Vacuum cleaners under INR 30000

Home cleaning is a necessity and a mandatory part of our lifestyle, and therefore we have to invest time of our day to make sure we have a clean home. Traditional cleaning method can be tiresome and require a large amount of time and hence deep cleaning become almost impossible in our daily life. This is where comes the need for making use of vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners are being designed with the latest techniques, which include not only running by electric but also manual along with the inclusion of the filters. Since the prime objective of vacuum cleaners is to clean the room perfectly through the filters, these high-end machines ensure deep cleaning and thereby leaving no duct in the room.

However, since we all have constraints when it comes to the budget, there is a need for taking a look at the vacuum cleaners. Today we will talk about vacuum cleaners that are available within the range of INR 30000.

These are considered as one of the high-end machines that have been integrated with a number of features to ensure deep cleaning. Moreover, the integration of the many accessories in the machine becomes a valuable thing for people.

There are many types of vacuum cleaners that you can find under this range like vacuum cleaners for pet hairrobotic vacuum cleaner, etc. Also, before you make an investment, ensure to follow the points in the buying guide to make sure you make the right purchase.

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Features of vacuum cleaners under INR 30000

Availability of handheld, robotic and spray extraction vacuum cleaner

At this price point, you can avail of some of the best vacuum cleaners that have a fantastic ability to clean your house. Not only will you be restricted to handheld, but also you have options for robotic that are fully automated and the other vacuum cleaners with spray extraction mechanism.


These are the handheld cordless vacuum cleaners that have the extreme ability to clean the room with the need for attaching a cord with it. These are again integrated with a lot of specifications, which makes it an excellent choice for cleaning anything.

Spray extraction and vacuum cleaner

This is again a great choice for people who are looking for a good cleaning of their hard floor or the textile surfaces. The developed nozzle technology in these vacuum cleaners ensures comfortable and easy cleaning of the surfaces.


These are the new age vacuum cleaners that are developed with improved and advanced technology. It comes with the many cleaning modes and comes with a remote control system that makes it a great choice for people.

Deep cleaning

The vacuum cleaners are integrated with the many filters, which make it ideal for cleaning any type of surfaces. Its powerful suction has the ability to pick up the skin cells, microscopic allergens, and the dust mites from the mattresses, upholstery, and sofas.

Complete set

The best part about these vacuum cleaners is that this equipment comes with a full set of accessories. You can make use of these accessories for a different purpose. You can clean the car, your sofa, your carpet and obviously the floor. The powerful cleaning technology, along with the accessories, makes these vacuum cleaners a great inclusion for people.

Cordless with long runtime

The handheld vacuum cleaners that come under this price range are very easy to use and can be reached anywhere in the room. Since they run with batteries, they have been integrated with a great battery that has a huge runtime.

Besides, in only 20 minutes, the battery gets fully charged so that you can start with the next round of cleaning. Hence you can clean anything without the need for charging every then and now.

Easy cleaning of the device

These vacuum cleaners undoubtedly can clean from deep and can also be cleaned very easily. You don’t need to invest a lot of time cleaning these high-end machines. Either they are collected in a capsule that can be clean easily, or they have an ejector which is used for cleaning. This ensures that your device is clean and is ready to go for the next challenge.

Filter system

These vacuum cleaners have been designed with the filtration system that ensures cleaning each and every portion of the room. The different layers of filters present in these high-end vacuum cleaners can proffer a complete dust-free room.

A brief comparison

 Vacuum Cleaner under 20000Vacuum cleaners under 30000
Handheld vacuum cleanersYESYES
Robotic cleanersYESYES
Spray extraction and vacuum cleanersNOYES
LED indicatorNOYES
99.9% cleaningYESYES, including the particles less than 0.3 microns.
ChargingFastIncredibly fast within 20 minutes
Paper bag integration for easy disposalNOYES



Whether it is the cordless or robotic or the high-end vacuum cleaners, these devices have the efficiency in cleaning the room from its depth. It can easily suck the allergens present in the air, the unseen dust particles other tiny particles present to ensure cleaning in an utmost manner.