DLP Projectors

If you are looking for ultra-portable size projectors, then you are bound to end up with a DLP projector. These projectors are known for their sleek size and high performance. The advanced technology used in DLP projectors allows it to shed the bulkier components of the LCD projectors. When compared to cost, these projectors will fall under the mid-range projectors LCD being the lowest. Those who are interested in buying portable sized projectors find the DLP projectors to be of great use as they come in very compact sizes when compared to the other types of projectors. 

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What is a DLP Projector?

DLP projectors use Digital Light Processing technology. Micromirrors are used to project to a larger screen. DLP projectors offer a smoother viewing experience, with the pixels becoming less prominent. DLP projectors could project high contrast images making the projected images highly vivid even though LCD projectors seem to perform better. One of the drawbacks of this type of projectors is that they are noisier when compared to the LCD projectors. DLP projectors have moving parts that contribute to the noise, which is absent in the LCD projectors. 

Features of a DLP Projector

DLP projectors are considered to balance between the bulkier size of an LCD projector and the high price of a 4K projector but with an amazing output image quality. 

Native resolution1920×1080 / SVGA 800×600  pixels
In-built speakersYes
Contrast Ratio13,000:1 Hz
USB PortAvailable
VGA PortAvailable
Maximum Brightness3200 lm
WarrantyOne year

Who Should Use a DLP Projector?

DLP projectors are useful for business centers and conference halls. Projector hire services will also find the DLP projectors very useful because these projectors are lightweight equipment and sleeker. Therefore these are highly portable models. Pocket-sized projectors are also made of DLP technology. If you are a traveling presenter or a speaker, you can consider purchasing a pocket-sized DLP projector, and you will be able to carry your projector along with your laptop as the pocket-sized DLP projectors are just about the size of an external hard drive.

Moreover, DLP projectors can be used effectively in schools as well as produce high contract images. This is useful when viewing in a bright environment where theatre-like setup is not possible. 


If you are thinking of buying a projector for your business center, office, school, or for home cinema viewing needs, then you might want to consider what DLP projectors have to offer. Do not rush to place your order before you have compared the prices and the features of the latest model DLP projectors that are available today.

You will be able to compare the prices easily online. Always go with the most trusted brands because the lamp life will depend on brand quality. It may not be a wise move to blindly pick the lowest priced DLP projector without taking into account the quality factors. You will stand to gain in the long run when you select the best DLP projector.  

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