Powermax Fitness BU-203 Air Bike Review

Are you looking for an exercise bike that is very convenient and comfortable to use and operate? Powermax offers you the Powermax Fitness BU-203 Air Bike with Fixed Handle – an air bike that helps you to achieve that fitness goal and a healthy lifestyle without spending that much. The machine is budget-friendly but does not compromise the quality of the workout that it can offer. You will still be able to burn those unwanted fats and improve your cardiovascular strength at home.

Instead of investing so much in gym memberships, you can now have your own gym in your house through this Powermax Fitness BU-203 Air Bike. There’s nothing much better than having your exercise at the comfort of your own house – your own pace and at your own time. This bike will surely help you in keeping that body goal you always dreamed about. With this budget-friendly fitness machine, you may now start your cardio exercise and make that dream a reality.


Digital Meter Display

The digital meter display of this air bike shows you the improvements of your workout by displaying the distance, time, speed and calories burned all throughout the whole workout session.

Air Resistance System

The 3kg flywheel design allows the air to serve as the resistance of this bike. It has also a tension controller knob which lets you adjust the resistance for that effective workout.

Ergonomic Design

This bike offers you a comfortable seat that is made from high-density foam which can also be easily adjusted to your suit preference. It also has backrest that provided comfort and support to top your lower back while exercising. The pedals come with anti-slip and wide bases for that added security and stability while working out. It also comes with fixed handles which is an added comfort to your session.

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What Do We like

Space Efficient

The compact design of this air bike makes it very space-efficient. It only occupies minimum space that makes it ideal in setting up a mini gym in your house. It also weighs less than 20kg, therefore, you can just easily move it if you want to transfer it from one place to another.


What We Don’t Like

Limited Resistance

Given the fact that this fitness machine is an air bike, it can only consider air to act as its resistance. The resistance level is limited. You don’t have wide options to choose from if you want to take your workout to a higher level.


Are you looking for a simple yet effective and efficient exercise machine to help you achieve that fitness goal without spending too much? If your answer is YES, then you’ve come to the right page and you’ve found the perfect bike for you – the Powermax Fitness BU-203 Air Bike. The simplicity of an exercise bike doesn’t mean that it cannot do its purpose like those that have more complex and advanced features.

If you consider being fit and healthy as the priority, then this is perfect for you. This exercise bike not only helps you to achieve a fit body but also a healthy lifestyle. In this world with rising demands, we need to keep up with it and one way is to make sure that we are healthy. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now and experience what Powermax Fitness BU-203 Air Bike has to offer. Be one of the living witnesses of its greatness!

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