Sony Projectors

Sony is an all-pervasive brand as far as India is concerned. It is hard to find someone who has not heard of the brand Sony in India. Indians knew about this brand for several decades from the time of its tape recorders or cassette players. Sony projectors are also equally popular in India. It is a lot easier for a brand like Sony to venture into the projectors segment. Sony is one of the most sought after projector brands in India. 

Sony VPL EW575 Projector Review

Sony VPL EW575 Projector Review

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Sony VPL-EW435 WXGA Projector Review

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Sony VPL DX221 LED Projector Review

Sony VPL-DX221 LED Projector Review

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Sony VPL DX271 Projector Review

Sony VPL-DX271 Projector Review

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Sony VPLEW575 WXGA Projector Review

Sony VPLEW575 WXGA Projector Review

This projector presents bright and clear images, with low maintenance costs and flexible connectivity. The projector is perfect for mid-sized ...

How Does Sony Fair As A Projector Brand?

We know that Sony is a Japanese brand, and it has been into electronic appliances and gadgets since 1946. Sony enjoys very deep penetration in India among the corporate users when it comes to projector brand. All the business units, when they had to equip their conference halls or boardrooms, first got their quote for Sony projectors before they looked at the other brands, and this brand has such significant influence in India for its projectors. The strengths and positive traits of Sony can be listed as follows:

  • Sony’s brand value vouches for itself
  • Excellent output image quality
  • Noise-free operations
  • Lag-free interface
  • Highly lamp life when compared to other brands
  • Higher lamp brightness
  • Available for all price ranges from entry-level to high-end.
  • Very dependable even when operated for long durations
  • Excellent service network for post-sales service and repairs

Sony USP

Sony enjoys a very high rate of customer loyalty. This is mainly because people who use Sony projectors once will not be able to get the same level of satisfaction with the picture quality in any other brand. In other words, Sony focuses on top-notch quality, and that is how the brand can retain its market in India. 

Sony projectors offer customers a wide range of options in terms of price points. You will be able to get entry-level projectors at a reasonable price without compromising on the quality of the output or the lamp life. This is very important for any brand to survive the competition in India. 

To augment its quality, the brand offers exceptional post-sales service. They maintain a highly professional workforce to support their customers who run into maintenance issues. This gives customers a great trust and confidence in the brand. You will never feel stranded as far as maintenance and service are concerned. 


Sony projectors assure you excellent value for your money. Regardless of whether you are interested in buying Sony projectors for your school or institution or your conference hall facility, there something that always matches your needs and your budget. You will certainly not regret selecting Sony projectors. If you are required to operate your projectors for long hours, then Sony projectors can run seamlessly throughout the day without running into any glitches. You will be able to run your meetings and seminars or enjoy countless hours of home cinema without any interruption. Just ensure that you are paying the right prices by comparing the latest deals and offers.