Aerofit AF 601 ES Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Aerofit offers you another top-quality fitness machine that will surely give you that top-quality workout! Introducing,

the Aerofit AF 601 ES Elliptical Cross Trainer which offers you a lot of features that ensures you experience an easier and comfortable workout session.

This fitness machine from Aerofit is the best fit for those who want to have a safer workout. Because it is indoor, the less likely you will be exposed to other vehicles on the road, unlike when you do outdoor biking. This is also perfect for those who don’t want to do a workout with privacy and those who don’t want to be under the heat of the sun.


Digital Monitor Display

This fitness machine from Aerofit comes with display feedback that indicates the time, speed, distance, odo, pulse, and calories burnt. Through this feature, you will be able to keep an eye on your improvements and be able to see evident results. Exercising is made easy through this tool.

Resistance Levels

This machine comes with 8 levels of friction-free magnetic resistance. This type of resistance is smooth and quiet to give you that peaceful workout session without having to worry about noise because this resistance produces little to no sound when you are using it. The machine uses a centre-design drive with a silent poly-V belt.

Commendable Design

The machine has ergonomically designed seat with 8 levels of seat adjustments to accommodate various user’s leg length. The handlebars are in a U-bar shape and come with heart rate sensor with hand grips to easily keep track of your heart impulses. Pedals have extra-wide paddles with adjustable straps for that added comfort while pedalling. It uses 1.5-volt x 2, or AA size battery.

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What Do We like

Compact and Simple

This cross trainer is specifically designed for those who want simpler and more compact fitness equipment. This is suitable for those who have smaller spaces in their homes. This is a great option because it does not consume a lot of your floor area when you put it inside your house. It can also be stored easily when not in use because it is compact. It is also durable enough to carry a maximum user weight of 100kg.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were found.


The AF 601 ES Elliptical Cross Trainer is one of the fitness machines introduced by Aerofit to ensure that you are getting the quality of exercise that you deserve. This machine is suitable for those who want to have a convenient exercise or workout session without having to go out on roads to go cycling which is more dangerous compared to those who do it in the comfort of their homes.

This can help you increase your legs and thigh endurance. You will no longer have any reason that you can’t have that exercise and that fit body you’re always talking about because with the AF 601 elliptical cross trainer, you can! A bonus is that you can have it in the comfort of your own house or office.

Get yours now and be a witness of the many benefits this machine has to offer.

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