Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike Review

Sole introduces the SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike which is one of the leading recumbent bikes in the market today.The Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike comes with inward designs of the foot pedals which puts your feet into the most comfortable position to prevent aches and pain while having the workout. It has also the adjustable seats with supportive back which makes sure that your lower back is relaxed while aiming for that desired workout session. Sole believes that it doesn’t have to be that difficult and uncomfortable while getting that healthy lifestyle that you need.

This fitness machine is also integrated with a 9.0 LCD Workout Display which shows the users their progress. This display is easy to view and will surely let every user be engaged during the whole workout. Whether you’re up for a real challenge or you just want to have that daily routine exercise, this Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike is perfect for you. This indoor bike comes with an ECB 1-20 Level Resistance. It also has 10 programs to choose from which will surely help you reach your desired results.



The Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike has ECB 1-20 Level of Resistance which allows you to have a smooth transition in between the resistance levels. It offers you different levels of difficulty to reach that fitness goal. No need to worry whether you are a beginner or a professional biker, this indoor bike suits you.

LCD Workout Display

This bike also comes with a 9.0 LCD Display which gives you a clean and easy display of all your progress and helps you monitor and keep track of your desired results. The workout display is vital in every indoor bike for meeting that fitness goal. Easy viewing helps you to focus more on your workout and achieve that fitness goal.

Adjustable Seating

Another feature of this bike is that it has an adjustable seating which allows you to move forward and backward on the seat to give you that additional comfort while working out. All users vary their height; therefore, this feature is perfect because it is always vital that users are provided that freedom of finding that comfort level while working out.

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What Do We like

Added Built-In Features

This indoor bike has many added built-in features that allow you to enjoy and have that comfort while doing your workout sessions. It has Bluetooth capability which allows you to freely transfer workout data from the fitness equipment to your smart devices. You can keep track of your progress by checking the Sole App. Also, it comes with cooling fans that keep you comfortable while doing your workouts.

What We Don’t Like

Not Foldable

This recumbent bike is not foldable. Although it has a compact size, it still needs a considerable amount of space. Unlike the other indoor bikes which are foldable which you can just easily store them whenever you are not using it.


The Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike is one of the Recumbent Bikes in the market that offers you a perfect way to work out with so much comfort and less pain. Cycling has been one of the most known exercises today. It doesn’t only strengthen your body but also your cardio and endurance. No doubt why nowadays, a lot of people are now investing in fitness equipment and get that fitness goal at the comfort of their own home. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Sole SR92R Steel Recumbent Bike now and experience a whole lot of features it can offer. Make cycling not just a form of exercise but a way of life. Go for a fit and healthy life.

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