Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Not a long time ago, cordless vacuum cleaners seemed hopeless, had terrible battery life, and offered mediocre suction. Thankfully, things are different now, and you can find models with adequate suction to rival traditional cordless and corded models.

Though they represent a considerably low percentage in the market, they can still rise to the task and ensure everything from curtains to carpets get cleaned without fuss.

Cordless vacuum cleaners allow you to do your cleaning without connecting them to a plug socket. They are maneuverable, light, and usually stick-shaped, making for quicker and easier cleaning. They were initially considered basic additions to the traditional vacuum cleaner but have now advanced to rival your corded vacuum cleaners.

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Why Buy a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?


Cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be lighter than many ordinary vacuum cleaners. On average, they weigh 3kg while a standard vacuum weighs 7kg.

Their lightweight makes it easy to move them around because you`re not limited to the proximity of a plug socket and don`t have to worry about being hampered by a cord.

If you`re up high like the ceiling, you`ll have to shoulder the weight of the vacuum.


Most cordless cleaners come with accessories like wall mounts, so you`ll not need to rifle under the stairs or through the cupboard. You can grab your vacuum and go. This is what qualifies them as a perfect fit for quick clean up jobs.

Some models are designed to handle floor cleaning, but they also have accessories that make smaller cleaning jobs like cleaning the stairs or your car more comfortable.

Battery Life

It’s worth considering battery life and charge time on standard and maximum modes to ascertain if a cordless vacuum cleaner will meet your needs. You want a cordless cleaner that will last till you`re done with the entire cleaning process.

The amount of time you can clean with a cordless cleaner depends on its type of battery and the setting you use it on. Shop for a vacuum cleaner with Lithium-ion batteries as they are best suited for quicker charging as well as extended battery life.

Dust Capacity

Cordless vacuum cleaners have a quite smaller dust capacity than traditional corded models. Almost all cordless cleaners have a much low dust capacity, so you`ll have to empty them more frequently.

Many are bagless too, which implies that you may have more contact with debris or dust while emptying that you would prefer. They are not ideal for allergy sufferers. There are bagged cordless vacuums, though, which have much larger capacities.

Ease-of-Use Features

While shopping for a cordless vacuum cleaner, you`ll want to go for one with features that make its use hassle-free. Features to consider include a flexible cleaning tube, which makes it easy to clean underneath your furniture.

Also, a battery life indicator to guide on time left before the battery life runs out, though not all models have this feature. It should also have LED lights on the floorhead to illuminate dark corners.


The best cordless vacuum cleaners are light, convenient, and easy to use, and will make sure your floors remain dust and fluff-free.

Though they all come with undeniably great features, only a few are genuinely useful at sucking up dirt and dust in your home. Settle on a cordless vacuum cleaner that meets your needs.