Fitkit FK750 Recumbent Bike Review

The FK750 Magnetic Bike from Fitkit will surely give the fitness program that you are looking for. This bike offers every fitness enthusiast of a workout that is low-impact and is smooth flowing for both the upper and lower body. If you are looking for top-quality fitness equipment to get you started with your fitness goals, try this FK750 magnetic bike which is perfect for the home gym.

This bike helps you not only in burning those unwanted fats, lessening the calories, but also improving you’re cardiovascular, toning your muscles both in the upper and lower body, and strengthening your stamina and endurance for that total body workout.


LCD Monitor and Heart Rate Sensor

This bike comes with an LCD monitor plus a heart rate sensor that displays not only the distance you have traveled, the time you have taken to travel it, the calories you have burned but also it can track your heart rate during your cardio workouts. This is very useful for those users who want to get real-time updates on their improvements and results during the whole duration of their workout.

Commendable Design

Fitkit FK750 Magnetic Bike is designed to give you that comfort in every way possible. This bike comes big, heavy-duty pedals that are designed to prevent slippage. This provides comfort while pedaling because you can feel that your feet are secured and stable. This is also integrated with an adjustable seat to accommodate different user leg length and the back support that helps you retain the right posture to prevent back pain. This machine ensures that injuries are prevented in the whole duration of the session.

Magnetic Resistance

This bike comes with various magnetic resistance that can be adjusted easily to provide you with a more challenging and intense workout session. The resistance and tension can be adjusted, increased or decreased, depending on the level you want to attain, whether you prefer a beginner or an advanced intensity.

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What Do We like

Weight Capacity

Many Excercise Bikes available in the market right now are trying to be compact and due to which their maximum weight capacity is less. But Fitkit FK750 Bike can handle upto 110 Kg, making it an option to many people.

Fitness and Diet Plan

It offers an App that has free diet and fitness plans. Through this app, you can now customize and plan the meals with the help of a certified panel of Nutritionists. It also contains advice and plans based on the age/health of each user. You can now seek assistance from a various nutritionist that is suitable for your intended fitness program.

What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seats

Spending too much of your time riding in this bike may cause lower back pain since it has a small size seats.


This magnetic bike from Fitkit is suitable for users who want to do an exercise routine that is simpler but still effective and efficient in burning fats but increasing their cardiovascular activities. This bike, although simple, help you achieve your goals by working out your abdominal muscles, upper body, and lower body. It also ensures you achieve your fitness goals by looking into your diet plans through its built-in features. You can now be sure that you achieve greater results in just a short span of time.

This Fitkit FK750 Magnetic Bike is sure to give you that workout you are dreaming of. Get yours and be one of the witnesses that have tried this top-quality fitness equipment.

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