Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaners

If you are in search of a great vacuum cleaner, you will find several options available in the market. Undeniably in today’s busy life, a vacuum cleaner is a need for people to ensure not spending huge time while able to clean the home easily. From the many brands of vacuum cleaners, Eureka Forbes is one of the known brands available in the market known for offering a vast range of products.

Eureka Forbes offers a range of vacuum cleaners that have been equipped with deep cleaning technology. Not only they ensure cleaning the floor but also equipped with a variety of other accessories ensures cleaning everything with ease. This brand is known for offering different types of vacuum cleaners, which ensures making your life easier than ever.

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Types of Vacuum cleaners offered by Eureka Forbes

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The upright vacuum cleaners available in their range are known for the easy multi-surface cleaning. This includes spray, swaps, and sweeps at the same time. It enables easy suction of dirt from the rugs and other hard surfaces in just one step.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

High-end aesthetics and the amazing design of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner make Eureka Forbes a great choice. It has been powered with a hassle-free ergonomic design, innovative deep cleaning. The wet and dry multipurpose function of the vacuum cleaner ensures a great job, whether there are wet spills hence, making the tasks easier than ever.

Dry Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are powered with innovative technology, which makes Eureka Forbes the next-generation design. They come with different types of function, which includes triple technology, auto cord winder, dynamic suction, range of accessories, and LED indicators.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

The handheld vacuum cleaners offer 4 stage cleaning procedure that ensures keeping no traces of dust or mites. The easy handheld design with powerful suction and easy hosepipes ensures deep cleaning of the room. Moreover, since they are light in weight and compact in size, the handheld is one of the most chosen designs.

Unique features of Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaners

Auto cable winder

As we all know, the power cord is a necessity, and hence any damage on it can stop the entire device from functioning. Therefore to keep the power cord safe, this vacuum cleaner has been equipped with an auto power winder, which keeps the cord safe inside the machine. All you need to press a button and the device is ready to work. 

Dust bag indicator

The vacuum cleaner has been integrated with a dust bag which has the efficacy to collect the dust and dirt. On complete filling the up of the dust bag, it will provide you with an alert for an immediate change of the bag.

Suction control

These vacuum cleaners have been included with suction power. This enables easy control of the device as per the requirements by the variable power control mechanism. You have the freedom to set the power into high, medium, and low depending on your cleaning requirements. Hence, choose the power to find a place that needs to be cleaned, and you are ready to clean.  

Great accessories for powerful cleaning

The vacuum cleaner comes with a range of accessories that ensure versatile cleaning. The different types of accessories give you the ability to clean even the slightest of corners and maintain a clean and neat house. 

Long Cords

The best part about this vacuum cleaner is the long cord. This becomes a great help for the people has it helps the device to reach any corner of the room with the power cord being the reason for non-accessibility. 


Eureka Forbes has been designed with a range of effective features that enable cleaning easily and efficiently. The range of unique features and technicalities equipped in these devices ensures fulfilling your requirements. Whether it is about cleaning a dusty rug, floor, your sofa, or a cushion, these vacuum cleaners are versatile to handle the many challenges you throw at them. You can rest assured that vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes will be worth your time as well as money.