Egate Projectors

Egate is a name that you would inevitably bump into if you have been scouring the web for the latest projectors. Egate is a relatively new player in the projectors industry. This company was founded only in 2011, but within a short time, this brand has gained a significant reputation. More interestingly so, this is an Indian company that also has its manufacturing facility in Uttar Pradesh. 

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How Does Egate Fair As A Projector Brand?

As far as projectors are concerned, there are only a few known, accessible, and large brands. All the others are tiny players, and a good number of them are Chinese brands that do not have any track record of their own. While entry-level users go for such dubious brands just for the sake of low prices, those who are looking for good quality projectors go for trusted brands. Along these lines, Egate is also slowly making it to the list of trusted brands in this short span of 8 years. This is no easy feat, but through consistent efforts, the brand can win over the trust and confidence of the Indian customers looking for trustworthy projectors. The strengths of Egate projectors are as follows.

  • Only LED projector manufacturers in India
  • The brand boasts of maintenance-free lamp life of up to 20 years, the longest lamp life promised in the industry. 
  • High contrast ratio
  • Silent operations
  • Various models to choose from
  • Highly portable sizes are available
  • As an Indian brand understands the Indian working parameters well
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good service network for post-sales support


Egate USP

Egate, as a brand, is in its infancy. Despite its late entry into this market, Egate continually engages in product R&D to deliver the most excellent quality projectors to its highly demanding Indian customers. With the number of home cinema users increasing, Egate offers excellent options to its customers in this segment both in terms of quality and also in terms of the price point. 

This emerging brand does not disappoint its customers. The quality of the output, the sharpness of the picture project, is comparable with that of the other leading brands and pioneers in the industry. 

The number of Egate service centers is also increasing across the country as the brand’s projectors are sold across the nation through online sales channels. This has helped the brand to win the trust of its expanding customer base. 


Egate projectors are indeed creating a massive buzz in the industry today. If you want to get a maintenance-free projector that is sold at the most reasonable price, then Egate is the best option for you to consider. The brand promises 20-year lamp life, something no other brand has managed to commit to. So far, Egate projectors are enjoying excellent ratings from the customers for its quality and for its price. If only the brand continues to hold on to its strengths, then it will undoubtedly make it to the top in the next few years.