Fitkit FK500 Air Bike Review

Are you looking for a fitness machine that is user-friendly and very convenient to use? Then we have found the right equipment for you. Fitkit offers you the FK500 Steel Air Bike. It has a simpler and compact design which makes it easier to store because it only needs smaller space. This also offers you a safer workout because you can now have your exercise inside your home, thus, decreasing the risk of injury and preventing accidents that you may encounter when working out outdoors.

This bike from Fitkit offers you a lot of benefits and features that will surely make your whole workout session easier and comfortable. You can now be sure to burn more calories and unwanted fats in less than a time with this air bike from Fitkit.

Display Meter

The equipment comes with a display monitor that displays the time, distance traveled, speed and calories burned. The monitor which is a digital LED display enables you to easily see and understand the fitness statistics of your workout. This helps in giving you real-time results that will surely keep you engaged and motivated to do more and aim more. 

Resistance Level

This bike has a tension knob which can be simply turned to adjust the resistance, whether to increase or decrease it, according to your preference. This enables you to personalize your workout session as you would want to.

Commendable Design

This Fitkit 500 Air Bike comes with a comfortable saddle and a seat that can be adjusted up or down through a knob depending on the user’s preference. The seat has a backrest that is very suitable for aged people so that they get to have an added comfort while working out. The adjustable handle gives you a more comfortable grip while riding the bike. You’ll never worry about the pedals because it is wide enough and has a lock system mechanism to secure your feet for that smooth pedaling.


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What Do We like

Space Efficient

The Fitkit FK500 Steel Air Bike has a simple and compact design. This is perfect for home use. If you are not using the bike, you can just simply store it inside your house without consuming a big space or floor area. If you wish to have your own gym inside your homes or office, then this bike is on top of the list. The sleek design makes it easier to store when not in use.

What We Don’t Like


The paddle size is very off and can be uncomfortable when in use.


This FK500 Steel Air Bike from Fitkit is a great deal for those who want to have a unique but effective workout. This air bike uses only the air to act as the resistance, therefore, the more you pedal, the more you get a total workout. This non-motorized cycle is made of steel to ensure durability and longer life, thus, giving you a quality product worthy of your every penny.

Since this bike is manually operated, therefore, you will no longer need electricity to make it work, it is power-generating and could save you a lot compared to other bikes that still need batteries or electricity. If you want to experience the benefits this bike can offer, grab yours now.

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