PowerMax Fitness BR-3000C Commercial Recumbent Bike Review

Do you want to go cycling but is hesitant to go outside your home? Then, worry no more! Powermax offers you PowerMax Fitness BR-3000C Commercial Recumbent Bike. This recumbent bike is an indoor bike, therefore, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your house just to go cycling, because you can bring cycling in your house – less hassle but not compromising the quality of exercise that you are looking for.

This recumbent bike is designed for persons of different ages. It gives you exceptional comfort while doing your daily routine. Unlike those traditional and stationary bikes, you don’t need to bend and stretch while using this bike because in this bike, you will be in a sitting position, thus a relaxed lower back. This is a very great deal especially for those who are particular with their posture while exercising.


LCD Monitor Display

The LCD Monitor Display of this fitness machine is a red dot matrix LED display that enables you to see your current progress. You can now keep track with the results easily because it can clearly show you the distance, time, speed, calories burned, scan, odometer and hand pulse through the whole duration of the session. You will surely be thrilled to see your improvements through this feature.

Resistance Level

The 24-level resistance is an auto tension control electromagnetic resistance which means to say that you can adjust and individualize your workout for 24 different levels. This bike is suitable for all users, depending on their needs and preference. You may want to use this to discover the routine that is best for you by choosing the easiest level then gradually change it to the next level when you have already adjusted ang got used to it.

Drive System

This 14kg one-way self-generating flywheel bike has 1-way clockwise drive system. This bike also produces no sound while you use it, so you can be confident enough that you’ll get an extra peaceful workout session.

Ergonomic Design

You will be in an exceptional comfort while using this recumbent bike because it comes with a very comfortable seat wide enough and with multi-angle adjustment mesh back to support your whole back. The pedals are also wider and bigger enough to support different sizes of the users. These pedals come with anti-slip straps which makes sure that your feet are positioned in a way that it won’t be strained.

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What Do We like

Added Built-in Features

You’ll truly love this bike with its added built-in features. It has a quick key, a built-in fan that keeps you cooled while doing your routine, a step-through design, a quick seat adjustment that lets you adjust the seat depending on your preference plus it has also an adjustable backrest angle. You won’t need to worry about transporting it from one place to another because it has big wheels to help.


What We Don’t Like

Seat cannot be adjusted vertically

Although it is already a great deal that this bike has a backrest to support the lower back of your body, the downside is that the seat can only be adjusted horizontally. You cannot adjust it vertically. It would be a bit of a problem if you have long legs and thighs and you want to adjust it according to your height.



The PowerMax Fitness BR-3000C Commercial Recumbent Bike is one of the most sought-after exercise bikes in the market today not only because it truly serves the purpose of giving you that high-quality workout but because it also gives you that exceptional comfort while exercising. If you want to do your routine in you home, then this bike is perfect for you.

Maybe it’s about time you consider trying a new bike but is very worthy of your hard-earned penny. Get yours now and see for yourself.

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