UNIC Projectors

UNIC projectors are from China. These projectors could be purchased only through online channels, and they may not be that easily accessible to local projector retailers. UNIC targets entry-level users who are looking for a home cinema experience at a meager budget. If you are interested in buying mini projectors, then this brand is likely to offer you some exciting options. 

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How Does UNIC Fair As A Projector Brand?

UNIC has undoubtedly changed the game as far as the projectors industry is concerned. Projectors used to be a corporate equipment and home theatre equipment of the elite. This has changed with UNIC. This brand offers projectors for less than INR 5,000. The brand has managed to reach many Indian homes through online sales platforms. As opposed to purchasing a high-end projector that costs over INR 50,000 or more, people who want to try out their first projector prefer to go with UNIC. Here are some of the positives of UNIC projectors.

  • Very low-cost projectors are available.
  • LED projectors
  • Value for money
  • Reasonable quality for the given price range
  • All the latest features and options are packed in projectors less than INR 10,000, which no other brand is able to match. 
  • Many options to choose from.
  • The brand also offers low-cost mini projectors.


UNIC is clearly targeting the lower and lower-middle-class income groups. Their pricing is very aggressive, and customers do not mind mediocre quality because the price is set very low. The brand, however, is trying to provide as much value as possible for the price paid. 

UNIC is not focusing on building projectors that last a lifetime, and the rationale behind that is that even the most expensive projectors need to go for servicing once the lamp life expires. Along these lines, customers now have to pay a very low price for their projectors and go for replacements instead of servicing. However, the performance of UNIC projectors is fairly good in small areas and dark environments. 


If you think that paying over INR 50,000 is not justified for a projector but still want to enjoy large-screen viewing, then UNIC is the best option. You will be able to get a fairly good projector for your home cinema, large screen viewing needs at just a fraction of what the other projectors cost you. 

All the latest features are included in UNIC projectors. You will be able to enjoy 3D movies with screen sizes up to 200 inches. Certainly not bad for the price you pay. UNIC projectors offer you full HD picture resolution. UNIC projectors are perfect for home cinema needs.

You will be able to connect your Smart TVs to your projector and enjoy your favorite shows on a large screen without having to spend several lakhs on a large screen television. Check out the latest prices of UNIC projectors online. Many new models with excellent prices are waiting for you. You might want to compare the prices before you purchase your projector. 

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