your preference.

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What Do We like

Fitness and Diet Plan

This bike from Fitkit has this unique feature called the F+ App. You can now start planning and recording your fitness improvements through this app. This App offers free diet and fitness plans. Through this app, you can now customize and plan the meals with the help of a certified panel of Nutritionists. 

What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seats

Just like those traditional stationary bikes, this magnetic bike from Fitkit has a compact and simpler design, thus, it also has a smaller seat.


Fitkit FK800 Orbitrac for Exercise is suitable for users of different ages. It would be a great option to get your fitness routine started if you are a beginner. If you are an aged person, this is also a perfect solution for you, because this bike offers you the freedom to choose whether you want to sit down while doing your routine. It is also suitable for even younger fitness enthusiasts who would like to make a combination of sitting and standing while working out.

After all, regardless of what equipment you use, the bottom line is that there is only one ultimate objective, that is to stay fit and healthy through consistent exercise. This equipment are only tools to aid you in your fitness journey!

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