Egate i9 Miracast HD Projector Review

The Egate brand designs Egate i9 Miracast Led HD projector, and they allow users to change their living rooms into movie theatres. They are multiscreen LCD LED home projectors that display crisp, clear images with optimized contrast ratios and brightness to allow maximum enjoyment for users.

These projectors are made explicitly for TV and movie enthusiasts; users can enjoy large-screen cinemas in their homes. They only need to connect the setup boxes to the projectors or stream their preferred series from their tablets/ smartphones/ PCs using in-built Wi-Fi meant for Mirroring/Mira cast and streaming only.

Support and Warranty

These projectors come with one year manufacturers’ warranty from the date users purchase the products. EGate is locally available to provide support and help to all its clients. The brand has a toll free number and live chats where customers can access after-sales-services.


These projectors come with many connectivity features; it’s possible to connect the projectors to many media devices. Users can connect their gaming devices, PCs, speakers, DVD/ Blueray players, cameras, media players, and laptops through the wire.

Available ports include:

  • VGA ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • AV
  • Direct play with USBs
  • Audio Out
  • SD card slots
  • USB Direct Play

These projectors come with USB direct play features whereby users can plug in their HDD or pen drives and enjoy their contents by playing them directly. Users don’t need to connect to their PCs or rent DVDs.

Media decoders have the capability of playing most video formats such as MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG1 as well as RM/RMVD. For pictures, PNG, BMP, jpeg formats are supported.

Performance and Display Quality

Egate i9 Miracast Led HD projectors work with LCD technologies. Additionally, they support up to boast of 1920 x 1080 and boast of HD screen resolutions of 800 x 480 pixels. They display high definitions, come with 1000:1 contrast and approximately 16k colors, yielding above-average image quality.

These projectors come with pre-designed movie and picture modes, enabling users to choose the best modes that suit their needs. You can customize the brightness, color, and contrast modes manually. They also allow users to modify the screen sizes, getting smaller or bigger images as desired.

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What Do We like

Home Theatre Experience

The intriguing feature in these projectors is the home theatre experience; they come with built-in stereo speakers that offer home theatre experiences.

Fluctuation, Heat and Dust Proof

These projectors come with fluctuation, heat, and dustproof features that prevent dust from accumulating inside the projectors, ensuring years of clear and quality images.

India is known for high temperatures that can go up to 49 degrees; hence, these projectors have heat sinks to withstand these temperatures. They also have power management systems that withstand power cuts and power fluctuations.

What We Don’t Like

Blurry Display of Office Sheets

As much as this projector is of good quality, you can’t count on them to display clear office sheets; they give blurred images, which is quite a disadvantage.


Egate i9 Miracast Led HD projectors come with innovative designs and are small, so they can be placed anywhere. They are the perfect choices for users looking for good home entertainment. Highly durable and effective, these projectors are worth every penny!

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