HD Projectors

HD projectors or high definition projectors are becoming a standard accessory in all the business units. With more advanced 4K projectors already in the market, HD projectors are now becoming a basic variant. They are also becoming more affordable, making them easily accessible to everyone. 

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What is an HD Projector?

Next in line to the 4K projector is an HD projector. If you are looking for a HD projector, check whether the projector’s native resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. HD or Full HD projectors used to be the top-most variant until the arrival of 4K projectors. HD projectors can cast fairly rich images and the viewing experience will be further enhanced if extra daylight is shut out. 

Features of HD Projector

HD projectors are available with many advanced features. All the brands trying to woo more customers their way, try to make their products better than the others. Let us look at the latest features available in the HD projectors. The list of features available varies from one brand to the other and from one model to the other. There are countless options available to the customers and you might want to invest enough time to review these features carefully before narrowing down on your HD projector. 

Native resolution1920 x 1080 pixel
3D Support Available in most models but it varies from brand to brand
In-built speakersYes
Zoom Ratio2X
USB PortAvailable
HDMI PortAvailable
Memory Card SupportAvailable
VGA PortAvailable
Maximum Brightness5000 lm to 6000 lm
Warranty1 year


Who Should Use HD Projector?

If you use a projector regularly for your business presentations or for sales presentations at your office and if you have a limited budget, then you could go for HD projector so that you will not have to compromise too much on the quality of the viewing experience just to save some money. Ideally, a 4K projector would be the best for commercial presentations but a 4K projector could be three times the price of HD ready projector. 

Similarly, when you need to buy multiple projectors as in the case of a school, then going for a 4K projector may not be feasible for all the schools. In such cases, you will be able to have your requirements met within a reasonable budget. If you are going for HD projector, make sure that you are selecting the most advanced version available in the industry so that you do not have to replace it within a short time. Moreover, HD projectors may not be around for too long in the industry as 4K projectors are likely to take over shortly. 


HD projector is the best bet for someone who is interested in buying a projector within an affordable budget. These projectors also make a good choice for home use. Instead of investing in a 75 inch or 90 TV you might want to consider going for HD projector.