Is a Dog Bed Necessary? Things You Should Know

Who does not love the relaxing good night’s sleep that rejuvenates and refreshes the body after a tiring day? The same holds for your dogs as well. Dogs love to sleep cosily in a comfy bed, just like we all do.

Even though you love to snuggle your cute pup in your bed during the night, your puppy needs a bed of his own. This gives your dog a dedicated place to relax when you are not around. As per your dog’s age, he/she may need sleep for 12 to 18 hrs every day.

Are you confused if your pup needs a dog bed, or is it worth spending money on a dog bed when your dog can relax happily on your couch or bed?

Read this article till the end as it answers your queries related to dog beds in great detail.

Do You Need a Dog Bed and a Crate?

The short answer is yes, your dog needs a dog bed and a crate. There are numerous benefits of having dog beds and crates at home. Your dog can sleep cosily in his dog bed during the night and relax in the daytime.

Let’s discuss the various benefits of buying dog beds and crates for your dogs.

Provides Personal Spot to Relax

Dog beds serve as a personal place for the dogs to relax away from the noise of your home. Dogs appreciate relaxing in a secluded space. Ensure to select a dog bed that is spacious enough for your dog to stretch and snooze.

A dog bed within the crate creates personalized space for the puppies to have all to themselves. By placing your dog bed within your puppy’s crate, you can provide a comfortable hide-a-way to your puppy to hang out when feeling stressed.

Support Joints

Like all of us, our dogs are also at risk of developing orthopaedic problems like joint issues, arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc. However, it is more commonly associated with old dogs. A supportive dog bed cushions the dog’s body and relieves pain associated with age-related health issues.

Moreover, a comfortable dog bed supports joints in developing puppies and ensures a comfortable night’s rest. The dogs’ beds are made of special interlocking fill materials that provide soft cushions and support for joints and other parts of the dog’s body.

Compared to the floor, a dog bed provides safety and warmth; while preventing calluses and supporting arthritic joints. Thus, if you have an older dog suffering from arthritis, give him a supportive dog bed that minimizes the pain at night and while taking naps during day time.

Ensures Sound Sleep

Dog beds provide better sleep quality to the dogs and keep them healthy. A good night’s rest helps the dogs to learn new commands quickly, and it also improves dogs’ memory. Thus, make your dogs smarter by giving them good-quality dog beds.

Moreover, a well-rested pup has more energy for learning new things, and he stays energetic throughout the day. A cosy bed keeps older dogs and larger breeds healthy by allowing them to take proper sleep throughout the night.

Minimizes Fur In the House

Dog beds help in keeping the fur and dander in the house contained. When your puppy roams in the house, he/she spread hair and dander everywhere. However, if he has a dedicated dog bed to sleep and relaxes, the bulk of fur gets collected in one place.

Thus, dog beds make the cleaning of fur and dander easy and convenient. Most dog beds have a cover that is easy to remove and wash. It helps in performing deeper cleaning of the dog beds if required.

Improve Health and Sense of Security

Dog beds work great for dogs recovering from surgery, broken bones, or any joint problems. An orthopaedic dog bed is designed for providing extra support to such dogs.

Sleeping on a cosy dog bed helps in preventing sores and chafing related to hard surfaces.

Dog beds placed within the dog crates offer an improved sense of security to all dogs. It helps in relieving anxiety and calming nerves in dogs that are stressed. A crate and bed serve as a tiny home of your puppy that can be easily carried whenever you travel or move.

Improve Human Sleep

If you are sleeping with your dog in your bed, you may not get a comfortable sleep. It is because the dog’s movements, like tossing and turning, may interrupt your sleep often. In addition, if you have a large dog, you would have less than optimal space available for sleeping on your bed.

Moreover, having multiple dogs sleeping with you in your bed may worsen your sleep quality. Thus, you can enjoy a sound sleep in your bed by giving your dogs beds of their own.

Easy to Clean

Dog beds are easy to clean and wash. These come with a removable cover that can be washed either by hand or washing machine.

Thus, when your dog brings in dust and dirt, rolls in something stinky, or gets infested with fleas or mites, you can remove the cover and easily clean the dog beds.

Do Dogs Prefer Hard or Soft Beds?

Dogs don’t prefer beds that are too soft; instead, they like to rest on a cosy yet firm surface. The too soft beds don’t provide the support required for healthy joints and comfortable sleep.

Dogs who sleep on soft beds sink into its plushy material and find it difficult to move out of it. However, it does not imply the dog beds should be too firm or hard as a floor. The best dog beds are the ones with a chambered polyfill or memory foam sleeping surface.

A memory foam bed is best suited for dogs as it conforms to the dog’s body to relieve pressure. Moreover, it also distributes the dog’s weight evenly and offers tailored comfort for him.

Some dogs need orthopaedic beds for supporting the joints and relieving pain. The memory foam beds work great for both older and younger dogs. It provides excellent joint and muscle support for ensuring immense comfort.

What are the Things I Can Use Instead of a Dog Bed?

If you don’t have dog beds for your dogs at home, you can use various other things as beds for your dogs. Let’s discuss a few common household items that can be used for making dog beds at home.

Old dresser: If there is an old dresser waiting at your home waiting to be thrown away, use it for making dog beds. Use the drawers of the dresser for creating an easy pup bed.

Moreover, you can decorate it with some calligraphy or adding a dark wood stain.

Another way to improve its décor is to paste group photos of you and your puppy.

Old Suitcase: Don’t stack up against your old suitcases as they occupy unnecessary space in your attic. Use it for creating cosy dog begs for your beloved pup.

Old Metallic Tub: Pick up an old metallic tub lying around the house and convert it into a comfy bed for your dog.

Add rustic charm to your dog bed by using a fluffy pillow wrapped in hemp cloth. You can also paint the tub or write your pet’s name over it.

Nightstand If the dimensions of your nightstand or end table perfectly cover the existing kennel of your dogs, you can use it for making dog beds.

Cover up the kennel with an attractive piece of fabric that makes a curtain for nightstands and serves as an entrance.

Old Sweatshirt: Create a comfy and snoozy dog bed using the fluffy pillow and your old sweatshirt.

Old TV/Desktop Computer: Use your TV or desktop PC monitor to create a dog bed within a mini home for your puppy. Take out all the components of an old TV or desktop monitor and use the space creatively.

Old Sheets or Curtains: Use your old bed sheets, curtains, and fluffy pillows for creating comfortable dog beds out of them.

Do Dogs Need Orthopaedic Beds?

Yes, dogs need orthopaedic beds, especially if they are older. It is because older dogs require extra support for joints. The orthopaedic beds contain speciality foam that relieves pressure, conforms to the dog’s shape, distributes weight evenly and rebounds after use.

If your dogs have medical issues like arthritis, joint problems, hip dysplasia, etc., the orthopaedic beds prove to be immensely beneficial for them. These beds support pressure points and dog’s joints that result in managing their mobility and arthritis symptoms.

The usage of orthopaedic dog beds is not limited to the older dogs, and many other dogs need these beds, including younger and growing dogs. The large breed dogs also need orthopaedic beds that have medical-grade foam.


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