EGate K9 Miracast HD Projector Review

This K9 HD projector is among the newest arrivals from the Egate brand. It is a multipurpose projector in that you can do presentations and enjoy large-screen cinemas in the comfort of your house.  The device comes from the trusted brand Egate, an ISO certified company, and a leading LED brand in the Indian market.

You can attach it on a Fire TV stick to convert the K9 projector into an intelligent projector, opening doors to the entertainment world. It’s perfect for movie and music lovers.


The projector comes with many unique configurations namely –

The projector comes with in-built dual box speakers that offer Theatrical images accompanied by Theatrical sounds.
Audio Out – this allows you to connect your headphones or Audio Home Theaters for blasting sounds.
USB – the projector comes with high-speed USB ports that ensure HDD buffer less data flow.
VGA – the projector comes with traditional VGA ports, older version devices such as PS2 and PCs can be connected.
HDMI – the projector comes with dual HDMI that ensures that many HD devices are connected throughout.
Resolution – the projector comes with 720p resolutions that support 1080p contents and generate crystal clear images.

Direct Connectivity and Wireless Streaming

The projector comes with Set-top Box that can be connected to it or direct streaming from the Tablets/Smartphones/ PCs through in-built Wi-Fi, allowing users to enjoy screen cinemas in their homes.

PC Free Designs

The projector comes with PC free designs that enable it to play and read all your videos, photos, and music directly from the users’ HDD/ Pendrives without requiring PCs/Laptops.

5X-Glass Lens (Curvature)

This projector comes with five glass lenses that give users crystal clear and detailed clarity for many years. They also provide short focal lengths meaning that larger images from shorter distances which translated to brighter images due to limited light loss.

Screen Mirroring

The projector comes with many support platforms such as Miracast for Android, DLNA, and Airplay for iOS. It also comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi that supports preinstalled apps like YouTube.


Being a product from the famous brand Egate, the projector comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty after purchase. Users can access the many retail outlets across India or call their customer care representatives to access after-sales-services from authorized dealers in India.

Digitalized 4D Keystone

The projector comes with digitalized vertical and Horizontal Keystone Correction, yielding clear and sharp corners to users. The projector doesn’t need to be installed in front of the screens; it can be placed in any convenient place in the rooms and still achieve clear images.

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What Do We like


The projector comes with tiny footprints meaning that they don’t take up much space even in your traveling bag, making them suitable for travel.


LED Life

The projector comes with EcoProjection features that reduce the consumption of electricity by up to 70%, making it possible for the enhancement of their lamp lives up to 30000 hours. The energy consumption reduction percentage depends on the patterns of the usage as well as the operating conditions.


Cooling System

The projector comes with axial fans integrating the propeller frames and the motors that ventilate the entire projector with huge amounts of airflow, ensuring it doesn’t get overheated.

What We Don’t Like

Lens Cover

The projector is of good quality and highly durable, the lack of lens cover for this product is a disadvantage to users who need to use it in dust prone areas.


The projector is quite a unique product from Egate. You can’t go wrong in purchasing it if you enjoy watching movies on large screens and listening to music. It’s the real value for money; affordable and durable.

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