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Best Smoke Alarms in India

Wouldn’t it be great if doing something as simple as installing a device in your home or office building can prevent fire hazards? A smoke alarm is one such tool that preemptively detects the smoke and assists in dousing the fire before it spreads wildly. With a smoke alarm, you can save invaluable human lives […]

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Best Refrigerators under 30000

Refrigerators have become commonplace in Indian homes in the 21st century. Their necessity is well-known these days due to the immense benefits that they offer. Because of this, a bunch of international, as well as Indian companies, has been releasing many products to grab potential customers. There are refrigerators for everyone’s needs and across all […]

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Best Air Fresheners for Home

The scent is one of the primary human senses, and hence it is no surprise that it has such a huge impact on much of how we perceive the world around us. A single bad scent can be the primary reason for forming a bad opinion on a place or human. This makes it vitally […]

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Top 11 Best Punching Bags

A punching bag is a sturdy object made from a variety of materials exclusively to get punched. It has been a way to train fighters for many many centuries. In the modern world, punching bags come in a host of different sizes, shapes and are made from many types of raw material for each and […]

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Top 9 2D Barcode Scanners

Isn’t it amazing that small 2D barcodes like QR codes store a huge amount of information inside them? With the leaps and bounds of technological advancements, our lives are surrounded by these barcodes nowadays.  In fact, 2d barcodes like QR codes have become part of our common lexicon. Right from making online payments to directing […]

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Best Selling LCD Monitors

Gone are the days when fat, ugly and curved displays were the norm. Thin and flat monitors like LCDs have become one of the most common types of displays in the past decade. LCD stands for liquid crystal display and is mostly used for computer and TV screens along with other devices. LCD’s dethroned Cathode […]

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