Powermax Fitness BR-800 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

Recumbent bikes are now getting rounds in the market because it’s designed to give you that exceptional comfort while using this fitness machine. The Powermax offers you Fitness BR-800 Magnetic Recumbent Bike – a recumbent bike that is specifically designed especially for those who are very particular of the lumbar or back regions of their body. This bike makes sure that your lower back is supported and will not experience pain or strain while doing the exercise.

This bike is not only designed for the back but also to make sure that it targets the arms and shoulders, as well as toning both legs and thigh. You are surely having the best deal by purchasing this amazing fitness machine from Powermax.


LCD Monitor Display

This fitness machine is integrated with an LCD Display. This monitor keeps track of all your records while working out. It easily and clearly displays your progress such as the distance, time, speed, calories burned, scan, odometer and hand pulse throughout the whole workout session. This feature helps you to be motivated and engaged more in your workout sessions.

Resistance Level

This upright bike has a resistance of 8 levels. The 8-level tension knob enables you to individualize your workout and adjust according to your preferred intensity. This makes this bike suitable for every user, whether you are still a beginner trying to figure out the best routine or professional training for an advanced exercise.

Drive System

This upright bike comes with a magnetic belt drive system. This drive system is smooth, light and silent which makes this bike silent to use compared to those bikes with chain belts that may create jerky sounds because of the chains. A magnetic belt produces no sound.

Ergonomic Design

This bike has an ergonomic design that adds comfort to the users. It has an adjustable seat which can be easily adjusted for the user’s preference. Also, it comes with pedals that are the double color which is wide and bigger enough to fit different user sizes. The pedals also have comfortable anti-slip straps which keep your feet stable and secure.

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What Do We like

Added Built-in Features

This Fitness Upright Bike has a lot to offer in terms of its added built-in features. The Powermax offers an iPad holder so you can now watch movies or listen to music while exercising, adjustable front and rear stabilizers, hand pulse on the handlebar and fixed handlebar to monitor your pulse while you’re into your exercise. It also has wheels that allow you to move it easily from one place to another.

What We Don’t Like

Space Consuming

This bike can consume a lot of place and can cause issue if you have smaller space.


The Powermax Fitness BR-600 Magnetic Recumbent Bike is one of the most comfortable and easy to use upright bike out in the market today. With its design, you are just like driving a car because of its wide and wide cushion as back support. Unlike with riding in a stationary bike, this recumbent bike allows you to grasp easily the handles because of the seat design. There is no need to stretch the body for you to hold the handles.

If you are looking for a quality workout, then you’ve come to the right product. This Powermax upright bike truly defines quality. This fitness machine is also made up of the high-quality materials available to make sure that you’re not only provided with high-quality workout but also a high quality product.

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