Best Aquarium Water Heaters

If you happen to have tropical fish in your aquarium, it is important to keep the water at a stable, constant temperature. Since most aquarium fish in the market are tropical, an aquarium heater is necessary for most of the home aquariums. These fishes need a water temperature of around 30 degrees celsius. This can be a huge issue in winter, as low water temperature weakens the immune system of fish and causes illnesses. To prevent this, have a look at the best water heaters to buy for your aquarium.

1. RS Electrical Aquarium Glass Heater

RS Electrical heater is a completely automatic glass heater with auto on/off facility. It is fully submersible in water. It has double glass protection and is very durable. It keeps the aquarium water temperature stable.

This model is suitable for medium to large-sized tanks. It is suitable for tropical freshwater, fish tanks, planted tanks, saltwater/marine tanks, brackish water tanks, and turtle tanks.

2. Jainsons One High-Class Glass Tube Aquarium Heater

This Jainsons aqua one aquarium heater is a total submersible heater. The heater is suitable for a tank with a 55-litre capacity. It can be used for coldwater fishes, tropical fishes as well as marine fishes.

The aquarium heater has an adjustable temperature indication range of 20-34 degrees celsius. It comes with a reliable circuit design with high-quality materials to ensure the aquarium gets heated fast.

3. Sobo Glass Aquarium Heater

This is a powerful 50-watt heater that will keep your aquarium water warm to encourage the growth of plants. It ensures a comfortable temperature for the fishes during freezing winters.

The temperature can be adjusted according to requirement. The glass tube has waterproof double insulation for safe operation underwater.

4. CGT Automatic Aquarium Heater

The heater has an intelligent electronic chip that uses good sensors to ensure the output of heat is exactly fit for water being heated. The new generation of solid-state electronics makes it completely submersible.

It automatically adjusts the temperature according to need. It uses 300 W power at a standard housing voltage supply.

5. COLOURFUL AQUARIUM Fully Automatic Heater

Using this heater is a great way to keep your tank at a steady and controlled temperature. It controls temperature accurately between 20-32 degrees celsius. It uses 100W power, which is ideal for medium-sized tanks. It is made of durable high-impact glass, suitable for both freshwater, seawater aquaculture, and hydroponic systems.

6. Alive RS Electrical Aquarium Heater

This is a compact underwater fish tank heater that keeps tank water temperature stable. It is great for both freshwater and marine water aquariums, aquaculture, terrariums, and hydroponic systems. It uses a very low power of only 50 W. It is made of durable high-impact glass.

Usage Guide

Fully Submersible

Getting a heater that can be fully immersed in water can save you a lot of work. Half submersible heaters can be a challenge to maintain and take up a lot more of your time.



Go for heaters that automatically adjust the temperature according to the ambient temperature of the room. You won’t have to be worried about constantly changing temperatures in different weather conditions. It will also prevent the water from getting too hot or cold compared to the surroundings.



This determines the power of your heater. Larger tanks require heaters of greater wattage. They also heat the water faster. However, a high wattage heater might be an overkill for a small aquarium. So, buy a heater that is proportionate to the size of your tank.



Ensure you have a good water circulation or current in the tank, so the heater can warm the water uniformly, instead of creating localized hot water spots.


Cover the Top

This will not let the heat out and also save a lot of electricity.



Use a separate thermometer to keep track of the temperature. While most heaters come with a built-in thermometer, it is good to have another safe side.


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