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EGate P9 LED HD Projector Review

Transform your living spaces into movie theatres by getting the Egate P9 LED HD 3600L projector from the Egate brand. The LCD LED projector displays high-definition, detailed and crystal clear images with optimized contrast ratios and brightness to provide maximum enjoyment to users. The projector is quite easy to install and offers large or smaller […]

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EGate P9 Wireless LED HD Projector Review

Egate brand believes that the future is more than technological innovations; it’s all about the experiences that are created from technology to make life brighter and better. Egate was established in 2011 and has continuously proven that it’s a company that observes consistency in all its products in terms of quality, functionality, and durability. The […]

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Egate P531 Android HD Projector Review

Egate has come up with an all-in-one projector known as the Egate P531 Android HD projector, eliminating the use of separate PCs. It’s among the newest top-of-the-line projectors that display true color high-definition and clear images with maximized contrast ratios and brightness for optimal enjoyment. This projector comes with inbuilt Bluetooth, operating systems, Wi-Fi, storage, […]

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Egate K9 Android LED Projectors Review

EGate K9 Android LED 720p projector is among the most advanced projectors from Egate; they come with advanced light sources and high resolutions with a color gamut that creates high visual effect definitions. These projectors stand out from other similar LED projectors since they offer more audio Visual feasts. They are from the EGate Company, […]

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Egate i9 Miracast HD Projector Review

The Egate brand designs Egate i9 Miracast Led HD projector, and they allow users to change their living rooms into movie theatres. They are multiscreen LCD LED home projectors that display crisp, clear images with optimized contrast ratios and brightness to allow maximum enjoyment for users. These projectors are made explicitly for TV and movie […]

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