LCD Projectors

If you want to buy a projector, but if you have a minimal budget, then the LCD projector will be the best option. LCD projectors are the forerunners of all the other types of projectors that we have today. Today we have DLP projectors, LED projectors, and 4K projectors. However, before all these technologies emerged, it all began with the LCD type of projectors. Just because we have all the other advanced types of projectors, it does not mean that LCD projectors are not useful anymore. They are still very effective, more so the LCD technology is perfected over time, and all the original pitfalls of the LCD projectors are rectified. Today’s LCD projectors are still highly useful and also easily affordable. 

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Epson EB-X05 XGA 3LCD Projector Review

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What is an LCD Projector?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. If LCD projectors are popular even today, it is because these projectors can emit brighter light as opposed to DLP projectors and thereby creating crispier images. This type of projector is relatively larger because of the nature of the components used in the projector. However, if they are going to be mounted on to the ceiling or fixed in a specific space in the conference hall, then the size should not matter. You need to consider the size only if you are going to frequently shift the projector from one place to the other. 

Features of an LCD Projector

We have already indicated that the LCD projectors are less expensive when compared to the other types of projectors. It does not mean that these projectors are totally stripped of all features. Being one of the popular models even today, LCD projectors come with all the basic features that are found in the other advanced models. 

Native resolution1920 x 1080 pixels – This varies based on the brand and model
In-built speakersYes
Maximum Projection SizeCan go up to 300 inches based on the brand and model
USB PortAvailable
HDMI PortAvailable
VGA PortAvailable
Maximum BrightnessUp to 3000 lm varies based on the brand and model
WarrantyOne year

Who Should Use an LCD Projector?

LCD projectors are ideal for schools, institutions, and homes. If you are required to purchase multiple projectors for your school or institution, then you are likely to have budget constraints. When you are interested in finding the best projectors at the most reasonable prices, LCD projectors will make a good choice. You will be able to give your viewers a decent viewing experience at the same time, saving a considerable amount of money. These projectors are considered the most affordable option in this segment.


If you are planning to buy your first projector for your home or office and if you are not sure how extensively you will make use of your projector, then it is best to go with an LCD projector rather than spending a lot of money on other more expensive models. You will be able to find many advanced model LCD projectors today that meet your needs.  

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