Best Dog Wipes

If you are a pet parent, dog wipes are essential. They enable a quick and easy clean up for your dog when you don’t have the time or when you are travelling. Dog wipes work well on surface dirt or dirt floating on top of your dog’s coat. They’re also helpful for cleaning small areas, such as dirty paws or mud on your dog’s muzzle. Basically, dog wipes are great for spot cleaning. Read on to select to buy the best wipes available in the market for your lovely pooch.

1. Pogi’s pet- Deodorizing Wipes for Dogs & Cats 

Pogi’s wipes have aloe vera and vitamin E, which help clean, freshen, and condition your pet. It is bamboo-based and made from 100% renewable resources. It helps to reduce dander and allergens on pets.

The wipes are perfect for wiping away dirt and odour. They are completely free of parabens, alcohol, chlorine, and harsh chemicals. Each wipe measures 8 inch x 9 inch and is thick enough for the heaviest coats. The wipes are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, which makes them completely safe for sensitive coats.

2. Wow Dog Wipes Wet for Pets

This is an exclusive dog and cat wet wipes that are natural and can stand sharp pet nails. They are naturally soft and gentle, even on sensitive areas. The wipes help in getting rid of bad odour as they have a fresh scent.

They support anal gland health and can be used for cleaning the overall body as well as the ear and anal area. You can use these wipes after the pet has eaten, gone for a walk to clean paws or after pooping.

3. Boltz Pet Wipes

Bolt pet wipes are highly recommended by veterinarians because of their pet-specific formulation that provides protection against fleas and ticks. It does not contain any parabens, alcohol or fragrance.

The fabric is 100% biodegradable making it very convenient to dispose of. The wipes provide a safe and hygienic option to clean your pet’s eyes, teeth, ears, nails, nose and private parts. It is mild enough for everyday use and will not harm your pet.

4. Foodie Puppies Wet Pet Wipes for Dogs

These wipes are made of spun lace, non-woven fabric with fresh apple fragrance. The no itching fabric gives pets all day care. It has an alcohol-free formula that is ideal for feet, mouths, ears, and hips cleaning. Each piece measures 15 cm x 20 cm and is mild enough for everyday use. It has vitamin E and aloe vera that promote shiny coat. Veterinarians have approved the wipes.

5. Kolan Pet Wipes/Grooming Wipes for Dogs

Kolan wipes have a pet-specific formulation that is anti-allergic, thus protecting against fleas and ticks. It has no added alcohol and parabens.

Kolan pet wipes protect your household and kids against dirt and bacteria carried home by your beloved pets via dirty paws, muzzles, and other body parts. The wipes are made of 100% biodegradable fabric, which allow ecologically safe disposal. These are recommended by veterinarians.

6. Petkin Petwipes Dogs and Cats

Petkin wipes come with a very calming vanilla-coconut fragrance that will put your dog at ease. It is suitable to clean their face, eyes, ears, and body. The wipes contain aloe vera extracts and vitamin A & E, which help with easy cleaning and proper sanitation. They’re great for deodorizing and conditioning. Each wipe measures 6 inch x 8 inch in size.

 Buying Guide


The wipes should have high quality, preferably natural, ingredients that don’t irritate your dog. If your dog is allergic to fragrances, you should opt for unscented wipes. Dogs with skin conditions would be better off with anti-fungal wipes



There are different kinds of wipes available according to where you want to use them: body, paws, ears, or eyes. Buy according to your requirement.



Many people like to travel with their pets and have wipes at the ready. The size then becomes a crucial factor in determining whether the wipe will fit in your pocket or purse.


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