Egate i9 HD Android Projector Review

Egate i9 HD Android projector makes it possible for users to transform their living rooms into movie theatres. The projector is from the trusted brand Egate, an ISO certifies company, and it displays crystal clear images that have optimized contrast ratios and brightness.

The projector is easy to install, and it changes the ambiance of your rooms by good extents. The projector offers large pictures in your homes and can generate smaller images in replacement of the standard TVs that take up more space.



The projector comes with 1-year manufacturers’ warranty from the date users purchase it. The warranty covers the whole projector if there are manufacturing defects; the brand can rectify or replace the projector after the authorized agents in India have assessed it.

Image Quality

The projector comes with 1920 x1080 support and HD screen resolutions of 800 x 480. It has 1000:1 contrast and approximately 16K colors, producing high quality, crystal clear, and detailed images from the sturdy LCD panels.

The projector also comes with predesigned movie and picture modes that users can choose from. Additionally, users can customize the color mode, contrast, and brightness manually to get better quality images.

Direct Play Features

The projector comes with direct play features; users can simply plug in the data from their pen drives and play media directly without the use of computers/PCs or connect to the media devices via I/O ports to function with their PCs, cameras, MP3 players, and gaming consoles.

The internet world is readily available on the projector with the added Wi-Fi, Android OS, and Quad-core CPU.

Fluctuation, Dust, and Heat Proof

The R&D team from Egate has developed the projector having in mind the harsh climate conditions in India. The projector has sealed optical engines that prevent dust from accumulating inside, offering many years of crystal clear and detailed imaging.

Screen Mirroring-Airplay/ All Cast/ Miracast

Egate i9 HD Android projector comes with Wi-Fi and powerful processors that make it buffer less and easy for a majority of iOS or Android devices such as Apple laptops, iPads, or Android mobiles to display and connect on your projector wirelessly. This is made possible through Miracast or All Cast or DLNA or other casting apps that can be downloaded for free on the play store.

This can be achieved by screen mirroring whereby what is displayed on other devices is reflected on the projector or through video streaming, whereby users can watch full-length movies.

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What Do We like

Smart Features

The projector is a great device that comes with intelligent software and robust hardware that helps in delivering unbeatable Media and Streaming experiences.

The projector is also smart in that it comes with in-built android systems that let users enjoy unthinkable impossibilities. It can also be used for presentations, office mails, movies, Gaming, and Social Media.

Digital Zoom

The projector comes with Digital Zoom features that bridge the gap between LCD and DLP projectors. You can Zoom out or Zoom in using your remote to make the images to fit perfectly on your screen frames.

What We Don’t Like

Auto power mode

The mishap in this projector is that it lacks the auto power mode, which is available in other projectors; it would be easier to use the projector even in the absence of the remote control if this mode is made available.


This projector is unique with its’ Wi-Fi features available. The good thing is that it’s from one of the most trusted brands in India, and the price is reasonable.

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