Egate P531 Android HD Projector Review

Egate has come up with an all-in-one projector known as the Egate P531 Android HD projector, eliminating the use of separate PCs. It’s among the newest top-of-the-line projectors that display true color high-definition and clear images with maximized contrast ratios and brightness for optimal enjoyment.

This projector comes with inbuilt Bluetooth, operating systems, Wi-Fi, storage, Ram, and CPU, making it an all-in-one device. The projector is from one of the leading brands in India that ensure quality and durability in all their products.

Smart Features

The projector is smart and intelligent; it comes with inbuilt Android systems sitting on powerful processors. Users can connect directly to Netflix, Browsing, Gmail, YouTube to connect to the internet world through inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

USB Direct Plays

The projector comes with USB direct plays that allow HDD or Pendrives with Education contents to be displayed directly through inbuilt Android systems, doing away with the need for extra servers or PCs.

Pre-installed YouTube and Amazon Prime

The YouTube and Amazon prime in the projectors are pre-installed, allowing users to enjoy unlimited content on huge 210-inch screens.

Unmatched Configurations and Specifications

In-built stereo speakers; this is perfect for the home theatre feel.
800p resolutions and support of up to 1080p for contents result in crystal sharp and detailed images.
Dual HDMI ensures that several HD devices are always connected.
High-speed USB ports ensure HDD buffer-less data flow.
Audio Video in ports through 3.5 mm Jacks facilitates connectivity from Non-HD devices such as DVD players and Set-top boxes.
Video game compatibility; users can enjoy playing their Video Games on large screens using this projector.


The projector comes with one year manufacturers’ warranty. The brand has several retail outlets across India, where clients can seek after-sales-services. Alternatively, they can call the customer care number and speak to a representative who can direct them on the next course of action.

Egate PlayStore App

Egate PlayStore App comes with many features such as Manual Drivers Downloads, Universal Remote, Ugrades, exclusive Rewards, and immediate help and support. Users get to access detailed information about transit status and services.

LED Technology

This projector comes with LED technology that significantly improves the quality of the videos displayed as well as increasing the shelf life by more than twenty years. LED lamps combined with LCD that is 5.8 inches with computing abilities makes browsing easy.

Fluctuation, Dust, and Heat Proof

Egate projectors are made with harsh climate conditions in mind. The experienced &D team at Egate ensures that the optical engines are sealed to prevent the accumulation of dust in the projectors, which can greatly affect the image quality.

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What Do We like


The fantastic thing about this projector is not only impressive but intriguing. The projector comes with wipes for wiping the lenses and plenty of connection cables.


The projector comes with lumens that are powerful enough for clarity even in daylight, using them in low light offers more thrilling experiences!

What We Don’t Like


Installing this projector can be quite tricky for people who aren’t tech-savvy. You may need the help of a technician to figure things out.


This projector is among projectors with the most unique and satisfying features. Looking for a projector? Why not try this particular one out?

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