Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Keeping your house clean is a task that never ends. Getting a good vacuum that can tackle it all is essential. After you`ve reorganized your closet, wiped down outdoor water buildup from your windows, and decluttered your junk drawers, it’s time to focus on vacuuming the carpets, rugs, cushions, and everywhere debris and dust have been hiding. You can achieve this by introducing your home to the modern features of an upright vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuums have for long been used in Indian households, and for good reasons: one of them being their simple design. They have a popular and traditional design. In an upright vacuum cleaner, the suction head and the motor are housed in the same unit, which a user has to push in front of him.

Many brand make handheld vacuum cleaners like Eureka Forbes, Inalsa, Dyson etc. Before you make an investment, ensure to follow the points in the buying guide to make sure you make the right purchase.

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Features of a Good Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Compared to other vacuum cleaners, there have been several drawbacks to the upright version. However, they have now become more versatile than before, thanks to the development of advanced designs and innovations.

Most new uprights have motorized brushes, so they can be aggressive when handling thicker rugs or pile carpets. Uprights also tackle multi-surfaces quickly, coping with any rapid change from carpet to hard flooring without any fuss. The brush is useful when handling pet hair, which can result in allergic reactions if left in the carpet.

Ease of Use

An upright would be a good option for people plagued with back problems. An upright is designed such that a user won’t need to bend unless when using the hose. Again, its actual motion is so simple: you push and push across a surface, and the job gets done.

Some uprights boast of a `swivel steering,’ which implies that they can turn on a dime, making them an excellent choice for maneuvering around any furniture.


Upright vacuum cleaners tend to be much cheaper as compared to canister vacuums. However, some can be as expensive as canister cleaners if you settle for the top of the line models.

Due to their lower cost, upright vacuums are more common among people with apartments or those who own smaller and more manageable homes. Uprights can also be noisier due to their slimmer design, which leaves little room for sound insulation.


To ensure adequate airflow, upright usually provide several options for height settings. This height adjustment feature, allows upright vacuum cleaners to handle a wide range of surfaces.

By just adjusting a lever or a knob, you can quickly lower or raise the head height. Some models do have electronic controllers that allow them to provide automatic height adjustment features.

Upright types generally offer a wide cleaning path compared to other types. They allow you to handle more floor space with each cleaning movement.


When it comes to maneuverability, canister vacuums tend to be the best option for many. Maneuverability can be difficult when using upright cleaners. But with recent advancements in design, today`s upright cleaners ensure easy maneuverability.

For instance, products by Dyson integrate ball movement technology, which allows users to move them in all angles. This move fixed the steering limitations caused by fixed wheels.


Modern upright vacuum cleaners are designed with immense featured to help you with your cleaning work. Although they can`t compete with other types in some areas, they can offer a better combination of maneuverability and cleaning power than ever before.