Portronics Projectors

Portonics is one of the fastest-growing digital product brands in India. The company has been around for about a decade now. The company features a wide range of products for digital-savvy customers starting from headphones, power banks, led notepads to projectors. Portonics is known for its diverse range of products for modern-day consumers. Along these lines, the brand features many interesting models for customers who are on the lookout for the best projectors at the most reasonable prices. 

Portronics POR 624 Projector Review

Portronics POR 624 Projector Review

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Portronics POR 600 LED Projector Review

Portronics POR 600 LED Projector Review

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How Does portonics Fair As A Projector Brand?

Given the fact that the brand is relatively a new entrant, it has done well in terms of its reach. The brand features all its products, including projectors in both online channels as well as offline stores. The brand’s strategy to reach out to the target audience with a diverse range of products has helped the brand in cross-selling and upselling.

This business model has helped the brand have a far greater reach among the Indian customers when compared to other Indian brands that limited their product inventory to just the projectors. Some of the strong features of this brand could be listed as follows.

  • Growing brand popularity
  • Multiple projector options for all types of customers from entry-level customers to high-end customers
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Very dependable quality
  • Long lamp life
  • Advanced features at a low price
  • Good post-sales customer support

Portonics USP

It does not matter whether you are looking for an entry-level projector or an advanced, high-end projector; portonics features all types of projectors to meet your needs. Diversification of products has been the USP of portonics right from its inception. The brand not only offers various product categories but even within its projectors segment, the brand features multiple models. This has worked out well for portonics. Customers always find a product that best meets the requirements both in terms of projector features and in terms of product pricing. 

While diversifying its product range to give multiple options to the customers, portonics also has taken considerable efforts to deliver the finest quality projectors. Customers, therefore, find the brand very reliable. 


Even though portonics is a relatively new brand, it does not price its projectors low. The prices are on par with the other leading brands. The brand does not want to project a weak image by pricing its products low. Rather, the brand is focusing on the delivery of the finest quality products. Those who are interested in buying a good quality projector with a long lamp life will be able to find this brand to be a highly reliable brand. You can order your portonics online from all the leading e-commerce platforms and have your projector delivered at your doorsteps. Do not forget to compare the prices of multiple online stores. You will notice a great difference in the prices between stores. You certainly do not want to miss the best deals that are out there for your portonics projectors.