Egate K9 Android LED Projectors Review

EGate K9 Android LED 720p projector is among the most advanced projectors from Egate; they come with advanced light sources and high resolutions with a color gamut that creates high visual effect definitions. These projectors stand out from other similar LED projectors since they offer more audio Visual feasts.

They are from the EGate Company, India’s leading LED projector brand, an ISO certified company. These projectors are smart and intelligent, with in-built Android systems offering many possibilities such as Netflix, Browsing, Gmail, and YouTube using Wi-Fi.


Screen Mirroring- Airplay/Miracast/All Cast

Users need to simply connect their mobile devices on these projectors wirelessly; they feature many support platforms such as iOS airplay, DNLA, and Miracast for android that make it possible for them to connect wirelessly.

In-built YouTube

These projectors come with in-built YouTube that allows users to stream music and videos seamlessly through pre-installed YouTube Apps. Additionally, users can connect the internet to the projectors via Wi-Fi and Wire and enjoy whatever content they want from the internet.

Endless Connectivity

These projectors come with endless connectivity features; they are compatible with USB, HDMI, and more to enable users to enjoy media from their input devices. They can be connected to many devices, and the wireless and wired connectivity features are beyond any possible imagination.

Digital Zoom

These projectors come with Digital Zoom features that bridge the gaps between LCD and DLP projectors. By clicking the remotes, users can Zoom out or Zoom in the images and perfectly fit them within the screen frames.

PC Free Designs

EGate K9 Android LED 720p projector comes with PC free designs that facilitate users to play their music, view photos, and many video formats directly without needing to use their PCs.


These projectors come with one year manufacturers’ warranty; theEgate brand has over 180 retail outlets that offer after-sales-services to its clients in case the projectors become defective after purchase.

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What Do We like

EGate Play Store App

This is a unique feature that comes packed with many features that range from Universal Remotes, exclusive rewards, immediate support and help, upgrades, manual download for divers. The communication supported in this App offers users detailed transit status and step-by-step services information.

Digital 4D Keystones

These projectors are the first to come with Digital Horizontals and Keystone Corrections, yielding clear and sharp corners, unlike most projectors that have Manual Vertical Trapezoids.

There isn’t any need to install these projectors in front of the screens; they can be placed at any convenient corners of the rooms and still provide clear rectangular images.

What We Don’t Like


The USB port is not good, which means you can not connect the projector directly with the Pendrive or Hard disk. It may be considered as one of the major cons of this product


Egate K9 Android LED 720p projector comes with many distinct features that make them stand out from many other similar projectors. These projectors are ideal for use at home for people who enjoy watching movies and listening to music.

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