Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel Review

The Kobo introduces the Exercise Spin Bike which is designed for fitness.  This indoor bike has an adjustable seat, manual adjustment resistance, hand pulse and monitor LCD display. This 13-kg magnetic flywheel system indoor bike offers a computer with LCD which displays the scan, speed, distance, time, calories burned, odometer and hand pulse which allows you to monitor your workout progress. It also comes with an adjustable seat for that added comfort while doing your work out session.

This indoor fitness machine offers a two-way rotation, belt drive and fixed gear which increases the momentum of the speed, making your workout more effortless. It has also a seat that can be adjusted vertically or horizontally, depending on the user’s preference. It has a 4-handle foam grip. It also comes with a mobile holder and a water bottle with holder. You can really feel like you are riding a real bike.


Console with LCD

The Kobo Exercise Spin Bike has also an added feature which is the computer with an LCD which displays the scan, speed, distance, time, calories burned, odometer and hand pulse. It makes the whole workout session easier to track because you can easily monitor and achieve your desired results.

Adjustable features

This indoor bike has adjustable features which include the two-way rotation, belt drive and fixed gear which increases the total performance of the indoor bike by increasing also the momentum of your speed and ensures that you experience an effortless experience. Another feature is the adjustable seat which allows the user to adjust vertically or horizontally, depending on the preference and comfort.

Shock Absorption

The indoor fitness machine has a spring shock absorption system that absorbs most shock. This ensures that you are provided with a healthier and more comfortable riding experience.

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What Do We like

Easier to assemble

This indoor bike is easy to assemble because it comes with easy and simple instructions. Therefore, there is no need for a technician or agent to assemble it for you. The user, by just mere referring to the instructions and guide, can assemble it not only in the gym but also those who want to assemble it in the house or office.

Easier to Move

The Kobo Exercise spin bike has steel wheels that allow the machine to be transported easily from one place to another. These moving wheels are also adjustable for floor leveling.

What We Don’t Like

Limited Maximum User Weight

The fitness machine only limits a maximum of 120 kg for the user and any user heavier then that can not use this bike.


The Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel is an Imported Recumbent Bike that offers you high-quality features to have that quality workout session. It offers you their premium features, which are the adjustable seat, manual resistance which can also be adjusted, hand pulse and a monitor LCD display (imported) which gives you that workout you have been looking for. These features are great to deal for those who want to get the worth of their money.

This indoor bike is suitable for everyone who wants to have a thorough workout experience that every athlete or cyclist dreamed of because of its many features. With its understandable and simple instructions, you can now have that exercise that you want without having too much reliance on technicians to assemble it.

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