PowerMax Fitness BR-2000C Commercial Recumbent Bike Review

Due to the highly evolving demands and needs of today’s consumers, Powermax also made sure that these demands and needs are met with the top-quality of products they offer. Powermax introduces you to the Fitness BR-2000C Commercial Recumbent Bike – an recumbent bike that you’ll surely adore!

This fitness bike is designed not just to keep you fit and healthy but also make sure that it maximizes your comfort and convenience while using this product in your daily exercise routine. You can now be confident in achieving that body you’re dreaming about because exercise need not be that painful and burdensome.


LCD Monitor Display

This fitness machine is integrated with a colorful LCD Display. This monitor keeps track of all your records while working out. It easily and clearly displays your progress such as the distance, time, speed, calories burned, heartbeat rate and RPM throughout the whole workout session.

Not only that, it also displays the watts consumed while using this machine, and on top of that you can also input your age and weight. This feature helps you to be motivated and engaged more in your workout sessions.

Resistance Level

This recumbent bike has a resistance of 20 levels. The 20-level resistance are auto tension control electromagnetic resistance. The 20-level tension knob enables you to individualize your workout and adjust according to your preferred intensity. This makes this bike suitable for every user, whether you are still a beginner trying to figure out the best routine or professional training for an advanced exercise.

Drive System

This excercise bike comes with a 1-way bearing belt drive. This drive system is smooth, light and silent which makes this bike silent to use compared to those bikes with chain belts that may create jerky sounds because of the chains. A magnetic belt produces no sound.

Ergonomic Design

This bike is specifically designed to fit different users. It has a comfortable seat plus a back cushion to support you while doing your daily exercise routine. Also, it comes with pedals that are anti-slip to keep your feet steady and secured all throughout the whole workout session.

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What Do We like

Added Built-in Features

This Fitness Bike has a lot to offer in terms of its added built-in features. The Powermax is integrated with book rack, water holder so can easily hydrate yourself and a quick hand key for easy adjustment.

It also has wheels that allow you to move it easily from one place to another. It is also made up of high-quality materials to ensure that you’ll get the most of what you deserve in terms of quality and durability.

What We Don’t Like

Limited Seat Adjustment

Although a good side of this bike is that it has back support with cushion for an added comfort, its seat can only be adjusted horizontally and not vertically. It could be a struggle for those who have longer legs and thighs because the seat is fixed.


The PowerMax Fitness BR-2000C Commercial Recumbent Bike is one of the most comfortable and easy to use recumbent bike out in the market today. With its design, you are just like driving a car because of its wide and wide cushion as back support. This adds exceptional comfort to the users in achieving their daily exercise routine. You can also track easily your progress because the integrated display shows a lot of features compared to other bikes.

This Powermax Recumbent bike truly defines quality. You can really see where your money goes because having this kind of bike is worth it of every penny. Go grab yours now and be one of the many users who are witnesses to this amazing deal.

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