Powermax Fitness BS-140 Spin Bike Review

If you are an outgoing person who loves adventures or outdoor activities such as cycling but doesn’t want to go to gym because of busy schedule, then you might consider trying the Powermax Fitness BS-140 Home Use Group Bike/Spin Bike – a spin bike that will let you experience that workout in gyms or the same experience while riding your mountain bike.

Truly, time is of the essence, especially for those young professionals. Sometimes, you get too busy that you forget to assess your lifestyle. This bike is perfect for you because it does not only save time in going to the gym or going out to do your outdoor biking, but it also lets you enjoy that same benefits and achieve that fitness goal in the comfort of your home. You can have your own mini-gym

LCD Monitor Display

Offers a LCD disoplay where you can see all the metrics easily. It displays the distance, time, speed and calories burned. You can now be motivated to do more because you can see the results of your hard work. The LCD Display comes with a 6-monitor function.

Resistance Control

You can increase or decrease the intensity of your workout through its tension knob.

Drive System

This 20kg flywheel system spin bike comes with a belt drive system and a 3-piece crank. This bike will surely give you that smooth experience while working out.

Drive and Brake System

This bike has a belt drive system. This belt drive is quieter compared to other bikes out in the market. This helps you to have a peaceful workout session. It also comes with a brake system that you can by pressing the knob.

Ergonomic Design

This spin bike comes with a perfect seat that adjustment that allows you to have your workout with exceptional comfort. It also comes with adjustable foot straps that fit you perfectly to avoid cramps and strain while doing your exercise routine. If you are worried about how to transfer and move this, worry no more because this bike also comes with transport wheels for added maneuverability.

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What Do We like

Durability and Stability

This bike uses high-quality materials, a high gauge steel mainframe, to ensure that you are provided with high-quality performance. It is durable and stable enough to carry a maximum user weight of 140kg. It is guaranteed that Powermax wants only the best for you in terms of quality.

What We Don’t Like

Seat Size

Seat size is very small and can lead to an uncomfortable feeling while excercising.


Powermax Fitness BS-140 Home Use Group Bike/Spin Bike is designed to provide you with means on burning the calories and therefore lose weight for a short span of time if done regularly. This spin bike not only helps in burning that unwanted fat and lowering the calories but it also helps you in achieving a cardiovascular exercise because being fit doesn’t only mean a healthy body, but also a healthy heart.

So, if you are ready to take your working session to a new level, get yours now and see for yourself the benefits and perks of having your own Powermax Fitness BS-140 Home Use Group Bike/Spin Bike at home.


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