Fitkit FK900 Recumbent Bike Review

Fitkit introduces their very own FK900 Magnetic Recumbent Bike – a type of indoor bike that helps you achieve your dream workout without causing you too much pain after every session. This recumbent bike is suitable especially for those who are still new to cycling because using this bike lets you adjust gradually to this type of activity.

This recumbent bike is designed to make sure that you are seated in a better spinal position to avoid injury by being in a hunched position just like in upright bikes. It gives you a low-impact workout, thus, preventing saddle soreness.


LCD Monitor

This bike comes with an LCD monitor that displays the distance you have traveled, the time you have taken to travel it, the calories you have burned and you can also track your heart rate and know your progress during the whole duration of your workout. This is an added benefit especially for those who want to keep a real-time record of their fitness statistics for proof of improvements.

Commendable Design

Fitkit FK900 Recumbent Bike is designed for the utmost comfort. This bike has anti-slip foot pedals, a foot-locking mechanism to ensure that your feet are secured while pedaling, thus, decreasing the risk of injuries.

This is also integrated with an adjustable seat to accommodate different user leg lengths, and it does have back support that helps you retain the right posture to prevent back pain. You can now also monitor your heart rate through this machine.

Adjustable Resistance

With a simple twist of the tension knob of the bike, you can easily increase or decrease tension through the 8 levels of smooth magnetic resistance. You can now individualize your session for a great and effective workout.

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What Do We like

Fitness and Diet Plan

This bike comes with an F+ App. This is a unique feature of this bike. This App offers free diet and fitness plans. Through this app, you can now customize and plan the meals with the help of a certified panel of Nutritionists. It also contains advice and plans tailored based on the age/health of each user. You will now be able to achieve greater results because you are provided with the recommended diet that is suitable for you.

What We Don’t Like

Not easy to store

This recumbent bike is made from heavy-duty steel; therefore, it is sturdy and cannot be folded. It is bulky and big that it cannot be easily stored or kept in one place if it is not in use. You need a larger room if you want to assemble this in your home or office.


This recumbent bike offers you a wide variety of features to help you and support you in every step of the way in your health and fitness journey. If you are aiming to have that high-quality but low-impact workout, then you must add this Fitkit FK900 Magnetic Recumbent Bike in your fitness equipment wish list. You can now maximize every workout session with the help of this recumbent bike from Fitkit.

Since this bike needs only you to pedal to create power, you have gained another valid reason to get yourself a bike like this for your home, office or gym. You are surely provided with a quality of fitness equipment worthy of your hard-earned money. Above all, it serves its ultimate purpose – to help you achieve a fit and fab bod!

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