EGate P9 LED HD Projector Review

Transform your living spaces into movie theatres by getting the Egate P9 LED HD 3600L projector from the Egate brand. The LCD LED projector displays high-definition, detailed and crystal clear images with optimized contrast ratios and brightness to provide maximum enjoyment to users. The projector is quite easy to install and offers large or smaller images inside homes. The smaller images can be used as a replacement for normal TVs that take up more space. It’s manufactured by Egate, a leading brand in the LED industry in India.


Image Quality

The projector comes with a native HD screen support resolution of 1920 X 1080 and resolutions of 1280 X 800. It also has high contrast ratios of 2000: 1, and they come with more than 16K colors; these results in crystal clear and detailed images.

The projector also comes with several pre-designed modes for pictures and movies; Users can get to choose modes that suit them best or customize them to meet their needs and requirements.

Dust, Heat and Fluctuation Proof

The professional and experienced R&D team from Egate has developed technologies that prevent dust from making its’ way into the projector. The optical engines in this projector are sealed, which prevents dust from accumulating inside; this can distort image quality.

The projector is also fitted with heat sinks; these are designed to enable it to withstand high temperatures of up to 49 degrees and still maintain its’ functionality.

Video Streaming

The projector comes with software and hardware that offer unbeatable streaming experiences. The projector is smart enough to extract video content from devices and stream them for the users.


EGate has more than 180 retail outlets across India, where users can access after-sales-services. The warranty on this projector is one year after purchase.

Direct Play with USB

The projector comes with direct play with USB features meaning that users don’t need Laptops or PCs for this projector to function. The only thing they need to do is to plug in their data via Pendrives or MSD or HDD, and they can enjoy movies. Listen to music or enjoy viewing pictures.

Throw Ratios

The projector comes with five glass lenses that give users several users of detail and clarity; these glasses provide short focal lengths, which means that larger images can be presented from shorter distances, which yields brighter images.

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What Do We like

Theatre Like Experience

Connecting the speakers of this projector with the Bluetooth connector produces a sound equivalent to that from home theatres, which is simply amazing! For movie lovers, watching your movies on the large screen gives you a feeling like you are in a cinema.

Endless Connectivity

The projector comes with endless connectivity options for users; it’s compatible with USB, HDMI, and many more options for users to enjoy their content from any of their devices, both wireless and wired.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Level

The projector produces quite an amount of noise; this can be quite an inconvenience since you may be forced to place it away from you, making it possible to use your remote.


Products from Egate have never disappointed. And, what’s better than having the guarantee of customer care services whenever you need them? Purchasing this projector could be a solution for your home entertainment as well as used in the office. Try it out and enjoy it!

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