EGate P9 Wireless LED HD Projector Review

Egate brand believes that the future is more than technological innovations; it’s all about the experiences that are created from technology to make life brighter and better. Egate was established in 2011 and has continuously proven that it’s a company that observes consistency in all its products in terms of quality, functionality, and durability.

The Egate P9 projector can convert your living spaces into movie theatres. Enjoy great entertainment experiences that come with YouTube apps and built-in Linux systems in this projector.

Screen Mirroring-All Cast/ Airplay/ Miracast

This projector allows users to connect their mobile devices. The projector features many platforms support such as DLNA, Airplay for iOS, and Miracast for Android. It’s an intelligent device that connects very easily with most of the devices without making configuration changes. The projector supports both wireless and wired connectivity, making it very attractive.

Endless Connectivity

The projector comes with connectivity features that allow users to connect virtually to any devices such as USB and HDMI, wireless and wired. The projector is compatible with almost all devices available in the Indian market. It has USB connectivity and Dual HDMI ports bringing in attractive media experiences from input devices.

PC Free Designs

The projector comes with PC free designs; the USB Direct Plays allows HDD or Pendrives that are full of Education contents to run through the inbuilt Android systems directly, eliminating the use of extra Servers or PCs.

Pre-Installed YouTube and Amazon Prime

The projector comes with pre-installed YouTube and Amazon Prime, allowing users to enjoy their content on large screens. The projector can easily be connected with the internet through Wi-Fi and wire. YouTube videos can be easily accessed from pre-installed YouTube apps directly. They are hassle-free and easy to use


Being from Egate, a trusted and reliable brand in India, the projector comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty. Users can have their projectors replaced or rectified in case they become faulty.

Digital Zoom

The projector comes with Digital Zooms that bridge the gap between LCD and DLP projectors. Using your remote, you can Zoom Out and Zoom In the images to fit perfectly within the screen frames.


  • Dual HDMI:This allows many HD devices to be connected.
  • VGA: The projector comes with VGA ports ensures older devices can be connected, such as PS2 and PCs.
  • USB: The projector comes with USB ports that ensure buffer-less data flow.
  • AV In: The projector comes with AV In ports through 3.5mm Jacks, ensuring connectivity from Non-HD devices such as DVD Players.
  • Video Games Compatibility: Users can enjoy playing their Video Games on large screens.
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What Do We like

EGate Playstore App

This is a unique feature in this projector since users can access immediate help and support. It comes with communication that is supported on the App giving users detailed information on transit status and service.

In-built Stereo Speakers

The projector comes with in-built Stereo speakers that produce good audio quality to facilitate video streaming through HDMI. The speakers produce sounds that aren’t distorted that are similar to original sounds excellently.

What We Don’t Like


The projector has no lens caps, so users need to take extra care for the lenses least they get damaged. This can be quite a disadvantage, especially for users who have children.

Remote Sensors

The remote sensors are at the back of the remote control; you must use the remotes when you are pretty close to the projector for them to work properly.


The projector is among the most sought after projectors from the Egate brand. You can’t go wrong with purchasing this projector if you are a movie lover or music enthusiast.

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