Proline Fitness 335L Recumbent Bike Review

Are you particular in your seating positing when working out? Do you want to exercise but afraid to feel back pains afterward? Then, it is about time to try and switch to recumbent bikes. Proline Fitness introduces the 335L Recumbent Bike – an indoor bike that is suitable for those suffering from back pains while working out. It has a comfortable and wide seat design for that added support. This bike is also recommendable to those who are still new to cycling and is not yet sure about the exercise routine they want to try.

This recumbent bike makes sure that you are seated in a better spinal position to avoid being hunched just like upright bikes. It also provides a low-impact total body workout, which is suitable for the newbies, therefore it reduces pain and soreness while working out but increases your stamina and can build strength.

Monitor Display

Keeping track of your workout progress has never been this easy. With the integrated monitor display of this recumbent bike, you can now keep records of the improvements because it displays you the time, speed, distance traveled, and calories burned. This feature allows you to be more inspired and engaged in your exercise because you are given clear proof of the results.

Hand Grip Sensor

This bike is integrated with hand grip sensors that allow you to monitor the heart rate by just merely holding the grips.

Resistance Knob

The bike has 8 levels of resistance. This can be easily adjusted and switched from one to another through its resistance knob which is very easy to use.

Brush Floor Adjustment

If you are worried about having a rough floor or uneven floor surface, then worry no more. This bike has a brush floor adjustment feature that allows it to be placed even for those rough or uneven floor surfaces.

Commendable Design

This recumbent bike is specifically designed to have wider seats in a reclining position that gives you that added comfort. This is one of the enticing features of a recumbent bike because not all indoor bikes have a feature like this. It has also back support that lets you relax while working out. Exercising need not be that tiring and stressful. The pedals are also safer because you don’t tend to stand upon them. It prevents you from having some injuries, especially on joints. This bike is designed to be gentle on your joints and prevent or minimize the injury on it.

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What Do We like

Reclined Seat Position

The features of a recumbent bike mainly target on the comfort of the user. The 335L bike is designed to be gentle on your joints, your lower back and even on your feet. The reclined seat position enables the user to be seated in the most comfortable way. It can help reduce fatigue and soreness because your body is in a relaxed state.

What We Don’t Like

Limited impact on the upper body

Since recumbent bikes have larger seats with back supports, you are most likely to be seated in a reclined position, thus giving you that relaxed seating position. Although this is good and a plus for a recumbent bike, the downside is that this also limits the exercise you get for your abdominal muscles and upper body.


The 335L Recumbent bike offers you the maximum benefits you can get from an indoor bike. It helps you lose those unwanted fats in the most comfortable way you could ever imagine. This Proline Fitness 335L Recumbent Bike is suitable for those who are still trying to figure out the best routine that fits their style.

Although a lot of exercise bikes are now available in the market, it is still best to make sure that you choose what you think is best for you. If you want to just keep it simple first, then you need to try this Proline Fitness 335L Recumbent Bike and then, later on, decide whether you go for other types of indoor bikes. It could cost you more compared to other indoor bikes because it is fully equipped with the needed features, but you can be guaranteed that you get your penny’s worth.

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